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AKS Gaming News 04/05/2019

A Plague Tale Innocence Trailer Shows What Is In Store For Amicia And Hugo

Asobo Studios and Focus Home Interactive were able to release a new trailer for their upcoming game, A Plague Tale Innocence. The trailer features an uncut gameplay where we see what is in store for our protagonists in the game. They will be running from swarms of rats and using light and fire to deter them is important. We also get to see that the siblings Amicia and Huge had been forced out of their home and are making a run for it from the Inquisition. A Plage Tale Innocence will launch on May 14th.

Blades of Time To Launch On Nintendo Switch

Get to play as the sword-wielding Ayumi of Blades of Time anywhere and anytime as the game will be coming to the portable Nintendo Switch on May 14th. For those who are interested in real competitions. The Switch version will have a revamped and challenging multiplayer mode which will have the third-person, hack and slash element plus the strategic MOBA elements. Players are able to choose their character then take charge of an army of monsters with the goal to destroy the enemy stronghold.

Borderlands 3 Confirmed To Have Special Events, Raids, and Four DLCs

During the Borderlands 3 preview event, Matt Cox, the lead boss designer of the game was able to confirm some exciting news. Borderlands 3 will be getting some special events, raids as well as four story-based DLC. The Borderlands game is not a stranger to raids, as previous outings of the game has had that before. More details about this will be made available at E3. Borderlands 3 is set to launch on September 13, 2019, and it will be available to be played on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Clan N Is A Classic Arcade Fighter With Modern Combat Coming This 2019

A beat ’em up, arcade-style multiplayer game from developer’s Creamative called Clan N will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this 2019. The game’s theme is ancient Eastern and it is a fast-paced brawler action where you will be a part of the fighting master group called Clan N. This can be played in local or online multiplayer. Get to choose from the four diverse characters. There will be 7 challenging levels with dedicated minigames divided into 50 sections.

EVE Online’s 16th Anniversary Comes With Free In-Game Gifts

It is EVE Online’s 16th anniversary and to celebrate CCP Games announced that players who will log in from now until May 20th will get some free gifts. Alpha and Omega pilots will be able to earn some 16th-anniversary SKINs, some apparel, some Skill Points and so much more. Omega pilots are able to obtain items of high value like the legendary Silver Monacle, new Permaband SKINs as well as a million Skill Points. So much fantastic items are in store so don’t forget to log in before May 20!

Hunt: Showdown Update 6.0 Arriving This Week

Hunt: Showdown is getting the 6.0 update. The update will come with a new boss called The Assassin which uses decoys before he comes in for the killing blow. It will also come with new weapons which are the LeMat Revolver, Lebel Rifle, Bomb Lance, Alert Trip Mine, Concertina Trip Mine, and Ammo Box. Three new traits were also added which are Vulture, Ghoul and Adrenaline. More Hunter character variants, tweaks for improved experience and improved performance had been added as well.

Squad Sell 1 Million Copies While Still In Early Access

The tactical FPS called Squad was able to sell more than 1 million copies while still in Early Access as announced by Offworld Industries. To celebrate this achievement, Offworld was able to release the Squad’s Alpha 13 update which adds new tanks, squad roles, game modes and so much more to the game. Squad provides an authentic combat experience through teamwork, communication and gameplay. The game was developed alongside military veterans and advisors and provides a 40vs40 gameplay.

Tannenberg Will Be Launching On PS4 and Xbox One This Winter

Tannenberg which had been a PC game will also be coming to consoles this year. Console players will soon be able to experience the World War One FPS action of Tannenberg. The game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this winter. A huge update will be arriving as well so that all the new squads, maps, bots and other improvements will be immediately available to the console players. Epic battles await as the mighty Russian Empire clashes with the Central Powers!

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 To Arrive In The West

Marvelous and Xseed announced that their game, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 will be launching for the PlayStation 4 in North America on June 4th and in Europe on June 7th.The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 offers a definitive JRPG experience having Rean Schwarzer go through the activities of Thor’s Military Academy’s Class 7. The game will also have dual audio, having dual voiceovers. New dialogue has been added as well with over five thousand lines.

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors Has Been Officially Announced

The Red Solstice 2: Survivors has been officially announced. This is an action strategy game that is set 117 years after earth. Earth has been completely destroyed but some of humanity was able to survive. The game offers a survival strategy gameplay having some tactical missions as well as an 8 cooperative multiplayer campaign allowing you to work together as a team for humanity’s survival. There will be a strategic base, combat missions, unique classes as well as the Hot Join.

World War Z Road Map Shared By Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive

Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive were able to announce its post-launch content road map for their game World War Z. This is the very first phase, and it will come with a new gameplay, some new features, and improvements. This May, a brand new mission will be available which will be set in Tokyo. A new zombie type will also be made available. By June, a six skull new difficulty will be added, with unique rewards and bonus cosmetics. In July a Weekly Challenge mode will be added as well.

Path Of Exile Developers Is Opposing The Crunch

The most talked about topic in the game industry for right now is the Crunch. This is when the developers of a game are forced to have very long work weeks, some even being forced to work 14-hour shifts each day. CEO of Grinding Gear Games, Chris Wilson said that he will not be doing this to his company for the game Path of Exile. The game has had some issues, that were not immediately addressed because of other critical projects. Those will be addressed but they will not crunch to do it.

Apex Legends Banned 770,000 Cheaters

Respawn Entertainment announced that they have banned a total of seven hundred seventy thousand cheaters for their game Apex Legends. They are not specifying how the players cheated as not to give an idea to others. Right now there are over 300k account creations that were blocked and 4000 cheat seller accounts banned in the last twenty days. The game’s recently added reporting tool for cheats is working great resulting in a decline of total matches impacted by cheaters.

Borderlands 3 Claptrap Voice Actor Changed

In the latest gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3, fans of the game may have noticed that the voice of Claptrap has changed. The original voice actor of that character had been David Enddings who was formerly the VP of business development. He later moved to another company and insists that he get paid for his voice acting. Eddings and Gearbox, however, were not able to reach an agreement and a new voice actor had been hired to do the job. The new voice of Claptrap is Jim Foronda.

Dark Souls Mod Daughters of Ash Available For 2018 Remastered Version

The Daughters of Ash mod that was previously only available for the original ‘Prepare to Die’ PC release is now also available for 2018 Remastered version. The mod comes with a lot of changes in the game’s content, it also restores some of the cut content in the game as well as adds many new events plus new encounters. This actually aims to replicate the “feeling of playing Dark Souls for the first time”. This means that there are new enemies, bosses, items and so much more.

Phoenix Games Obtained UK Studio Well Played Games

Phoenix Games’ founder Klass Kersting has announced that they were able to acquire Well Played Games which is a UK based game studio. Phoenix Games had been established back in April and Kersting would want to get more small to mid-sized studios in order to be able to compete in a very competitive market. Well Played Games is the studio behind the Warhammer Combat Cards having a team that had worked in top companies like EA, Rebellion, Sega and Codemasters.

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Operation Oracle To Launch By The Weekend

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Operation Oracle will be is launching along with a free-to-play weekend. Operation Oracle is a two-mission job that challenges how you perceive the truth. The Ghost Team Leader will be a new character named Cole D. Walker. His mission is to extract a Skell Technology engineer. This engineer had been arrested by the Unidad which is the Bolivian military. Skell Tech is actually the company that is behind the high-tech things that are used in Ghost Recon.

New Call of Duty Game To Be Revealed By June

Activision wants players of Call of Duty to stick around much longer. But since a new game for Call of Duty usually launches every year, players typically just stick around for the first three months after the game’s launch. Activision’s president and COO Collister Johnson said that they might just have the answer to their dilemma with the newest Call of Duty game. Details for this are not available right now. But the devs are all excited about it.

Bayonetta 3 Will Be Slightly Different From Its Previous Outings

Bayonetta 3 had been announced during the 2017 Game Awards with a quick teaser trailer, and since then we have not heard anything about it. And it has also been bothersome that the director of Bayonetta 2, Yusuke Hashimoto has left PlatinumGames at the start of 2019. Studio head Atsushi Inaba had hinted in a recent interview that they will be doing something different with Bayonetta 2. No release date has been made available for it now.

Soulash Demo Now Available On

Soulash demo now available on It is a minimalist game that has a strong focus on survival. There are stamina and hydration bars which you must monitor. Combat will drain your stamina and you might find yourself taking a breath once in a while because of fatigue. You can only refill this gauge by resting. For right now, you will aim to level up and loot. The demo offers two mini-bosses, for regions and a level cap of only three. No release date has been given for the game yet.

Fake Left 4 Dead 3 Trailer Hyped Fans Up

A fake Left 4 Dead 3 trailer has a lot of fans thinking about some absolutely strange theories about the video. To make things clear, Valve already made the official statement that the video is fake. But since the video is made very nicely and is actually high quality, some of the fans are still convinced that it is true. The said video had been uploaded in the YouTube channel Clusterflu961 and the only thing that we know about this is that it originated in Canada. The video has reached 280,000 views.

Bioware Assures That Anthem Is Now Being Abandoned

Anthem is not being abandoned as reassured by Bioware. Recently high-profile devs of the game have been moving on to other projects within Bioware amidst the game’s issues. Fans of the game are worried that the studio might be cutting its loses. Two of the most visible leaders of the game Mark Darrah and Micheal Gamble updated their Twitter bios that indicate that they are no longer working on the game while Jonathan Warner, on the other hand, had to take some personal time.


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