Developer stream – Luxury DLC

Shodan/ Luglio 21, 2021/ House Flipper

Hey Flippers!

As you may know we’re getting closer and closer to the GRAND RELEASE of the Luxury DLC, which is why we decided to show you guys some more SPOILERS from the newest addition to our game!

We’re all getting extremely excited about the DLC, so it’s only fair to give you guys some kind of preview of what’s to come, right? We’ll be talking about:

  • Luxury Flipper Mechanics
  • Luxury Flipper Content
  • The Tenants

Also, we’ll be hosting some giveaways and answering all of the questions you might have!

See you this Thursday on our and


All the best,
Frozen District Team

P.S. I’ll also be there! ~Roumyan