Creativity Bundle is OUT!

Shodan/ Luglio 15, 2021/ House Flipper

Hey Flippers,

We’re excited to announce our Creativity Bundle with SuchArt: let your creativity flow and get an additional 15% off House Flipper and SuchArt!

SuchArt is an artist sim game with realistic paint blending, physics and numerous painting tools. Change the house to your own studio, the walls to the canvases, but keep your artistic freedom. Upgrade and decorate your studio, experiment with different tools, get famous and create your very own perfect art!

SuchArt - Release Trailer

No matter where you want to apply your creativity, this bundle will let you fully express yourself and bring you many hours of pure fun!

Frozen District Team

Also, next week we’ll be announcing our upcoming LUXURIOUS dev stream, so stay tuned!