The Wanderer Update is live!

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Steam players should receive this update today, September 26th, 2019.

Hey Astroneers! The update comes just three weeks after our last one, and includes a new adventure for you all to go on! Forgive me if these notes are a little more vague than usual, we want to keep the secret under wraps for now. Enjoy!


New objects have been added to the game!

  • Printed on: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Steel
  • Byte Cost: 4,000

Suit & Wanderer palettes
This one is secret, but you will unlock them while completing the Wanderer experience!
Figurine Platform

  • Printed on: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Iron, 2 Steel, 1 Aluminium Alloy
  • Byte Cost: 6,000

EXO Holographic Figurine

  • Printed from: Backpack
  • Resource Cost: 1 Plastic
  • Byte Cost: 3,000

Stone Figurine Pieces
Stone figurines for the Figurine Platform that spawn on specific planets. Special Lapis and Jasper versions can be found on specific planets!
Large Curved Platform

  • Printed from: Medium Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Ceramic, 1 Iron
  • Byte Cost: 4,500

Extra Large Curved Platform

  • Printed from: Large Printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Aluminium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 Titanium
  • Byte Cost: 7500

Camera Filters
Added two new camera filters to the Small Camera to make your adventure photos even cooler!


Several “Quality of Life” issues have been addressed in this update.

  • Boost Mod will now properly affect tool speed when combined with a Narrow or Wide mod regardless of equipping order or slot position.
  • Any combination of Augments can now be equipped simultaneously. Some (like Boost Mod and Inhibitor Mod)
  • Increased the number of beacon colors to 10, up from 6.
  • Fireworks now fire without delay when attached to aux slots and reactive sockets. Fireworks still have a delay when ignited on ground, or from a non-reactive slot.
  • T1 Platforms now have oxygen rails.

The following bugs have been fixed as of version.
Community Identified Issues

  • [AS-8187] – Last tether in bundle is now be placed as expected. Last glowstick and last extender in bundle are also being placed correctly now.
  • [AS-8364] – Soil Centrifuge is not becoming stuck in downward position when user saves and exits after it is done with its operation.


  • [AS-7903] – Orientation of packaged items is now maintained when placing them onto a platform.
  • [AS-7991] – Last glowstick in a bundle is placed with the correct orientation now, the same as every other glowstick.
  • [AS-8080] – Galactic suit now points when the player clicks on terrain.
  • [AS-8191] – Medium printer is now able to print on the XL Platform A, regardless of the direction it is facing.
  • [AS-8198] – Player is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the Large Hoop Platform B
  • [AS-8228] – Jetpack now shuts off when picking up an item while using the aux keys to fly.
  • [AS-8235] – Large Storage Ring now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing.
  • [AS-8236] – Large storage now has correct SFX when picked up, dropped, and when landing
  • [AS-8268] – Hologram orientation of packaged Extra Large Arch Platform now matches the Hologram orientation of XL Arch Platform when printing.
  • [AS-8304] – Large Hoop Platforms now have the proper amount of oxygen connection points
  • [AS-8337] – Both sides of medium storage now have mouse collision when expanded.
  • [AS-8349] – LOD range for stalagmites has been increased
  • [AS-8352] – All three shredders now maintain any partial scrap nuggets they have through save load, and pick up where they left off when creating scrap after loading.
  • [AS-8329] – Small printer is no longer able to print from the diagonal slots on the tall platform. When placed in one of the slots, the printer is inactive.
  • [AS-8290] – All platforms cables now disconnect once out of cable range.
  • [AS-8327] – Printer is disabled when slotted into any of the non-horizontal slots on the Recreational Canopy.


  • [AS-8084] – Client is now able to hear their own backpack printer SFX.
  • [AS-8291] – Multiplayer | Dropship will now bring players to the original starting shelter instead of the new player created shelter when there are multiple shelters in a game.


That’s right! We updated the roadmap to include most of the planned updates for the rest of the year which you can view in all it’s glory here:

If you want to watch the full reveal livestream where we go over it all and ask questions, check out the VOD.[]

Thanks for reading and get ready for a SPOOKY october!