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NHL 20 Video Game Revealed

EA Sports has revealed the release date for NHL 20 the video game during the NHL Awards show. NHL 20 will be out September 13th, and features Toronto Maple Leafs star Auston Matthews as its cover athlete. Those who pre-order the game’s Deluxe or Ultimate edition will get to play the game as early as September 10th. EA Access subscribers, on the other hand, will be able to play it earlier on September 5th.

Alpha Protocol Removed From Steam

The 2010 cult classic Alpha Protocol has been removed from sale on Steam. Apparently, the game’s publisher, Sega, has requested it to be removed from sale as the rights to publish the game has already expired. Players who already own the game on Steam will still be able to download and access it. Alpha Protocol was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

FF7 Remake Includes Fan Favorite Honey Bee Inn Scene

Final Fantasy 7 Remake director Tetsuya Nomura revealed in an interview with Famitsu that the remake will include the fan-favorite Honey Bee Inn Scene. For those who don’t know, the Honey Bee Inn is where Cloud had to cross-dress as a woman in order to get past Don Corneo and rescue Tifa who had been kidnapped. Nomura said they made the Honey Bee Inn more modern with updated graphics as the location’s original layout was quite odd.

Astral Chain Has a Co-op Mode

Astral Chain lets players control 2 characters at the same time. The characters are linked together by a chain, thus the game’s title. In an interview, Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura revealed that players can actually play the game in co-op with another friend using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller. According to Taura, this will give players a more challenging gameplay as both players must put an effort to control each of the characters.

Twin Mirror Won’t Get a Japanese Launch

Bandai Namco has announced that Twin Mirror won’t be launching in Japan across all platforms. The publisher did not reveal the exact reasons why the game won’t be available in the region, but has spotted a notice that the publisher “decided to discontinue the release of the Japanese version… for various reasons.” The website suggests the reason behind might be because it won’t sell well in Japan due to Life is Strange’s low sales in the region. The game is being developed by Life is Strange creators Dontnod.

Online Racing Now Available on All Dangerous Driving Platforms

Three Fields Entertainment has launched Dangerous Driving’s online multiplayer mode on PS4 earlier this month, and now the company is happy to announce that the feature is already available across all platforms. Online multiplayer lets players race against 5 other racers in a series of 18 pre-set events. Points are awarded per race, players must find ways to stop other players from getting the top-most spot. Dangerous Driving is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Black Desert Online’s New Character Class Rolls Out Next Week

A new character class is coming to Black Desert Online! The new class Shai will be available starting June 26th. Shai is the first character that focuses on life skills and is a support character. Black Desert Online can now pre-create their Shai, and by doing so they will earn great rewards such as an in-game title and an exclusive accessory. Shai uses a giant boomerang called a Florang as her main combat weapon.

ARK Survival Evolved Valguero Expansion Map Out Now

The new expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved is out now! The Valguero expansion map is free for players of the game and it adds a huge, diverse map that has exotic biomes that players can explore. It also brings new encounters that include “titanic boss arena battles, mysterious ruins, and unexplored cave networks.” It also brings a new dinosaur, the Deinonychus.

Citizens of Space Available Now

Eden Industries’ turn-based role-playing game Citizens of Space is now available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game lets players play as former Ambassadors of Earth who finds themselves out of a job after the planet goes missing. Players will then have to find Earth’s missing pieces, recruit citizens to fight for them, find out who’s behind its disappearance, and bring them to justice so they can go back to becoming Ambassadors again.

Ghost Face Returns in Dead by Daylight

A killer is making its return in Dead by Daylight. Ghost Face is the latest killer to be added to the game as a DLC. Ghost Face comes with two exclusive items — the Monochrome Mania body and Silvery Steel Tactical Knife weapon — as well as three perks. Ghost Face is described as a natural stalker who first observes his target before killing them. You can get Day by Daylight on PC and consoles.

PUBG Gets Ping System in Latest Update

A new update has been rolled out for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The update is quite huge, and is considered a significant one, as it adds a ping and radio communication system, which is similar to that of Apex Legends. This feature will allow players to call out items, request ammo, relay an enemy’s location, and many more. This update also introduces version one of the ledge grab mechanic. Full patch notes about this update can be found at the PUBG official blog.

Anthem Patch Version 1.2.1 Now Available

A new patch was released by Electronic Arts and Bioware for Anthem and it is version 1.2.1. This comes with some bug fixes specifically the ones that cause both characters and enemies to still appear frozen after the effect has worn off. There are also some matchmaking improvements. The problem with the mouse cursor disappearing has been fixed as well as some of the bugs that are not correctly displaying some of the cosmetic items in Prospero’s store. You can check out the complete list on their site.

New Overwatch Event Features Baptiste

A new micro-event is available for Overwatch and it is Baptiste-themed. There are two parts for the challenge, the first one is that when you win three games, you will get a new Baptiste player icon. If you win three additional games you get two sprays and an additional three again will get you a Battle Medic Baptiste skin. The second part is for those who are watching, watch a certain number of hours to get a certain amount of sprays. This is now available and will run up until July 1st only.

Switch Version of Animal Crossing Won’t Have Cloud Saves

Animal Crossing is coming to the Nintendo Switch and it is called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This version of the game won’t be supporting cloud saves as confirmed by game producer Higashi Nogami. According to him, this will prevent cheating, by preventing them from manipulating time. The game will still need players to subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service though so that players are able to play with others online. Animal Crossing: New Horizon will launch on March 20, 2020.

Nowhere Prophet Available on July 19

No More Robots and Sharkbomb Studios has announced their newest Indian-infused, card game mixed with a tactical battle board called Nowhere Prophet. The game offers a unique deck-building system where your cards are actually your followers in the game. Outside of battle, you will be making narrative decisions that will affect your journey. There will be procedurally generated maps, 10 different convoys, 4 prophet classes and more than 300 cards. Nowhere Prophet will launch early 2020.

New Map Builder on Gears 5 Lets You Make Brutal Maps

A new mode for creating maps for Gears 5 had been previously revealed at E3 2019 which is called Escape. This allows players to create brutal maps where a team of three must escape a cloud venom as well as the Swarm. The maps can be built under a tile system through a new 2D Map Builder. The thing is, players must be able to complete one run of the map before they are able to publish it. Adding things to the map also limits you to point values, but the budget is not very restricting.

Switch Version of Devil May Cry Available in June

The release date of Devil May Cry 1 for the Nintendo Switch has been officially announced by Capcom and it will be on June 24th in the Americas, June 25th in Europe and June 27th in Japan. The game is actually a port of the original game which was launched on PlayStation 2. Coming to Nintendo Switch, the game will be 9.2 GB in size and has a price tag of $19.99. Preorders for the game is now available through the Nintendo Eshop. The Devil May Cry HD Collection is also available.

Crazy Dance Moves of Bloodlines will be Available in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Rachel Leiker, the Lead User Interface and Experience Designer of Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 confirmed that the dancing in the first Bloodlines game is back. Nightclubs are a very important component for the game, they are like hubs where people meet up. Leiker said that one of the things that people enjoyed from the first game is dancing and that it is worth the effort to have it in the second game. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will launch in March 2020.

Rainbow Six Quarantine Beta Signups Now Available

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine beta signups are now open. According to Ubisoft, signing up will allow gamers to receive updates as well as get the chance to play the game early in its three platforms which are PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set several years after in the universe of Rainbow Six. Players will be taking on a new breed of mutated alien parasites that are infecting humans and making them their hosts. This is a 3-player coop PVE. The game is set to launch by early 2020.

Changes to Destiny 2 Eververse Store Announced

The Eververse Store of Destiny 2 is getting some changes as announced by Bungie. Some of it are that your Eververse Armor that has Universal Ornaments are automatically unlocked an can be used on new Legendary armor. Also, the Bright Dust which you use in purchases in the Eververse Store will now be easily accessible. Players also won’t need Bright Dust to pull Eververse items from your collections. There are so much more which you can check out in their site. The changes will come on September 17.

Dota Underlords Open Beta Passed Peak Concurrent Player Count Of Artifact in Two Hours

The newest game from Valve called Dota Underlords has launched its open beta for PC and mobile. In just two hours of its launch, it has already passed the peak concurrent player count on Steam as compared to a game similar to it from Valve called Artifact. At the time of this report, Dota Underlords was able to reach a concurrent player count of 62,946 while the all-time high count of Artifact is 60,740. You must also take into consideration that Dota Underlords is free to play and Artifact is $20.

Fallout New Vegas Prequel Ready to Launch Soon

A new Fallout: New Vegas mod is out on Beta 221 and it is called Project Brazil, Fallout: New California. This mod is actually in the making seven months ago and it has a changelog that is huge. The complete fixes available can be seen in their official site. One fix is that for installing the mod which is now easier and much more seamless. There is no official release date available yet for the mod but the target date, if everything goes well, is by the end of the year.


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