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AKS Gaming News 28/09/2019

Deep Rock Galactic Receives First Major Endgame Update

Deep Rock Galactic has received its first endgame update on Steam. Update 25: Deep Dives contains “a series of ultra-punishing missions chained together,” where recruits will be taken deeper into the bowels of Hoxxes. Players will face challenges such as low oxygen levels, new enemies, and even volatile guns. Deep Dives’ missions are locked into three difficulties, and two new Deep Dives are made available each week. Unique rewards are up for grabs for successfully completing them.

Six Ages Announced for PC

Strategy RPG Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is set to launch on PC via Steam on October 17th, developer A Sharp has announced. Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind is the spiritual successor to King of Dragon Pass which was released back in 1999 on PC. It was also released on iOS in 2011. Six Ages promises a “multi-generational tale of survival” set in a “land of old gods and magic” but also offers the same text-based multiple-choice and role-playing strategy the original game was known for.

The Last of Us Part II Won’t Have an Online Mode

Naughty Dog has confirmed on Twitter that The Last of Us Part II won’t feature an online mode like the original game did. The developer said “the single player campaign is far and away the most ambitious project Naughty Dog has ever undertaken,” and explained they wanted to include Factions Mode from the first game, but couldn’t deliver it alongside the single-player mode. Naughty Dog added multiplayer will come in another form for fans of the original game’s Factions.

Daemon X Machina to Get New Battle Mode and More

Daemon X Machina will be getting more content in the coming months, Marvelous! has announced. First up is the Battle Mode which will be rolling out on October 10th. Battle Mode will pit players in 1-versus-1 or 2-versus-2 mayhem. Come November, the game will receive collab mechs and costumes which are skins that take reference from other IPs. A major update will also be coming in November which will add new Orders, weapons and more. December will bring co-op exclusive modes, and even more weapons and bosses.

GT Sport Adds New Cars, Rain Weather in Latest Patch

Polyphony Digital has rolled out Gran Turismo Sport’s 1.45 Update which brings four new cars and more rainy tracks. The new cars are the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Racer Concept and 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB4 which are both returning from Gran Turismo 6. Completing the list are the 1970 Super Bee and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. The update also brings wet tracks in the Tokyo Expressway, as well as new Scapes with fine mist for Photo Mode.

Cataclysm is Back in Anthem

Bioware brings back Cataclysm in Anthem after it concluded earlier this week. This allows players to play some of the elements until the next content release. The Echoes of Reality portion of the event remains live, and players will be able to earn Crystals. The store will also be back online this week where players can spend the Crystals they earned. These will not carry over to the next seasonal event though. Leaderboards, Daily Cataclysm Challenges, Story Missions, and Freeplay Events are among the ones not returning this time.

Techland Boasts Four Years of DLC for Dying Light 2

Techland has revealed that Dying Light 2 will have four years worth of DLCs just like the previous game. In an interview, Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala said, “Dying Light was supported for four years after its release, and the plan for Dying Light 2 is exactly the same.” It is worth noting though that Techland has not prepared a roadmap for DLCs at this time.

GTA 5 Online Celebrates Anniversary with Freebies

GTA 5 Online is celebrating its anniversary, and Rockstar has a lot in store for players. By simply logging in by October 2nd, players will get 1 million in-game money which will be deposited to their Maze Bank account by October 9th. Also, by simply playing online, players will get the Declasse Logo White Tee. Rockstar is also offering double rewards on all Survival Series events, 2X GTA$ and RP on Mobile Operations missions, and a lot more.

Dauntless Officially Out with an Update

Dauntless is officially out on PC, and it launches with an update that brings a ton of content to the game. Update 1.0 brings a seasonal expansion called Aether Unbound and it adds the new Aether Strikers weapon. There are also two new beasts to slay: the Dire Behemoth and Tempestborne Stormclaw. A new Hunt Pass is also added which includes special challenges and in-game rewards. In addition to these, the update also includes fixes to over 500 bugs.

Hitman 2’s New Location Available Now

Hitman 2 has released a new map called Haven Island. The island is located somewhere in the Maldives, and Agent 47 has arrived to take down three new targets. The new targets are: Ljudmila Vetrova, a former confidence trickster and the face of Haven Island; Tyson Williams, who is the island’s founder and CEO; and Steven Bradley, a tech wizard and the brains behind the island’s proprietary software platform.

Metro 2033 and Everything are Latest Free Games on Epic

Epic Games has released two new free games on its store. This week, you’ll get the post-apocalyptic FPS Metro 2033 Redux, and the simulation game, Everything. Both games are free to download until October 3rd. Epic Games also announced that coming up next will be the 2018 adventure game, Minit, which will be free starting October 3rd.

PlayStation Hits Gets Three Additional Iconic Games

The PlayStation Hits collection of games is growing! It has a variety of games like exciting adventures, family favorites as well as award-winning blockbusters available at a lesser rate. Come October 4, three additional games will join the roster which are God of War, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Gran Turismo Sport. Right now, PlayStation Hits have about 40 iconic PlayStation 4 games having recently added Fallout 4, and Doom. PlayStation Hits is available for €19.99 in the PlayStation Store.

Mortal Kombat 11 Announced Upcoming Patch

NetherRealm Studios announced Mortal Kombat 11’s upcoming patch during the recent Kombat Kast Livestream. The patch will come with a third-ranked variation for every fighter of the game. These are for the ranked matches online which locks players to pre-made variations of the character. The limiting of the available playstyles was to ensure that there is balance in the matches. An example is the character Shang Tsung after the update will now have all of his ninja moves as compared to before.

Xbox Games with Gold Gets New Games for October

The part survival game and part city simulation game called Flotsam has launched on Steam Early Access. The game is about building your city and taking care of your people on top of water. The materials that you will need to make your city will consist of the garbage that you find floating around. Your people here must survive as well by doing jobs like fishing or scavenging materials for the town or collecting rainwater. Flotsam is expected to be in early access for about a year.

Broomstick League Beta Testing Announced

If you mix Rocket League and Harry Potter’s Quidditch, you will get Broomstick League. The game offers multiplayer matches from one versus one up to four versus four. Players are able to cast spells so that they can teleport or perhaps to blast away the ball from opponents. Players are also able to customize their wizards to their liking. Broomstick League is scheduled to launch by early 2020. The game will have a beta testing available soon, you can go to their official site in order to sign up.

New Rage 2 Expansion Called Rise of the Ghosts Out Now

The first expansion of the post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2 called Rise of the Ghosts is now available. A trailer for the game had been shared introducing a new enemy. The expansion will be adding a bandit clan who was seen in the original Rage game, they have changed a bit since the last time that you have encountered them. Also, the expansion will come with a new location called the Overgrown City, it is a “huge new region to explore”. Rise of the Ghosts is available for 1500 Rage coins or $15 USD.

Last Oasis Early Access Launch Pushed Back

The nomadic survival MMO Last Oasis that was due to come to Early Access this summer will be pushed back once again. Developer Donkey Crew who already pushed the game back to October will be pushing it back once again by early 2020, saying that they were not able to reach the level of quality that they would want to offer players. This decision came about due to the feedback that they were able to get from the beta testers. The game’s release date will be announced when the developers are 200% sure.

Void Terrarium Launch Announced for PS4 and Switch

New game called Void Terrarium will be launching in Japan by January of next year for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game is about a girl named Toriko who is the only survivor in a post-apocalyptic world that had been contaminated by mushrooms. She herself had been contaminated as a mushroom is growing out of her right eye. You will be playing as a robot named Caretaker Robot and your job is to protect Toriko and look for safe food for her to eat as well as find a way to decontaminate her.

New studio Endroad Announced Launch Date of Upcoming Game Fallback

New studio Endroad who comprises of former Ubisoft and Amplitude Studio veterans has announced their upcoming stylish action platformer called Fallback. The game offers a polished 2.5D art style as well as some rogue-like elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity is forced to live under the surface inside a bunker that had been built by a mysterious corporation. The bunker is patrolled by robots who are programmed to kill if you try to leave. Fallback is set to launch on PC on October 11.

Valfaris to Launch on October 10th

Valfaris, the retro 2D heavy metal action-platformer from Big Sugar and Steel Mantis is announced to be launching for PC this October 10th. Play as the son of the Warrior Lord Therion in this epic side-scrolling shooter. As you return back to your ancestral home, you must eliminate the monsters that has made it into a grotesque unlivable place. Offering a wide array of brutal weaponry, diverse environments, deadly enemies and bosses, awesome pixel art, and a rockin’ soundtrack by Curt Victor Brvant.

The Black Masses Demo Releases October 17th

First-person fantasy co-op role-playing game, The Black Masses by Brilliant Game Studios has announced its free demo that will launch on October 17th. The game is a 16 square kilometer island that is inhabited by possessed inhabitants. Players can either avoid the hordes or exterminate them via first-person combat. The game does have the 10K zombies, dismemberment & procedural wounding system, accurate reflections and refractions, dynamic Global Illumination, and more.

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