10 Top Fighting Games of 2019 So Far

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10 Top Fighting Games of 2019 So Far


Best Fighting Game to Play Right Now



Street Fighter V - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Every fighting game enthusiast has either heard about or played a game in the Street Fighter series in some capacity. Street Fighter 5 is the latest instalment in said series and one of the best fighting games so far. The Street Fighter of 1987 was one of the pioneering titles in the genre to achieve global recognition. Now all eyes are Street Fighter 5 as it attempts to fill the shoes of its widely embraced predecessors. The game is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.



Official Launch Trailer | Mortal Kombat

On April 23rd of 2019, NetherRealm Studios concluded the return of the iconic Mortal Kombat series with Mortal Kombat 11. The Unreal Engine 3 did justice in demonstrating how graphically astonishing it can make a game look when utilized properly. This iteration comes bearing Fatalities and Brutalities and new gameplay features like Fatal Blows and Krushing Blows. Another major factor that gives the game top-notch status is the amazing audio but it is not to be outdone by the captivating Story Mode.



Dead or Alive 6 - Combat and Features Trailer | PS4

Dead or Alive 6 is a fast-paced 3D fighting game developed by the talented Koei Tecmo Games. As you may have guessed, this is the 6th instalment in the series and the version expected to have the latest and best of everything. This is indeed the case for Dead or Alive 6 as the graphics, the story and overall gameplay have seen major improvements. The players are pleased as indicated by the positive reviews and growing fan-base. Dead or Alive 6 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



Killer Instinct Launch Trailer

Killer Instinct was dubbed “ahead of its time” at release, consequently magnifying the interests of masses. Now it is almost 25 years since its inception yet Killer Instinct refuses to abort the hearts of fighting game enthusiasts. The latest release in the franchise was in 2013 but the consistent upgrades and polishing received is the reason it sits among the best in the genre. The 2013 Killer Instinct is currently available for Xbox One and PC.



Official Injustice 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer

Injustice 2 is a game that has generated much interest, particularly because of the characters featured. NetherRealm Studios has amalgamated almost everyone’s childhood superhero from the DC Universe into one captivating fighting game. The title has done so well that it even has a relatively large esports scene. Another variable that plays an important role in Injustice 2’s success is its accessibility, as it is available on PS4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, and Windows PC.




SoulCalibur 6 is the latest instalment in the SoulCalibur series. Unfortunately, players had to wait 6 whole years for the release. However, BANDAI NAMCO surely finds pleasure in witnessing professional game critics and players alike agree that “it was worth the wait.” SoulCalibur 6 features all-new battle mechanics and very interesting characters that are much appreciated by the players who documented their experience in positive reviews. The game is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.



Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 - Opening Movie

Arc System Works is the definition of consistency and persistence as their fighting game Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is the seventeenth entry in the Guilty Gear series. It is also the update title to REVELATOR. There is no surprise the game was met with a warm reception when you consider the developers had feedback from 16 prior releases to make a fighting game that satisfies the fanbase. This is an expansion so you must first possess the base game to access it. The game is available for PS4 and PC.



Tekken 7 – Launch Trailer | PS4

Tekken 7 persists to be dominant force among the other juggernauts of the genre. The game’s success is attributed to BANDAI NAMCO’s ability to reproduce all the adored aspects of preceding issues and implement new features and characters that the players love. The game also has a very high skill cap so the professional players are held in high esteem on the esports scene. For many players, the lure of the game is the story that dates all the way back to 1994 surrounding Mishima family conflict.



Dragon Ball FighterZ - XB1/PS4/PC - Gameplay session #1

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is the most recent game release that is based on the award-winning, fan-favourite Dragon Ball series. The game is the full package, it plays well, sounds good, looks visually pleasing and features a slew of everyone’s favourite characters from the show. Arc System Works promises “endless spectacular fights” with ” all-powerful fighters” which is the lure for many players, as the fights are indeed endless and all of their favourite all-powerful characters are playable.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Overview Trailer feat. The Announcer - Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. is the pioneer of the Super Smash Bros. series and still the favourite for many. 20 years ago on the 22nd of January the game launched in Japan and sold over a million copies shortly thereafter. It was later released worldwide where it became a household name and remained as such for generations. Now there are many games in the platformer fighting game genre that draw clear inspiration from Super Smash Bros. Many players currently hail it as the best fighting game so far.


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