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AKS Gaming News 19/06/2019

Crossout’s Mass Contagion Update Out Now

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment’s vehicular combat game Crossout has received its Mass Contagion update. Mass Contagion brings five new missions in the game’s story campaign as well as a new vehicle pack. The update also adds the ‘Another Year in The Wastelands’ event in celebration of the game’s second year in Open Beta. The event lasts until July 4th and players can get special cosmetic items during the celebration. Crossout is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Cyberpunk 2077 Vehicles Will Have a Return Feature

Players won’t need to worry about traveling back to where they left their vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077 as the game will feature some sort of a vehicle call-back system. With this feature, players can have their vehicles travel to them instead. The game’s lead quest designer Pawel Sasko said in an interview that the vehicles in the game are equipped with AI, so players can leave it wherever they want, and then call it back. The feature, according to Sasko, is similar to The Witcher 3’s Roach.

Death Stranding Might Be Featured at San Diego Comic-Con

There’s a possibility that we can finally get some news about Death Stranding, which was absent at this year’s E3. The game’s director, Hideo Kojima, will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con in July, so there’s a huge possibility that he will finally be showcasing the game during the event. It is worth noting that the full schedule of the Comic-Con has not been posted yet, so this is not set in stone.

Flare Gun Not Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Says

A cinematic shown during the recent Fortnite pro-am have players speculating that a flare gun is going to be added to Fortnite Battle Royale. The cinematic shows fan-favorite character Jonesy using the flare gun and ending up with a victory royale. When Epic Games was asked whether speculations were true, the company’s senior public relations representative Nick Chester replied with, “No.” on Twitter.

RUST Developer Reveals Its New Game

Rust developer Facepunch has released its latest game, the twin-stick bullet shooter Facepunch. The game is available on Steam. The game will have players face competitive challenges where the aim is to dodge, shoot, and destroy 14 multi-form bosses as they make their way to the top of the leaderboard. The developer is proud to say the game doesn’t have cutscenes. It does have a tutorial, but players can skip it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Multiple Endings

Cyberpunk 2077 will have multiple endings, the game’s quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz has confirmed. He did not say how many endings there will be. He also confirmed that players won’t need to use any augmentations in order to go through the entire campaign besides the two that are automatically assigned to players in the Prologue. CD Projekt Red is also planning to add a Photo Mode, but it is hard to tell at this time whether it will actually happen.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Include All Pokemon

Only a limited amount of Pokémon will be included in Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. The Pokedex in the game will only contain over one thousand Pokémon, Junichi Masuda of Game Freak said. This means players will only be able to trade Pokémon that appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Masuda also added that future Pokémon games will have the same pattern and will only have a specific number of Pokémon in the game.

Destiny 2 Players in Google Stadia Can Only Play with Other Stadia Players

Google Stadia is launching in November of this year, and Destiny 2 players in the platform can only play with other players using Google Stadia. According to an FAQ published by Bungie, Stadia “has its own ecosystem,” making cross-platform play not possible at this time. But Bungie is still working on bringing cross-platform play across all platforms for Destiny 2, according to Destiny general manager Mike Noseworthy.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Gets New Map, Mode and Weapons

The latest update for Insurgency: Sandstorm is here, in preparation for the game’s upcoming free weekend on Steam. The update brings new weapons and attachments — the QBZ-03 Chinese assault rifle and TAR-21 MARS-style red dot optic for Insurgents, and the VHS-2 Croatian assault rifle and MRO “Micro Red Dot” optic for Security. The update also brings the re-made Ministry map, which is an Insurgency classic. The Steam free weekend runs from June 20th until the 24th.

Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 Demo Will Be Public Soon

Many were curious about the closed-door demo of Cyberpunk 2077 during E3 2019, but anticipating fans will soon be able to get a glimpse of it. According to CD Projekt Red’s global community lead Marcin Momot, the behind-closed-doors demo will be publicly available at this year’s PAX West which is happening between August 29 and September 2 in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s Game Length Revealed

Bethesda’s upcoming game Wolfenstein: Youngblood will have an estimated game length of at least 25 to 30 hours, according to Machine Games’ executive producer Jerk Gustafsson. Gustafsson said that Youngblood is Machine Games’ “biggest game yet” and players will take up to 30 hours to complete the game if they “play through everything.” He added that “level progression and the non-linear narrative” will make the game longer than their previous titles.

Complete Patch Notes Revealed for Fortnite 9.30 Update

Fortnite received a new update, version 9.30 and developer Epic Games has a lot of changes come with it. There is a new item, some weapons removed, three new LTMs and so much more. The new item included is the Chug Splash, a throwable item that can heal players on impact or increase their shield. This week’s LTM, on the other hand, are Sniper Shootout Duos, Trios, and Solid Gold Squads. The patch notes are quite long, you can check out the whole list at Epic. This is now live for all the game’s platforms.

World of Warcraft Stress Test is Here

The World of Warcraft: Classic stress test is now running and it will be available up until June 21st which is a Friday. Players will have all access to all races and classes during this time. There will be open-world activities and instanced content like Warsong Gultch, Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Deadmines. Blizzard is encouraging players of the beta to play as much as possible during the first three hours of the stress test. World of Warcraft: Classic launches on August 27 on PC.

Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Not Ruled Out

Lead Quest Designer of Cyberpunk 2077, Pawel Sasko shared that they are not working on a multiplayer for the game as of right now. He added that the studio is known for creating “good stories, amazing characters, choices and consequences” and that is what they are going for at the time being. If ever they will be working on a multiplayer mode for the game, it will definitely be available postlaunch. Cyberpunk 2077 is set to launch on April 16, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

New Gunner Specialization Comes to The Division 2

A new The Division 2 update is bringing the very first post-launch Specialization which is the Gunner. The Gunner is actually a minigun that can sit alongside the grenade launcher, crossbow, or heavy sniper rifle specializations. This also comes with its very own skill tree. By default, The Gunner will get the Riot Foam Grenade and has the ability to supply their teammates with extra ammo. Those who have the game’s season pass is able to get access to The Gunner immediately.

Physical Editions for Ikaruga Foreseen

An all-time classic game, Ikaruga, is getting a physical version. Ikaruga right now is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, but only through digital copies. The only way to have a physical disc is by having a Dreamcast of GameCube version of the game. However, that could change thanks to the teaser Tweet from Nicalis. It shows an image of the game’s cover for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We will have to wait for further announcements soon.

Rumored The Last of Us 2 Launch Date is February 2020

It is rumored that the Last of Us 2 will be launching on February 2020. This all happened during the PlayStation Universe when the voice actor of Ellie, Ashley Johnson, answered the question of when the game will be coming out. She got interrupted but it sounds like she was supposed to say February and then continued to joke about it. Previously, one Peruvian retailer leaked an October 2019 launch date. For right now, nothing has been confirmed and we will know more soon.

Battle Royale Beta for Fallout 76 Extended

Bethesda has decided to extend the Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Battle Royale indefinitely. This new mode was launched during E3 2019 as a “beta sneak peek”. The test was supposed to run for just a short time but the overwhelming response to the free update made Bethesda extend it. Also according to the Fallout 76 blog, “the pre-beta sneak peek of Nuclear Winter will remain on and continue to receive updates”. Bethesda also thanked the fans of the game for trying out the new mode with much eagerness.

Cyberpunk 2077 Offers Choice Driven Endings

CD Projekt Red’s Quest Director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz confirmed that their upcoming sci-fi game Cyberpunk 2077 will have different endings depending on the decisions made by the player. Most probably the previously announced pacifist run, where you will not kill anybody in the game will have a different ending. Also, Tomaszkiewicz confirmed that players can also finish the game without having any cybernetic augmentations done. Whether that would affect the ending is yet to be seen.

Tales of Arise Offers Completely New Story

Tales of Arise producer Yusuke Tomizawa stated that the game will have a brand new story and set in a brand new world. The game will have the main character rise up in order to free people from slavery. So far, two of the main characters had been revealed for the game and they are Alphen from planet Dahna and Shionne from planet Rena. The game centers around a new original story which is not linked to any previous Tales of Series games. Tales of Arise is set to launch by 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Huge Fortnite Leak Reveals Major Stuff

With the coming of the Fortnite update version 9.30, some new stuff had been leaked. Data miners were able to dig up 70 new skins and items as well as new LTMs and most possibly a heist mode. The files found points toward summer-themed events and items, one of which is the 14 Days of Summer challenges. There are also new pickaxes, backblings, items, gliders, sprays as well as rewards. The new Heist skin had also been revealed in the leak. New LTMs are Summer Splashdown and Storm Chasers: Surfin’.

Gwent Expansion Brings Players to Novigrad

The latest expansion of Gwent is called Novigrad and will allow players to explore the “rotten core” of the city. The upgrade adds a new playable faction called the Syndicate which will let players collect over 90 new cards from the underbelly of Novigrad. 15 of the cards that can be collected can actually be used with your old decks. There will also be five new leaders that have their own unique abilities. A new meta will also come with the Novigrad expansion. This will launch on June 28.


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