Merc Report: It’s A Jungle Out There

Shodan/ Aprile 29, 2020/ Killing Floor 2


Apologies for any confusion, but our previous messaging headers have been co-opted by corporate for some other campaign! If you have nice things, the wonderful team at the main Horzine office is always there to take them (and the credit)… But we digress.

We have intel about your next field locale, which looks to be one of our older black ops complexes. Thought “lost” both in the literal and figurative terms, we’ve found some trace evidence that this may have been done on purpose by the Good Dr, the Patriarch. As they say, science finds a way.

You know what that means, go in, hit the ground running, and find out anything there is to know and report back. This facility features an exterior loading zone and helipad, with an extensive, multi-level interior. If you are a clever merc, you may just be able to get the generators back on. Survival of any intel and assets is a priority and do assume the worst; expect hostiles. It’s a jungle out there.

Desolation is the next community created map by Delta joining the official rotation, supporting standard survival, endless, and VS modes. We’ll be sharing several QoL and balance improvements we have planned in the coming days so stay tuned!