Solve a Puzzle to Watch the Latest Trailer for The Sinking City

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The Sinking City

A new trailer is ready for those anticipating the upcoming Lovecraftian horror investigation game, The Sinking City. Developer Frogwares is, however, mixing things up by requiring those who want to watch it to solve a puzzle first.

As if to get our detective skills primed for the game, Frogwares posted a mysterious image on the game’s official Facebook page together with these cryptic instructions: “…look at what you see, move forwards, count to 5, and say what is revealed.” Now, if you were able to decode the hidden message, post it in the comments. If you got it right, you’ll get a private message with the link to the video and a warning.


What you’ll be treated to is said to be a vision that’s equally cryptic. If you successfully decode the original puzzle, make sure to follow the same instructions for the description and you’ll find another hidden message.

I don’t know about you, but if these puzzles are any indication of how the game will be, then it seems there’s a lot to be excited for when The Sinking City finally launches on June 27th.

The Sinking City is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. A Switch port will follow later this year.


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