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AKS Gaming News 28/05/2019

The Simpsons Writers and Producers Coming to E3

A tweet surfaced via E3’s official Twitter account signalling that the writers and producers of The Simpsons will have a panel at E3 on June 11. The dominant speculation is that a new ‘The Simpsons’ video game will be announced. It has been quite some time since the gaming community last saw a game featuring the famed dysfunctional family so fans presume one is due out. The speculations have not been confirmed so now fans will look to the 11th when the writers make their address.

Evidence Points to Possible New Darksiders and Destroy All Humans Announcements at E3

There is a possibility that THQ Nordic will be announcing new Darksiders and Destroy All Humans games at E3 2019. This speculation arose when Gaming Bolt noticed that THQ Nordic’s E3 floor plan included spaces for two unannounced games. One of the games was hinted as a “return of a galactically beloved franchise” and the other a “new vision of a beloved franchise.” Based on the somewhat cryptic descriptions among other subordinating details, it is a fair guess that those are the games in question.

Leak Suggests Fable 4 Announcement at E3

A listing for Fable 4 recently showed up on Mixer which suggests an incoming reveal of the new instalment in the Xbox series. For those who don’t already know, Mixer has an auto-fill feature that lists games steamers can pick from when signalling what they are currently streaming. Fable 4 was not there before now so the chief speculation is Mixer received word that the game would be coming soon hence its inclusion. Some argue that if the game is to be unveiled as presumed, it will be done at E3 2019.

CD Projekt Red will Show New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay at E3

CD Projekt Red has officially confirmed they will be showing CYBERPUNK 2077 gameplay at E3 2019. Unfortunately, the game will not be playable by attendants but at least potential players will get a detailed introduction to the upcoming RPG. Earlier last month CD Projekt Red President and CEO, Adam Kiciński, said E3 2019 is, “going to be the most important one ever for us. We have really prepared a strong show.” Hopefully, the showing will be as “strong” as promised.

Here are All the Confirmed PS4 Games Headed to E3

Sony recently announced that it will not be attending E3 this year however, there are quite a few titles that will be representing the company. Thus far the company has 22 confirmed PlayStation 4 games that will be making appearances. Among the lot, are some fan favourites like Apex Legends, Anthem and Battlefield V. Sony’s rationale for its absence is the desire to showcase its games in new and different ways compared to previous years. Supposedly this will grant each game its own spotlight.

Square Enix Teasing The Avengers Project Announcement this E3

Square Enix has been teasing its E3 2019 press conference on Twitter and the Avengers Project is one chief subject that has been heavily linked. The developer had published two recent tweets in which the colours in the background appears to be synonymous to that of the infinity stones. Consequently, many are convinced that the aforementioned Avengers Project will feature at the developer’s press conference. However, all speculations will go unconfirmed until E3.

E3 Nintendo Direct will be All About Switch Games Launching this Year

Nintendo will be hosting a Nintendo Direct to kick off E3 2019 on June 11, 2019. The session will dominantly focus on Nintendo Switch games that will be launching this year. Even though Nintendo didn’t explicitly state that it will not be covering any content regarding 2020 releases, none was announced. There has also been no mention of the Nintendo 3DS so a safe assumption is that it will not be featured either.

Fortnite to hold Celebrity Pro-Am, Time Trial Challenges to E3

Epic Games has confirmed that Fornite will be at E3 and is extending invitations to the Fortnite booth at the South Hall of the LA Convention Center. Surely, E3 would not be complete if the biggest game in the world did not make an appearance so the announcement will serve as a source of glee for many. At the Fortnite booth, attendants will be able to play popular creative games with friends at the Time Trials, Arcade and Player vs Player stations. The developer also promises a chance to win many prizes.

New Ubisoft IP “Roller Derby” Leaked

A new Ubisoft IP appears to have been released prematurely, ahead of its scheduled E3 2019 reveal. This news may serve as a potential spoiler so discretion is advised. It is labelled “Roller Champions” and is based on the sport, roller derby. It appears the game has been confirmed for the Switch as assets for the Nintendo controller layout were also uncovered. The source of this information is a private test which was supposedly conducted earlier this month.

Reports Say CD Projekt Red to Reveal Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date at E3

Industry insider ‘Braldryr’ on NeoGAF says that CD Projekt Red plans to reveal the release date for their highly-anticipated open-world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, at this year’s E3 — specifically during Microsoft’s press conference. Braldryr is not affiliated with CD Projekt Red though, so take this rumor with a grain of salt. The developers have however hinted before that E3 2019 will be the game’s most important E3. We already know public and closed-door gameplay reveals are happening, so a release date announcement wouldn’t be too farfetched.

Gearbox to Reveal New Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter and Planet at E3

Gearbox is preparing some big Borderlands 3 reveals for this year’s E3. The studio is set to show off new footage that includes both a new vault hunter and one of the new planets players will get to visit in the third instalment. We’ve already seen four new vault hunters in previous trailers, so it’s hard to tell if this “new vault hunter” is a fifth new character or a returning one. The game will also be playable at the expo, so if you’re headed there this June make sure to stop by the Borderlands 3 and 2K booths.

Battlefield 5 Launches New Map This Week

Battlefield 5 is launching a new map this week and it is called Mercury. This map is actually one part of two and is based on the 1941 Operation Mercury. The map is set off the coast of Crete island in Greece and it comes with an asymmetrical gameplay. The British forces will have to rely on tanks and will have very little air cover and the Germans will have control of the sky. The Mercury map is part of chapter 3 of Battlefield 5’s Tides of War live service and will be launching on May 30th

Mordekaiser of League of Legends Gets a Rework

Mordekaiser of League of Legends gets a rework and the details have been shared by the game’s developers. The most notable of the changes is the one made to his ultimate ability which is called Realm of Death which will banish an enemy to the Death Ream in order to have a 1 versus 1 with a champion of his choosing for 7 seconds. Other changes are for his Obliterate, Indestructible, and Death’s Grasp. You can check out the whole list of changes in the game’s website.

A Difficulty Slider will be Added to Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 is no doubt a hard game and the developers added a difficulty slider but is suggesting that players should not use it. For Pathologic 2, the game is difficult because it is very hard to figure out and most of the time players do not know what to do. So what the developers thought of doing is to still maintain the game’s weirdness and just smooth out the confusing parts. Pathologic 2 has three parts. The first part Haruspex is already live the two other parts have no release dates yet.

Ubisoft Could be Working on a Subscription-Based Service

The Ubisoft Store could possibly have a subscription-based service in the works as seen in a leak that has since then been taken down. Recently, a placeholder for the Ubisoft Premium Pass had appeared in the store but was deleted immediately. However, even though the image had been taken down, the category for the “Ubisoft Subscription” still remained and was only taken down afterwards. The theory is that Ubisoft is working on something kind of like that of Origin Access, but we will know more soon.

The Commissioner of Overwatch League Leaves to Head Up Competitive Fortnite

Nate Nanzer, the commissioner of the Overwatch League has announced that he is leaving Activision Blizzard and will be working for Epic Games, the creator of Fornite. According to a report by ESPN, Nanzer will be heading the esport’s division of the company, specifically, that of Fortnite. Nanzer posted a tweet about his departure from Overwatch League and that it was one of the toughest decisions that he has to make.

The Last of Us: Part 2 is Rumored to Have a Trailer and Release Date This Week

Two Spanish sites, Gamereactor and Legion de Jugadores were able to announce that The Last of Us: Part 2 will be getting a trailer and a release date very soon. Both sites claim that the news was given to them by somebody who is close to Sony. For right now, we suggest that you should take this news with a grain of salt, as we don’t have any way of confirming it. But if you think about it, since Sony is skipping E3 this year, it could be possible that they will be making their own announcements prior to the event.

Super Mario Odyssey Modded into Mario 64

A modder named Kaze Emanuar was able to create Super Mario Odyssey into Mario 64. The game will actually have all of the game’s fancy features which includes Mario’s hat toss. This move allows Mario to possess different enemies by tossing his hat onto them. For right now, there is no animation available for the hat toss, but it does work well. If you head on over to Emanuar’s channel you will get to see a lot of Mario 64 mods.

Spice and Wolf to Launch on June 3rd

Spice and Wolf VR is a virtual reality game by developers Spicy Tails and Gemdrops which will be arriving on June 3 for PC and the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch ports will be arriving later this summer. The developers were also able to add the “head-pat ” ability. This will actually allow players to interact with Holo the wolf goddess. There will also be different items just around the cottage. The Sitch version of the game will be needing a VR Labo kit.

Warhammer Chaosbane Revealed

Warhammer Chaosbane launches a story trailer which gives us an idea on what the game is all about. Chaosbane is actually the very first hack-and-slash dungeon crawler that is set in the Warhammer universe. Players will get to choose from four different classes in the game which are a soldier, a mage, a dwarf slayer or a wood elf. You will be going on a journey to lift the curse from emperor Magnus before the Chaos hordes take over and wage war once again.

XERA Survival Launched in Early Access

Developer Spotted Kiwi Interactive has launched their player-versus-player-versus-enemy game called XERA Survival on the early access. The game will first bring you to a raid with about 40 players and you have to scavenge for your weapons and gear to hoard. While you try your best not to get killed by the other players you also have to watch out for the merciless robots that roam around. The game is said to stay in the early access period for one to two years before it launches as a full game.

Death Stranding Teaser Trailer Shared

A teaser trailer has been released for Death Stranging, the very first game from Hideo Kojima after separating with Konami. The teaser is quite strange showing an outline of a hand as well as the words “Create the rope”. It is really hard to make any sense of the trailer. Another tweet had been shared and it seems like we will know more when May 30 arrives. For right now no release date has been given for the game but it is set to launch for the PC and PlayStation 4 and most possibly for the PlayStation 5.


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