Planet Zoo Launch Trailer Showcases Animals, Habitats and More

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Planet Zoo

Good news management and simulation fans, Frontier Developments’ Planet Zoo is out today and the team is celebrating the game’s release with a beautiful launch trailer. It’s got dozens of animals, different habitats, and all the various quirks that you can expect from managing the biggest zoos around the world.

The dev team put heavy emphasis on the animals in this Planet Coaster style entry in the beloved Zoo Tycoon series. There are over 70 creatures here, each one recreated with care and attention to detail. The trailer showcased the East Asia species for the first time, including the Giant Panda and the Chinese Pangolin.

You can check out the full launch trailer below:

Planet Zoo | Launch Trailer
Watch this video on YouTube.


Planet Zoo will feature Franchise, Career and Challenge modes, all of which require the player to make sure the visitors are happy and satisfied while keeping animal welfare in check. For those who want an unscripted experience, there’s also a Sandbox mode to jump into.

The game also features six biomes, a dynamic weather system, a day and night cycle, and can be played both offline and online. The online component will allow players to participate in weekly and monthly Community Challenges.

Planet Zoo launches today for PC.


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