Merc Report – Improving Field Conditions

Shodan/ Aprile 30, 2020/ Killing Floor 2


As part of our efforts to continuously improve your in-field experience, the techs have lined up some enhancements across your perk abilities, arsenal as well as UI!

Starting with the Seeker Six and Mac10, two weapons that were not getting much field usage. The Seeker Six projectiles are getting a larger explosive radius as well as a slight damage increase combined with a reduced arming distance. This will allow for better trash clearing and nearer explosions, with some risk. The weight is also being reduced to see if this helps it better fit into loadouts.

The Mac 10 is getting a price reduction, sliding it more into a tier between 2 and 3 to better match its current performance against other perk weaponry. This should make it a good choice for Firebugs and Swats looking to step up their firepower a little sooner. As part of this change, we will likely be doing some minor upgrades to its damage and incapacitation power as well.

The following Perk skills are also being improved:

  • Field Medic – Acidic Rounds will have improved damage
  • Survivalist – Melee Expert will have improved damage
  • Berserker – Berserker Rage is being changed so Zeds will no longer flee, but stay rooted in their initial position

Finally, we have two UI changes to round things off. The Skip Trader vote has been added to the pop-up UI system, so after an initial merc has triggered it, other players will be asked if they want to proceed. This should make it easier for players to use and understand what’s happening.

The last change also will help the team coordinate, by showing the Healing Over Time currently being done to a player in the in the world health bar. Medics will be able to see which players are on their way to being “topped off” and can better focus their attention elsewhere, such as their friend who somehow managed to get across the road and almost around a corner and is now somehow “needing a medic”.

Heal Over Time WebM[]

Several new arsenal additions are on the way to help you survive in the jungle, and other ZED infested areas, and we’ll be sharing more over the coming days!