Vote for Rust in the Steam Awards!

Shodan/ Novembre 21, 2023/ Rust

The Steam Awards are once again upon us and this year, we’d really appreciate getting your nomination for Rust in the `Labor of Love` category, as our big baby turns 10 years old this December!

The Labour of Love award perfectly describes our past ten years of development as:

With teams working around the clock, on almost every continent, we still continue to spend every day monitoring, maintaining, and nurturing the game.
And we release monthly updates – without fail – delivering new content, lore, plus regular Twitch drops, and more.

We provide regular updates on our efforts to ensure the community are aware of what’s happening in game and behind the scenes – plus, we have brought in a range of new mechanics, skins, monuments, landscapes and graphical and gameplay improvements – with many of these also monitored and improved on post-release.

We listen to the Rust community and use their feedback to influence balancing and fixes that have encouraged all sorts of innovations within the game. Each month sees us constantly impressed by what the community can create and exploit.

And looking at just the last 12 months, we’ve brought players tug boats, helicopters, drones, parachutes, train linking, decorative items, storage, and more.

In the last 10 years, the game has undergone some huge changes, including graphic, physics, and engine updates and rebuilds, all because we’ve wanted to make Rust what it is, and what it could be.
But what has really blown us away is the great milestones that have been achieved within the community such as:

  • Regularly being in Steam’s top 10 most played games
  • 350+ content updates
  • 16,000,000+ copies sold.
  • $1,703,923+ raised for multiple charities
  • 960,000,000+ hours watched on Twitch
  • 244,000+ peak player count
  • 75,000,000+ Twitch drops claimed
  • 151,000+ peak player average per month
  • 124,000+ Steam workshop items posted
  • 1,054,000+ Community followers
  • 980,000+ Steam reviews
  • 7,200,000+ Twitch followers
  • 353,000+ X Followers
  • 12,400,000+ YouTube views
  • 160,000+ YouTube subscribers

If you feel we are deserving of your vote, we’d love for you to give Rust yours in this category and we have no plans to stop crafting and refining our rewarding and multi-purpose game any time soon!

And stay tuned for Rust 10th anniversary celebrations!