A21.2 b30 Stable

Shodan/ Novembre 20, 2023/ 7 Days to Die

Hello Survivors!

Just in time for the extended Thanksgiving Weekend, TFP is proud to present A21.2 Stable! With the entire 7 Days to Die team working tirelessly to roll out A22 as soon as possible, we’ve implemented numerous fixes and changes that we know you’ll love!

This latest release adds a much anticipated feature: Death penalty options! You can now choose from Nothing, Classic, Injured (respawn with most debuffs still active), and Perma-death (your entire profile is wiped, and you start fresh in the same savegame).

We’ve also added the ability to lock inventory slots. Click the arrow buttons to indicate how many slots to lock, starting from the top left-most slot in the Player Inventory. Those locked slots will be unaffected by the Sort Inventory, Fill Stacks, and Move all buttons. This is a great way to ensure you have your required Ammo, Food and Water, or Medical Supplies on you at all times to fully augment your playstyle.

The drone also got some love, with emphasis on several fixes for lost drones and improve pathing in certain situations. This should result in fewer drones getting stuck.

For a more comprehensive list of updates included in this release, please refer to the complete changelog below.

From all us us at TFP, we wish you a joyous and Happy Thanksgiving!



  • Death Penalty settings
  • Lockable inventory slots are now enabled by default
  • Player will be teleported from the full trader protected area during a blood moon
  • Checks for network data to mitigate some possible attacks
  • Proper exception message when more blocks are defined than allowed
  • Loadingscreen.xml to dumped XMLs when running ‘exportcurrentconfigs’
  • Allow overriding the maximum wire length when using the wiretool in the item’s action definition with the MaxWireLength property, defaulting to 15
  • Console command “visitmap full” version
  • Doors can have a trigger collider that pushes players out of the doorway as it closes
  • Push away trigger to iron garage door
  • Default gfx preset for AMD 6950 GPU
  • Junk Drone manager recovery of existing broken positional data.
  • Property for CallGameEvent triggeredEffect to allow client call.
  • Junk Drone catch all point that finds an open block around the player.
  • Junk Drone checks to address an issue when a path was being consumed but not followed.
  • AddChatMessage TriggeredEffect for buffs.
  • Graphics default calculation detects Steam OS
  • Added after ChunkBlockLayer Read we clear block ids that ref null blocks. Minor Chunk SetBlockRaw and ChunkBlockLayer get/set tweaks.


  • Junk Drone physics transform interaction for set position to avoid adding of the origin position
  • Junk Drone MaxDistance from owner to 32 blocks from 64
  • Junk Drone follow group positions to include 3 more points when behind the target is blocked.
  • Junk Drone pathing when in confined spaces, small structures, rooms and mineshafts.
  • Increased max particles of a type per entity to 3
  • Lock AdminTools queries while reloading so no invalid state can be received
  • Descriptions for teleports now show the distances.
  • Set AllowedRotations property to No45 on Land Claim Blocks to prevent clipping
  • Enabled mesh collider convex on various doors to prevent players from getting stuck in them
  • Updated collider on modularFireWoodStackC to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Bird nest material and max damage to match particles and sound when harvested
  • Updated collider for brick_half_destroyed04
  • Updated colliders for couchModernCorner to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Removed Damage Mitigation from Grandpa’s Moonshine and Pain Killers to prevent 100% or higher buff stack up
  • Reworked values for WaterChangeOT for Pain Killers, Steroids, Recog, and Fort Bites to match the new durations
  • Reduced Damage Mitigation of Fort Bites from 50 to 40
  • Reduced water loss of Fort Bites from 30 to 20
  • Updated localization of Physician ranks 2 and 4 to reflect the 20 and 40% crafting time reduction to items in the chem station
  • Updated localization for critical hits journal tip
  • Updated tags on zombieBurntFeral to include “walker”
  • Updated some logging for mod loading for better readability
  • Updated V2, V3, and V4 commercial doors that were missing the EntityCollisionRules script so the frames are not interactable
  • Removed the legacy downgrade path for steel ladders
  • Removed the bonus wood block damage from Shotgun Slugs
  • Updated colliders on all facade shape blocks to prevent camera shake when walked on
  • Telnet interface no longer logs full exceptions when the remote host aborts the connection
  • Resource bundles now sell for the same price as their unbundled stack size in rented vending machines
  • Updated prefab tags on showerHandlePrefab to enable collision
  • Updated colliders on table lamps
  • Updated collider on stationary_bikePrefab
  • Adjusted colliders on stone pallets to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Adjusted colliders on gun and equipment racks to allow projectiles to pass around them easier
  • Optimized Vector3i and Vector2i
  • Optimized Vector3b
  • Optimized Chunk ToWorldPos for x y z
  • Reduced stormy weather lightning and thunder rate
  • Optimized RWG run township dirt roads
  • Optimized Utils Fast function
  • RWG creation memory usage optimizations
  • Minor GameObjectPool optimization


  • Junk Drone : lastKnownPosition becomes none, and spams logs and errors when it gets stuck.
  • Junk Drone avoidance of player focus block not being able to reach target.
  • Junk Drone build up of motion when stuck in place.
  • Deprecate log warnings for the Junk Drone teleport.
  • Junk Drone SentryMode errors when out of range.
  • Junk Drone : lastKnownPosition becomes none, and spams logs and errors when it gets stuck.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun zooms while in hipfire position. Additional change made which increases the range for the AoE knockback of Repulsor mod to be in line with the shock radius (both are now 1.3).
  • Non visible downgrade, destroy and death particles due to origin
  • Particles were tracking for none entity id and for forced creation
  • Reloading toolbelt window group causes exceptions on picking up/dropping items
  • Player names in persistent data now get updated when logging in again
  • Server permissions file no longer reloaded on own changes, only actual external changes
  • Error message on failing to load an AssetBundle now includes the requested filename again
  • Buried Supplies quests keep the Twitch Quest Cooldown active after quest complete.
  • Reading a treasure map or using glass while in the modification menu messes up the UI
  • When loading into the prefab editor for the first time, it lets you build without clicking Create New Prefab, leading to inability to save work
  • Issue that could cause food to not fill up all the way if moving on respawn
  • World creation had the default size set to 8 (now 4096)
  • World Creation window combobox for world size now shows all valid values from 1024 to 10240
  • Opening a container directly above the treasure cache will complete treasure quests
  • Players stuck in closed commercial doors v1v3
  • Rain particles do not collide with glass
  • Issues with curing sprained leg and arm at the same time
  • Issue with buffs that caused Goldenrod Tea and Pure Mineral Water to play the “player sick” sounds after consumption
  • Issue with harvesting camping chairs
  • Switching from ADS to hands with num keys will result in stretched arms
  • Roadside_checkpoint_05 rollup door open/close state alternates on chunk load
  • For clients on dedi switches powered by generators may not always function in non power restore quests when they should always have power
  • Triggers sometime stops working after a POIReset
  • Switch triggers can load in a broken state which is directly tied to a player save, some switches alternate between states with game reloads
  • For clients on dedi switches powered by generators may not always function in non power restore quests when they should always have power
  • Missing tag that would allow robotics to get instant kills while holding a stun baton and Physician Rank 5
  • Junkyard_01 – door was not linked to switch
  • Tall Cacti now have a bottom cap
  • Exception after closing server browser while a search is in progress
  • Dumping XMLs to files was not creating new files
  • Some EOS networking exceptions
  • Prevented duplicate trader waypoints by moving the logic from EntityTrader to the first time the POI is entered. Automatically placed waypoints can now also be deleted, though they will be readded the next time the POI is entered. (Tom)
  • Player Vending Machine dupe bug for stackable items with a minimum sellable amount such as stones, gunpowder etc.
  • Lab zombie left hand becomes haunted after dismemberment
  • “White River Supplies” stays in your inventory after dying on Permanent Death.
  • Doors connected directly to generators will toggle on login after completing a restore power quest
  • Issue with magazine LootProb causing them to never show up again if maxed out
  • Item Info Panel item display hides behind the quality bar.
  • Nokilling setting prevents radzone/hazard/vending machine damage.
  • POI police_station_03 wall section inside garage has wrong texture.
  • POI : downtown_strip_05 mismatching texture.
  • POI trigger system not working correctly when utilizing multiple triggers to trigger another item
  • Forge allowing Anvil or Bulletproof Glass Block to be Crafted without the full amount of required iron/sand. And can return more iron/sand than it started with when crafting canceled.
  • Forum Report : Zombie dog’s snout has no collider
  • POI : fire_station_04 Can’t enter room without breaking blocks.
  • POI : downtown_strip_04 SI with garage door.
  • Fixed Grammar issues with the vending machine tooltips
  • Localization : Extra space in the snowball item description
  • Test_POIReset game event not working on dedi
  • Icons for some items overlap quantity in trader UI.
  • Forum Report : Possible to smelt items instantly
  • Fixed Localization : Craft lot amount needed in Cornmeal description.
  • Localization : Craft lot amount needed in Paper description.
  • Localization : Craft lot amount needed in Paint description.
  • Localization : Military Fiber missing “Crafted in lots of 10.”
  • Added line breaks to Cornmeal and Military Fiber descriptions
  • Removed extra space from localizations
  • POI : roadside_checkpoint_03 possible to get stuck part way
  • Beer and Moonshine drunk screen effects now carry over on game restart
  • Player footstep breaks audio if done after an origin reposition
  • Brown corn stalk prefab LODGroup missing LOD2 mesh
  • Clients cannot pick up dropped items

Twitch Integration


  • #destroy_backpack and #destroy armor for Twitch Extras
  • Larger group spawns for Twitch Extras
  • Bit Horde groups for zombies and teleport up extra
  • It was UnBEARable to not have a horde of bears to spawn
  • #cacti and #ember_piles as new bit actions for Twitch.
  • #spoil_boxes bit command for Twitch.
  • #mixup bit Twitch action to mixup the backpack and toolbelt items.
  • Three bit teleports for Twitch as Extras.
  • #blind bit action to blind the target and their party for 10 seconds.
  • #destroy_toolbelt bit action that destroys all the items in a target’s toolbelt.
  • Dismantle Vehicle bit action to break down a vehicle into parts.
  • Rename_signs bit action to rename all the signs / containers in your land claim area.
  • Unload Ammo bit action that unloads all weapons in your toolbelt / backpack.
  • Lost Twitch bit action that removes all map data and waypoints and teleports you a short random distance away.


  • Double Spawns is now an extra
  • Made all Twitch/GameEvent spawns more aggressive


  • Destroy Safe Zone can destroy bedrock blocks
  • Sub / Gift Sub kills should count to receive the bit pot
  • Extended the cooldown of the mystery supplies
  • Murder Chickens are now more murdery
  • Murder Chickens can now find you easier
  • Forced targeting of Twitch Spawns was timing out after 30 seconds
  • Block events should not complete while the player is in the air
  • Teleport_up should not be used while you are on a vehicle
  • #setbitpot does not show correct localization.
  • Random Teleports would not teleport you within a POI bounds.
  • Mixup did not work on vehicles.