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AKS Gaming News 24/06/2019

Microsoft Flight Simulator Details Shared

A new flight simulator game has been announced by Microsoft that is currently under development right now. Some details had been shared by the game’s development team saying that the game will emphasize on overall simulation. There will also be third-party content development as well as community content creation. The game will also support a wide range of control schemes like yoke and pedals, mouse and keyboards and the like. An Insider Program is also set to launch to get more updates.

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories to Launch Early 2020

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is coming by early 2020 for PC as announced by NIS America. In Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories players must rise above the calamity and take charge as a massive earthquake has ravaged the city. There will be aftershocks and different threats like fire, falling debris, and uneven ground. You must look for survivors and withstand the terrible disaster. To celebrate the game’s launch announcement an in-engine trailer has been shared by NIS America.

Rebel Galaxy is Free on the Epic Games Store Next Week

Double Damage Games’ Rebel Galaxy will be free on the Epic Games Store next week. The game offers action-packed combat combined with exploration, trade, and discovery. As mentioned earlier this is free, so once you were able to download it from the Epic Games Store, it is yours to keep forever. Rebel Galaxy was originally launched in 2015. You will get to play as battle pirates that has the option to choose your own path in the game. You can be a do-gooder, a trader, or a privateer.

Supernatural Super Squad Fight is Out Now

Supernatural Super Squad Fight! is now available on PC, iOS and Android. Developed by Johah Taylor, get to experience the supernatural in a unique way. You will be joining a group of outcasts like Bigfoot, Nessie, Enki, Jeff The Yeti, General Choad, Cliodhna, Grandpa Krampus, and The Wizard Kukulkan to save the universe and fight against evil. They may not be your regular heroes and are sometimes tagged as monsters but they are your only hope to stand against evil.

Platformer SCRAP is Now Available for the Switch

Publisher Ultimate Games S.A is launching the newest platformer called SCRAP for the Nintendo Switch. The game comes with unique graphics, great audio settings as well as controls that are very easy to understand. There are a total of 33 challenging levels for you to accomplish and are set in 3 totally different worlds. Also, get to enjoy the in-game tips and power-ups to help you on your journey. You can now avail SCRAP on the Nintendo eShop.

Super Neptunia RPG Now Out on Steam With 8 New DLCs

Super Neptunia RPG is now available on Steam and is on a 20% weeklong discount. The game will also be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 25 for North America and June 28 for Europe. A Deluxe Bundle is also available for the game where it will include the game plus the Deluxe Pack which includes art collections, wallpapers and the game’s soundtrack. There are also 8 DLCs available for purchase with additional DLCs to launch at a later date.

2D Fighter Million Arthur Arcana Blood Now Available on Steam

Million Arthur Arcana Blood has just landed on Steam. The hit 2D fighter features thirteen playable characters including guest characters Iori Yagami, Riesz, and Koume Sakiyama. The game’s premise is that Britain is home to a million King Arthurs and a million Excaliburs and these “Arthurs” battle each other to become the one true king. The game was first released on the PlayStation 4 back in 2017. Those who purchase the game before August 20th will get two wallpapers and five music tracks as bonuses.

Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle Features New Powerful Weapons

Attack on Titan 2 Final Battle will include several new features when it launches on July 5th for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Switch. Scouts will now be able to equip Shooting Gear, allowing them to deal damage from long range with different types of ammo. Perfectly timing reloads will cause ammo not to deplete for a short amount of time. Showdown Equipment will also be obtainable while in battle and can be used to dish out high damage attacks for a short period of time. Pre-orders will come with early character unlocks.

Anthem is “Not Working Very Well” but EA Promises to Stand By It

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson told that Anthem’s goal of combining BioWare’s storytelling expertise with co-op looter shooter mechanics is “not working very well”. Wilson says that some players seemed to have expected hundreds of hours of story content while others thought the game to be a bigger and better Destiny. However, EA is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Wilson says that they will continue to support both the game and BioWare in improving Anthem and delivering on the promises they made to players.

Risk of Rain 2’s Scorched Acres Update Releases on June 25th

Hopoo Games has announced that the Scorched Acres update for Risk of Rain 2 will be dropping tomorrow, June 25th, for everyone playing the Early Access game. The devs showed off upcoming content during E3 including a new plant and robot hybrid survivor named Rex. Hopoo’s announcement on Twitter included an image of Rex so it seems that he’ll be part of the Scorched Acres update. Players will need to complete a specific quest to unlock the new survivor. Hopoo will provide the full details of the update once it goes live.

Sega to Reveal More Persona 5 Royal Details in this Month’s SegaNama Stream

Sega will be hosting this month’s SegaNama stream this Tuesday and the publisher has announced that it’ll be sharing new information about Persona 5 Royal. The stream’s YouTube page is already up while the Periscope link will be posted via Sega’s Japanese Twitter account just before the stream starts. The stream starts at 9 PM JST, which translates to 1 PM BST or 2 PM CEST. Persona 5 Royal releases in Japan on October 31st for the PlayStation 4. Western fans, however, will have to wait until 2020.

Risk of Rain 2 Scorched Acres Update Coming June 25th

The first content update for Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access is set to roll out on June 25th. The update, called Scorched Acres, introduces a new character called Rex, who is said to be different from all the other playable characters in the game. Also, according to the game’s roadmap, this update will also include a new survivor, a new stage boss, as well as new items and equipment.

Hack-n-Slash Voxel Game Riverbond Out Now

Microsoft showed off the hack-and-slash voxel world game Riverbond at this year’s E3, and now the game is finally available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game features a colorful voxel world with equally colorful voxel characters. Players will control these characters as they hunt and gather treasure and fight massive bosses. Players will also be able to collect different weapons. Riverbond also features solo and co-op game modes as well as guest icons from Psychonauts, Shovel Knight, and more.

Droidekas Heading to Star Wars Battlefront 2 This Week

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players will surely find this as good news as EA has announced that the three-legged Droidekas from the Clone Wars are coming back to the game starting June 26th. The Droidekas will be part of an update which will roll out on the said date. Also coming to the game are the Galactic Republic TX-130 tank also from the Clone Wars. The update will also add a new appearance for Anakin Skywalker as well as for the Clone Army.

Fortnite Updates PC System Requirements for Season 10

Epic Games has announced that the minimum system requirements for Fortnite in Season 10 will be changed. “Starting with Season 10, the PC version of Fortnite will require a graphics card capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11,” the developer said in a blog post. Epic explained that older graphics cards won’t work for Season 10, and this will allow them to focus their development and testing efforts to “further optimize the Fortnite experience for all players.”

Marvel’s Avengers Being Worked on By Five Studios

Crystal Dynamic Studio Head Scott Amos shared in an interview that Marvel’s Avengers is the biggest game their studio has ever done in their history. Amos revealed that they now have five studios working together for the game, including Square Enix Japan, and Eidos Montreal with whom they worked with in the Tomb Raider franchise. Amos added that they want to go beyond their boundaries for Avengers that’s why they expanded to five studios.

Female Characters Now Available in SCUM

Multiplayer survival game SCUM finally has playable female characters. This new feature comes with the Maneater update. Currently, female characters have three head variants players can choose from, plus “some really neat things” Gamepires wants players to discover themselves. The Maneater update also comes with significant performance improvements, the new Mission System, plus a handful of bug fixes.

Monster Hunter World Dynamic Difficulty Now on PS4

Monster Hunter: World’s new dynamic difficulty is now available on the Iceborne beta in the PlayStation 4. Players on PC will also get this new difficulty when Iceborne rolls out for the platform this winter. The good news is even without the Iceborne expansion, players will still be able to access dynamic difficulty as it will be added to the base game’s settings.

Streets of Rogue Exits Early Access in July

Streets of Rogue will be exiting Steam Early Access on July 12th, developer Matt Dabrowski and publisher tinyBuild announced. The game is described as a mashup between Deus Ex and The Binding of Isaac. It has rogue-lite progression, and features “free-form, experimentation-driven, emergent gameplay”. Cities in the game are also completely randomized. Players can also find tons of items that will allow them to customize their loadout. It also has online and local co-op with up to four players.

Chivalry 2 Exclusive on the Epic Games Store

Chivalry 2, the sequel to the hugely popular game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, will be launching exclusively in the Epic Games Store. This was announced by Torn Banner Studios and Tripwire Interactive, and the companies said the game will be an epic exclusive for one year when it launches. They explained that they believe Epic Games Store will improve, and Epic also put significant ” investment and support behind the game” thus the decision to bring Chivalry 2 to the platform.

Nintendo Takes Down Fan-Made Game Mario Royale

A fan-made Mario battle royale game popped up last week, but it’s not available anymore. The reason is because Nintendo took the game down and sent the creator a DMCA takedown notice. The game’s creator, InfernoPlus , has since removed all Nintendo characters, levels and references to his game, and he is set to release a new version of it. The new version will be similar to Mario Royale minus all the Nintendo stuff. The new version is now called Infringio Royale or DMCA Royale.

New Features for GRID Revealed

Codemaster has revealed new details for its upcoming racing game GRID. First, the game’s single-player modes are playable offline. The game will also support wheels and pedals. All cars and events in the game are split into seven classes: Touring, Tuner, Stock, GT, Formula J, Prototypes and Group 7 Specials. Codemaster also said that they will be announcing the full car list as the game’s launch date nears. Grid will be available starting September 13th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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