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AKS Gaming News 09/05/2019

Scrap Rush To Launch In The West This Summer

The popular maze-based arcade game from PQube and Aquire called Scrap Rush will be launching in the west this summer. The game had been trending in the Japanese eShop for the last month, hopefully it will be welcomed the same way in the west. The game is a colorful multiplayer madness supporting up to four players. Scrap Rush will be available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Horizon Chase Turbo Road Map Revealed

The Road Map for Horizon Chase Turbo is released and it is aimed for the future for the retro racers. The game had been reinvented and was able to receive a lot of great reviews, some awards, and achievements. For the second half of 2019, we can expect the Playground Mode 2.0, new DLCs, and new game modes. The Playground Mode 2.0 will bring in a new scoring system to collect coins and new exclusive prizes will be up for grabs. New DLCs will bring in new cars and campaigns and more new modes are expected.

For The King Launches Its Console Editions

For The King, the critically acclaimed rogue-like RPG will be having console releases. This game from Curve Digital and IronOak Games is already available for the PlayStation 4 and will be available for the Nintendo Switch on the 9th and the Xbox One on the 10th. The console editions will have a 20% launch discount available for two weeks only. You can now pre-order both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions. Featuring procedurally generated maps, turn-based combat system and so much more.

Puyo Puyo Champions Out Now!

Puyo Puyo Champions can now be played on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is available for $9.99 dollars only! Puyo Puyo Champions focuses on a global online competitive multiplayer which includes the ‘Fever Mode’ where you can crush your opponents with readily available chains! Play in the eight-player Tournament Mode and earn those bragging rights. The Replay System has been improved, so you wouldn’t miss anything. Plus Dual Audio is also present!

Railroad Corporation To Launch On Steam Early Access This Month

Iceberg Interactive and Corbie Games have announced that their train tycoon strategy game called Railroad Corporation will be launching on Steam’s Early Access on May 27th. The game features a 19th century North America where players are able to run their own locomotive business. There are a wide variety of trains to choose from. Missions are realistic and you must know how the soil type, elevation and geographical features affect your railroad construction.

Tech Support: Error Unknown Receives Two New Modes

Dragon Slumber and Iceberg Interactive has a new update for their award-winning game, Tech Support: Error Unknown. The new update will add the Endless Challenge Mode as well as the Zen Mode to the game. The Endless Challenge Mode will have players aiming to be on the top of the online leaderboards by taking on 3 challenges with 2 levels of difficulty. The challenges are Speed, Time and Perfection. The Zen Mode, on the other hand, will have players complete tickets without any time restrictions.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Surpassed Capcom’s Expectations

The Resident Evil 2 Remake has exceeded the expectations of Capcom as the game saw great success during the final quarter of the Fiscal Year 2018-2019. Resident Evil 2 Remake, as well as Devil May Cry 5, boosted sales in the overseas markets. Capcom said that they would want to strengthen the digital download and catalog sales part of the business as well. They are redoubling their commitment to make this part of the business a priority and are aiming for it to grow.

Microsoft Is Not Solely To Blame For Scalebound Cancellation

Publisher Microsoft is not solely to blame for the cancellation of the action-RPG Scalebound said developer Platinum Games’ boss Atsushi Inaba. Back in 2017, the game Scalebound had been canceled and Microsoft took most of the blame. Inaba explains that “both sides failed” and it is not only Microsoft’s fault that the game was canceled but it was theirs as well. Platinum went on to say that Scalebounds cancellation had been a painful lesson for them.

Rank 10 And Above Players Of Red Dead Online To Earn RDO$100 This Week

Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Online players will be getting some additional cash this week. Players who were able to reach Rank 10 this week will be getting one hundred Red Dead Online dollars. And for those who were not able to reach Rank 10 yet, you will have until May 13 to do so. The cash bonus will be made available by May 15th. All players above Rank 10 will also get the one hundred Red Dead Online dollars. Also, a huge update is expected for the game by Spring.

Battlefield 5 To Get Private Server Rentals This Year

Electronic Arts announced that Battlefield 5 will be getting rental servers later this year. The private server rentals will allow players to run games that have custom settings, private player lists, and map rotations. The Rented Server Program will be getting an updated system which will be called Private Games. The “base level” access for this will be free. The servers will be located at the ping site closest to the operator and will be online as long as it is in use.

Play Unbound: Worlds Apart Demo On Steam

The 2D fantasy puzzle-platformer game Unbound: Worlds Apart is about a little wizard named Soli. He has the ability to open magical portals which can bring him through different realities. He doesn’t have any weapons but his ability to open portals can get him through obstacles. The game is available right now as a demo for free on Steam. Also, the developers opened a Kickstarter for the game as they still need $ 25,000 dollars in order to finish it.

Apex Legends Also Coming to Mobile

A mobile version of Apex Legends is in the works, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed during an earnings call. “We are hugely excited about the future of Apex Legends… Engagement is strong, and we have big plans for the Legends and the world they compete in,” Wilson said. He further added that they are currently undergoing “advanced negotiations” to launch the game in China. We will be getting more updates on time frames when negotiations are concluded, according to Wilson.

QuakeCon Expands to Europe

Bethesda’s annual QuakeCon is expanding to Europe! The first ever QuakeCon Europe will be taking place from July 26th until the 27th in London. Attendees will be able to play DOOM Eternal plus other games from Bethesda during the event, plus get to check out different panels on Bethesda games, and many more. Registration details for QuakeCon Europe are available in the QuakeCon website.

Minecraft Now a Browser Game

Minecraft is now available as a browser game! In a blog post, Mojang has announced the good news that players can now play Minecraft Classic in their browsers. The game will come with 32 blocks to build with, plus ” all the original bugs, and an (inter)face only a mother could love.” To access the game, just type on your browser.

Conan Exiles Celebrates Conan the Barbarian With a Free Update

Conan Exiles is celebrating the 37th anniversary of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s breakout role in the 1982 film “Conan the Barbarian” through a free update called The Riddle of Steel. This update is also the sixth expansion to the game and it brings two new dungeons, and homage to Schwarzenegger and James Earl Jones. The game is also staging a free weekend on Steam from now until Sunday, May 12th.

EA and Origin Access Subscribers Now Over 3.5 Million

EA revealed in its recent earnings call for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 that EA and Origin Access subscriptions have reached over 3.5 million. EA is really happy with this, and the company said they are looking to expanding the EA Origin and EA Access vaults with more games during this fiscal year.

Bandai-Namco’s Tales Series Crosses 20 Million Lifetime Sales

Bandai Namco is proud to announce that its popular Tales has surpassed a massive 20 million in sales. The franchise launched back in 2005 with Tales of Phantasia. There have been more than 16 releases in the main series since then, which were supplemented with spin-offs as well as sequels like Tales of Eternia Online, Tales of Fandom, and Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.

Code Vein’s Closed Network Test to Take Place Later This Month

Code Vein is getting a closed network test later this month, Bandai Namco has announced. The closed network test will be available for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sign ups are available at the Bandai Namco website, while any other information about the closed network test is yet to be announced. Testers will be able to participate in co-op as well as give the game’s opening chapters a try.

Overwatch League Finals Event Details Announced

Blizzard has announced some details for the upcoming Overwatch League Finals. The Overwatch League finals is set to take place on September 29, 2019 in Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. The prize pool is 1.7 million Dollars, and the winning team gets to bring home 1.1 million Dollars prize money.

Apex Legends’ Second Season to be Revealed at E3 2019

First details on Season 2 of EA’s Apex Legends will be unveiled at this year’s EA Play on June 7th in Los Angeles. Players of the game can expect “big and robust plans” for new content when Season 2 arrives. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said, “We’re now very focused on delivering for this massive global community with a long-term live service, including new seasons with more robust Battle Pass content, new legends, and exciting evolutions to the in-game environment.”

PUBG Removed in China, Now Known as “Game for Peace”

The test build of PUBG in China has been pulled by Tencent after the publisher failed to get approval from the country’s State Administration of Press and Publication. Despite this, Tencent instead published a replacement with the title Game for Peace. According to the publisher, the game pays tribute to China’s air force. Some players found that Game for Peace was actually almost the same as PUBG but with a different title.

Rainbow Six Siege Adds Reverse Friendly Fire in Latest Update

Reverse Friendly Fire has officially rolled out in Rainbow Six Siege. This system will help alleviate the issue of players griefing their teammates. With RFF, players who grief their teammates will get the damage themselves, and not the player they are attacking. This system applies to all primary and secondary weapons as well as direct hits from most of the unique gadgets of some Operators.

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