Simulating Fees when Buying Games from AllKeyShop

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AllKeyShop: Simulating Fees

Ever clicked through to a seller and wondered why the game’s total price was higher at checkout compared to the price listed on Well, you might not have realized that there were a few other fees added to the price for additional purchase security or to cover payment processor and government-mandated fees.

So what are these fees exactly? To help you better understand them, we’ve listed some of the most common add-on fees below with a brief description of each:


  • TAX — This is a government-mandated fee applied to most products and is usually referred to as Value Added Tax (VAT). This is a fixed percentage of the purchase price and depends on the laws of the country from which you are making your purchase.
  • PAYPAL — If you choose to pay for your purchase using Paypal, the vendor will add the processing fee Paypal charges, in part or in full, to the total amount of your purchase. You can visit this page for an explanation of how Paypal fees are computed.
  • CREDIT CARD — The payment processing service that handles the transaction for the seller will also charge a small amount which is then added by the seller to your total purchase. These fees depend on the type of card you are using and the payment processing service used by the seller.
  • BUYER PROTECTION — We refer to this generally as “Security Shield” or simply “Shield”. This is a premium service offered by several sellers that provides an extra layer of protection against issues that may arise with your purchase such as non-delivery and invalid or duplicate keys. Although optional, this service is recommended whenever available as the minimal fee offers a great deal of security.

Now that you know what these fees are, let’s take a look at how you can simulate them using our price comparison service.


The image above shows a basic listing for a game. Under the Price column, you see the raw cost of the game. Under fees, you’ll see the additional charges depending on the payment method and the site’s buyer protection service. This gives you a quick way to estimate the total cost of the game through that listing.

If you don’t want to do the calculation yourself or want more specific options, you can refer to the section just right on top of the listings.


Here you have several options that when toggled will reflect on the price listed in the listing.


  • FIRST DROPDOWN — This dropdown box will allow you to include the fees added depending on your payment method. Just select either “Include paypal fees” or “Include card fees” depending on which one you plan to use for your purchase.
  • SECOND DROPDOWN — This dropdown box allows you to choose which country you are purchasing from and calculate the tax based on your country’s tax laws. Those buying from outside of Europe do not need to set this.


  • EXCLUDE VAT — Some stores do not enforce taxes on purchases. Put a check on this if you set your country in THE PAYMENT Section and it will remove the computed tax from listings that don’t charge it.
  • INCLUDE SECURITY SHIELDS — As the label denotes, enabling this option will add the cost of the site’s buyer protection service to the total price of the listing.

Here’s a comparison of the same listing with and without the Fees options set:





Now that you know how to simulate the different additional fees our sellers charge, you won’t be surprised whenever you arrive at the checkout page. And if you find any errors in how the system computes fees for a certain site or type of fee, please report the issue to our support team so we can fix it right away. Happy deal hunting!

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