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AKS Gaming News 07/06/2019

Rocksteady Studios to Skip This Year’s E3

Batman: Arkham series creator Rocksteady Studios has announced that it will be skipping E3 this year. Studio co-founder Sefton Hill informed the gaming community that Rocksteady will be watching from home while working on its next big project in London. While the fans are excited at hearing about a big project in development, there is still the lingering disappoint for those who had hoped to see the developers at E3 2019. Rocksteady Studios’ next big release is left to speculation for now.

Halo Infinite’s Long Delay Explained

The next instalment in the Halo series taking forever to come out according to release precedents. This is uncharacteristic of the developers considering previous instalments launched within three-year increments of each other. It has now been close to four years since Halo 5: Guardians. According to Halo transmedia boss, Kiki Wolfkill, the delay is due to the team at 343 Industries “retooling” the franchise’s infrastructure. Halo Infinite will likely be showcased at E3 2019.

Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft has officially confirmed Watch Dogs Legion after the information was presumably leaked by Amazon. The rumored leak surely magnetized the attention of many who were not hesitant in their efforts to seek confirmation. The developer confirmed the title through a tweet published from the game’s official Twitter account. The tweet read, “God Save the NPCs. Reveal at E3.” Now players will look to E3 2019 for the promised showcasing of Watch Dogs Legion.

New Eververse Items Coming to Destiny 2

The Season of Opulence has arrived in Destiny 2. This season has come bearing a fresh haul of customization items to the Eververse store, Destiny’s premium currency shop. The game’s most recent patch has also added an overhaul to the Eververse store itself. There are now tons of new options of things to buy separately from the random rewards acquired through playing the game. Visit the game’s official website to view the full Update patch notes.

Episode 2 of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Fate of Atlantis DLC Out Now

Ubisoft has released the second episode to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s post-launch story arc, The Fate of Atlantis. The second episode is called Torment of Hades and it brings players to the Underworld which is ruled by ” the sharp and cunning Hades.” To escape, players will need to help the dead find their resting place and settle the debt being demanded by Hades. Torment of Hades also introduces three new ability enhancements as well as two different options to play.

New Showdown Mode and More Available in Red Dead Online This Week

Rockstar has added new content in Red Dead Online this week. Players will get to take on a new Showdown Mode called Public Enemy, where players will compete in taking out each other’s Public Enemy. The player with the most points wins. There’s also a new Free Roam Event called Railroad Baron. It is similar to King of the Castle where players fight for control over a specific area while on top of a moving train. Players will also get to enjoy new outfits, discounts, and other bonuses.

Resident Evil Director to Grace E3 2019

Fans of horror games, especially the Resident Evil series, know who Shinji Mikami is. The Resident Evil director recently made fans excited when he tweeted that he will be at this year’s E3 for a “business trip.” Whatever his business will be is anybody’s guess, but some fans speculate that he could possibly reveal a sequel to Dino Crisis, or even announce a new Evil Within game. E3 2019 takes place from June 11-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Closed Beta Made Players Want More

Arc System Works’ Granblue Fantasy Versus is enjoying a successful closed beta run. Reports say that servers are packed, most probably because players were left curious as to how the game works since Arc only featured vague trailers of the game. The closed beta ran in three five-hour sessions with online multiplayer as the only available mode, and first impressions of the game all say they want to experience more of it. Granblue Fantasy Versus launches sometime this year on the PlayStation 4.

Jumanji: The Video Game Announced

Developer Funsolve has announced Jumanji: The Video Game. Yes, this game is based on the popular film franchise, complete with dangerous locations and unexpected characters. The game features online co-op or split-screen with up to four players, and there are four playable characters to choose from Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, or Professor Shelly Oberon. The game launches November 15th for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Battletech’s Urban Warfare Expansion Out Now

BattleTech’s Urban Warfare expansion is out now, bringing mech combat into the city! With this new expansion, players will get to take on enemy mechs in a new urban environment. It also comes with two new BattleMechs, new Flashpoints, three new enemy vehicles, and a new encounter. In order to get all these new content, players must own the base game, BattleTech, which is available on Steam.

Possible New Fighter Area Teased in Recent Fighting EX Layer Dev Video

Arika has released some footage of possibly the new fighter joining Fighting EX Layer’s roster, Area. Area was supposed to be launched back in May of this year, but has since been delayed to either June or July. Arika also said it’s possible Area won’t be released at all. The game’s Twitter account also tweeted, “The release of the AREA is still undecided, but I’m working hard. Please provide some support.” But with this latest footage, there’s still hope.

Dataminers Leak Destiny 2’s Next Chapter

Destiny 2’s next big expansion has been leaked courtesy of dataminers’ handy work. The Season of Opulence expansion was recently released but not all players were too busy enjoying it to release there was no news regarding future ones. This was a cause for concern for many until dataminers sifted through Update and found the next expansion called Shadowkeep. According to a Reddit post, Shadowkeep is due out in fall of this year and will take players back to the moon.

Frostpunk’s Console Version is Not Just a Port, Dev Says

The lead designer of Frostpunk Kuba Stokalski recently presented a video detailing some of the changes made to accommodate the game on consoles. The menus have been redesigned to fit controllers and it is so well done that Stokalski is reluctant to call it a port. According to the developer, the intention is to build the controller support from the ground up so it looks and feels like a “native console experience.” An official release date is yet to be announced but it should be out before summer concludes.

American Truck Simulator: Washington Expansion Launches June 11th

American Truck Simulator‘s Washington expansion is due out on June 11 which is just a few days away and fans couldn’t be more excited. This digital Washington will include 3800 miles of virtual road, 20-odd landmark bridges, and 16 cities including Seattle, Olympia. It would appear the developer is capitalizing on the marketing opportunity that E3 offers as the Washington Expansion will be dropping on the same day the event commences.

Vampire: The Masquerade — Coteries of New York Release Date Announced

Vampire: The Masquerade was gathering dust on the shelf for quite a while until recently when the developers announced the franchise’s resurgence with Vampire: The Masquerade- Coteries of New York. This game is a narrative adventure inspired by Telltale Games. Select one of three iconic vampire clans from the ruling Camarilla and get ready to sustain conflict against the upstarts Anarchs. The game will be released for Linux, Mac, Windows PCs and the Nintendo Switch in winter of 2019.

Planet Coaster’s Ghostbusters Expansion Out Now

Planet Coaster recently released its Ghostbusters expansion which basically allows players to monetise the afterlife. The expansion comes with a new story campaign bearing ghosts to bust, creepy new rides, and Dan Akroyd bringing back the beloved role of Ray Stantz. As you may have already guessed, the story campaign is based on the 1984 Ghostbusters movie. The Ghostbuster expansion is currently available in the Steam store and Frontier’s storefront.

World War Z Gets a Free DLC and More

Saber Interactive has released a massive update for their zombie their person shooter, World War Z and it is completely free. This patch is available for PC as well as consoles however, PC players will need at least 14 gigabytes of space to access its contents which it is slightly smaller on consoles. There is no doubt the players are excited to experience even more of the pleasant surprise World War Z has turned out to be. The game is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Halo Infinite to be Showcased at E3 on PC and Not on Xbox

Halo Infinite will be shown at E3 on PC as opposed to Xbox according to a report that surfaced recently. Microsoft will instead be running the highly anticipated next-generation sequel on a PC with an Xbox controller. The chief speculation is that Microsoft is perturbed there is a possibility that the dated Xbox One hardware would not produce the desired showing. Now players will look to E3 2019 to see Halo Infinite, “spiritual reboot” built in an entirely new engine.

Hideo Kojima Sys Death Stranding is Not a Stealth Game

Creative director Hideo Kojima published a tweet making it emphatically clear that Death Stranding is not a stealth game as it has been wrongfully labelled. Previously, fans had placed the game in the stealth category based on a trailer that showed the game’s protagonist crouched in some long grass for an extended period to avoid detection. The developer vowed to provide more insight periodically up until November 8, 2019, when the game releases.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Cross-Play Will Be Input-Based

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s cross-play will be synonymous to that Fortnite, in that it will be input-based. This is in an effort to prevent PC players from destroying everyone else on other systems because they have a mouse and keyboard advantage. An input-based system detects whether a player is using a keyboard and mouse or controller then and pools players with others using the same input device. The opposing devices will coexist only if they are partied together.

Fable 4 Leak Suggests Medieval-Themes Open World

Fable 4 will take place in a brand new, medieval-themed open world according to recent leaks. A Redditor reportedly glimpsed a video that tells the story of a world constructed from the ashes of Albion and Fable 3’s Aurora. The two lands were “reduced to fables” by a mad king, who rebuilt the Spire then wish for an asteroid to hit the planet. Much later a medieval-style world set across new continents came to be. The leak suggests, your job is to prevent the destruction of the planet by a second asteroid.

Legendary Hunt Challenges Added to Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Legendary Hunt LTM challenges have been added to the game. There is a series of Legendary Hunt Challenges available for you to complete. According to the developer, the challenges will reward you with Rare, Epic and Legendary skins, as well as new skins in the Apex Store. In addition, if you get to Battle Pass level 15 before the end of the LTM, you will receive the Wraith-Night Terror Legendary skin. The challenges are only available up until June 18, 2019.


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