House Flipper 2 Pre-release Stream: Artstyle, assembly mechanics, and more!

Shodan/ Novembre 20, 2023/ House Flipper

Less than a month!

That’s right, with the official release of House Flipper 2 being right around the corner, we wanted to have the last pre-release “chat with the devs” session.
We’ve got some spicy stuff to reveal about a couple of HF2 mechanics, as well as a bit of an artstyle showcase waiting for you!

Of course, the main rule, as always – don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

If you’re wondering how to join the stream, it’s simple!
We’ll be streaming on:
YouTube: httpv://


As well as on the House Flipper 2 Store Page:

~ Reczberg with a bunch of extremely stressed excited developers from Frozen District ❤️