Subnautica Big Little Update

Shodan/ Novembre 6, 2019/ Subnautica

Hello, Subnauts. We’ve just released a big, little update (B86) for Subnautica[] on Steam. Thanks to all of your valuable feedback, this update contains a whole host of bug fixes and improvements for Subnautica. The development team has worked hard to put together this update and we hope that it improves the Subnautica experience for you all!

We will also be releasing another update to upgrade the Unity engine in the near future, so make sure that you’re subscribed to the Subnautica development newsletter[], follow @Subnautica on Twitter, @Subnautica on Instagram[], Subnautica on Facebook[], and subscribe to Subnautica on Youtube to be notified as soon as it is available.

And please keep sending us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you via the in-game feedback system (press F8 while playing), here on our forums[], or in our Discord chat[].

– Unknown Worlds

A comprehensive changelog follows:


  • Translation files update
  • Fix for scanner icon being outside of UI safe zones
  • Tuned streaming/clipmap settings
  • Unity Engine Upgrade to 2018.2 (future engine upgrades to come)
  • Under-the-hood memory layout optimizations
  • Fixed potential crash when culling the light on the noise indicator for the Cyclops
  • Fixed random issue for invisible cooked and cured fish
  • Protobuf serializer optimizations
  • Reinforced dive suit oriented correctly in fabricator
  • Fix for scanner being dark when fabricated
  • Fix for skipping images in the gallery tab when using a controller
  • Fix invalid rotation for Radiation Suit
  • Fixed DeferredSpawner fatally breaking when an exception is thrown in SpawnAndDestroy
  • Fix for incorrectly loading world data
  • Fix for Seamoth not being able to open Cyclops Vehicle Bay when loading from a save game
  • Merge in fix for player not teleporting correctly
  • Fix physics issues when piloting Seamoth
  • Fix for dying in hardcore while the game is saving
  • Prevent taking of a screenshot when the game is already processing one
  • Optimized RigidBodies from static objects
  • Animation culling optimizations
  • Moved File I/O of LargeWorldStreamer to another thread and yielding coroutine on main thread to prevent stalling
  • Optimized particle systems used in the CrashedShip and Lifepod
  • Optimization removing calls to GetComponentInParent for determining if a player is within a vehicle or not
  • Multiple NullReferenceException fixes
  • Fixed Reefback turning constantly Save data optimization
  • Fix for Floaters not attaching
  • Fix for Cyclops Vehicle Bay hatch not always spawning correctly
  • Fixed issue with save slot screenshots when returning to the main menu
  • Fix for floating plants at origin
  • Fix for stuck floating dropped pickupables
  • Fixed various items clipping through the terrain due to speed of player
  • Fixed issues of Cyclops doors & Moonpool not responding to dockable vehicles
  • Fixed issues with Cyclops power up
  • Fix for player being able to breathe in unpowered Seamoth
  • Optimized multiple normal maps
  • Optimized Prison platform geometry
  • Async loading of distance fields
  • Fixed “is still loading” issue when a save game slot couldn’t be loaded
  • Fix for Bladderfish not spawning by entity slots once filtered water is unlocked
  • Fixes for creature respawn system
  • Fixed issue with deleting saved games, made it compatible with both controller and keyboard+mouse input
  • Fixed feedback button action in main menu for PC / Mac
  • Fixed issue with rocket platform physics
  • Fixed ‘First time menu interaction sends you to top of page in every tab’
  • Fixed ‘Editing labels is interrupted while using gamepad + keyboard on PC
  • Re-disabled oxygen warnings in hardcore mode
  • Fixed docking a Seamoth in Cyclops in VR causing physics issues
  • UI + depth fix backported from Below Zero
  • Performance optimizations in Kelp Forest area
  • World-Streaming optimizations
  • Improved background loading during loading screen
  • Improved consistency of various progress bars