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AKS Gaming News 29/04/2019

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC Teased

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has released a new teaser for the newest Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC. It features the ADF-11F Raven shown in a third-person view. The iconic weapon of the Raven can also be seen, which is the Tactical Laser System. This will be an amazing addition to the game. Surely all you Ace Combat 7: Skies Unkown fans can’t wait to get your hands on this. The DLC will be available for all of the game’s platforms which are PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation VR.

Super Neptunia RPG Is Set To Launch In June

Super Neptunia RPG will be releasing in June! Discover the story of Neptune, who is a self-proclaimed hero, but for some reason has lost her memory. She meets a mysterious girl named Chrome plus three other familiar faces, and together they journey through Neptunia to regain her memory. Super Neptunia RPG is set to release for the PC on June 20 and will be heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 28. A PC Deluxe Edition is also available which will come with a lot of goodies.

Total War: Three Kingdoms 12 Warlords Introduced

Total War: Three Kingdoms which is set to launch on March 23, 2019, was able to reveal the 12 available warlords of the game through a trailer. The twelve are: Sun Jian- the Tiger of Jiangdong, Cao Cao- the Puppet Master, Liu Bei- the Leader of the People, Zheng Jiang- the Bandit Queen, Dong Zhuo- the Tyrant, Gongsun Zan- the Knight, Yuan Shu- the Pretender, Kong Rong- the Master Scholar, Liu Biao- the Aristocrat, Zhang Yan- the Soldier of Fortune, Ma Teng- the Loyalist, Yuan Shao- the Alliance Leader.

Trident’s Wake Gets Early Access Update

The twin-stick co-op space shooter Trident’s Wake received an early access update and it comes with a new sentinel called Cyberin; a new sector called Hydroponics; a new enemy called the Desolator; as well as new weapons which are the Wasp W-A5, the Falcon FA-12, and the Ravenger R4-V. Other inclusions of the early access update are Steam Achievements as well as a tutorial called the Introduction Mission. The update is now available. You can get Trident’s Wake on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

F1 Game Celebrates 10th Anniversary With F1 2019 Legends Edition

It is the tenth anniversary of the F1 game and Codemasters and Koch Media are celebrating this with the F1 2019 Legends Edition. This edition will let players drive as Ayrton Senna in his MacLaren MP4/5B or as Alain Prost in his Ferrari F1-90. There will be eight race challenges as well as exclusive Senna and Prost themed multiplayer car liveries. In addition to all these, both driver’s likeness are added to the Career mode. This will be available on June 25th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Team Sonic Overdrive Part 2 Revealed By SEGA

SEGA was able to reveal the second part of Team Sonic Overdrive and it is developed by Tyson Hesse and Neko Productions. This new episode will resume the competition between Team Dark and Team Sonic to take first place either by trickery or teamwork. The first part was called Team Sonic Racing OVerdrive and it featured Team Sonic, Team Dark and Team Rose in the Wisp Circuit racing against the evil Dr. Eggman and his ever-so-sneaky tricks. Only one team can take home the victory!

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Is Set To Launch In July

The official racing simulation of the ETRC called the FIA European Truck Racing Championship was announced by Bigben. The game had been developed using the KT Engine which is a specialized game engine used for making racing simulations. FIA European Truck Racing Championship will definitely offer a new experience to racing and trucking simulation fans alike. Taming such a huge truck will serve as a challenge for sure. The game is set to launch on July 2019 for PC, PS3, Xbox One and Switch.

Remnant: From The Ashes Pre-Orders Now Available

Remnant: From The Ashes, the upcoming action survival co-op shooter is now available for pre-orders. Pre-ordering the game will grant you VIP Preview Access of the game’s official launch which will be on August 20. There will be exclusive character armors, as well as some bundle of survival materials which will give you the upper hand on some of the challenges in the game. Pre-orders for Remnant: From The Ashes will be available on Arc, Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Spring Blossom Fest Now Available On Monster Hunter World

The Spring Blossom Event of Monster Hunter World has arrived once again to the world of Astera. The event is now available and will be running up until May 16th. The Spring Blossom Event will adorn the Gathering Hub with springtime decorations like pretty flowers and beautiful lights. It will also come with costumes, dancing, and amazing deals all across the shops of Astera plus magnificent fireworks. The update will also come with most of the previous special Event Quests.

Risk of Rain 2 Content Roadmap Revealed

Risk of Rain 2 which is still in Early Access has gotten a content roadmap from developer Hopoo Games. The content roadmap shows five major updates with the very first one coming in June and the last one which will be the launch of the game as 1.0 which will be by the spring of 2020. The list includes a new survivor, a new stage, new boss, new items, new hidden realms, and a whole lot more. There will be multiple launches, after the June content, summer, fall and winter contents will follow.

Rainbow Six Siege Bug Hunter Program Announced

Rainbow Six Siege has a new bug hunter program as announced by Ubisoft. This new program will reward the players that will report the bugs that they will find in the game. The reward will only be given as soon as the QA team acknowledges the reported bug. There will be a tiered reward scheme with the first tier being a Raptor Legs Frost Charm, this can be unlocked once there are three Acknowledged bugs reported. Reports should be in English and have visual evidence.

Playstation 4 Sales Nearing 100 Million Mark

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is nearing 100 million in terms of number of units sold. This is according to the latest consolidated financial year results reported by Sony in its recent earnings call. The exact number is at 96.8 million units. The PlayStation 2 holds the title with 155 million units sold, followed by Nintendo DS at 152 million units, then the Gameboy/Color/Pocket with 118 million units, the PlayStation 1 with 102 million units, and the Wii with 101 million units sold.

Pirate Gear, Leaderboards, and More Added to Dead or Alive 6 in Latest Update

Team Ninja rolled out a new patch for Dead or Alive 6, bringing features that were missing since launch as well as some free and paid DLC items. If you download the update before May 13th, you’ll also get bonus 100,000 player points. Update 1.04, which is available now on all platforms, brings in the leaderboard which was not included when the game launched. Match intros and win poses for some characters have also been added. There’s also a paid DLC, Pirates of the Seas Volume 1, which includes gear for some characters as well.

League of Legends Adds Champion for New Players

League of Legends will welcome a new champion which is aimed at helping newcomers to the game. The new champion is Yuumi, a cute magical cat who attaches herself to her allies. She can also summon a missile using Prowling Projectile and deal magic damage to her enemies. Yuumi also has a healing spell called Zoopie, as well as a Passive ability called Bop ‘n’ Block which she can use to shield herself and her ally she’s attached to. Finally, she has the Final Chapter ability which launches 7 waves and also deals magic damage.

Madden NFL 20 Features a Career Mode

Madden NFL 19 was recently announced, and it will be launching for PC in August. The game will feature a career mode which is something similar to FIFA’s The Journey. For Madden NFL 19, the mode is called Face of the Franchise: QB1. Players will start as quarterbacks in a college football team, leading them through the College Football National Championship playoffs, then the NFL combine, the NFL draft, and finally as a starting quarterback for an NFL team.

Warhammer Underworlds: Online Coming to PC This Year

Steel Sky Productions is bringing the tabletop game Warhammer Underworlds to PC! Warhammer Underworlds: Online will be available on Steam Early Access later this year. The game will put two players against each other as they build decks and engage in turn-based combat using their chosen warband. Steel Sky said that the game will get DLC expansions once the game is fully operational.

Rage 2’s Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Items Revealed

Rage 2 will be launching on May 14th, and its pre-order bonus and Deluxe Edition items have been revealed in its latest trailer. Pre-ordering the game will give players five bonus items: the exclusive “Cult of the Death God” mission, Nicholas Raine’s armor, a cheat code for “He’s On Fire,” a new monster truck skin, and a Settler pistol. Those who will purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will get access to the notorious BFG from Doom, battle standard for vehicles, a progress booster, all Wasteland Wizard cheat codes, and the Rise of the Ghosts expansion.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Now the Best Selling Fighting Game of All Time

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been named the best selling fighting game of all time. This is according to the ten best selling games on Switch list that Nintendo shared. The list shows Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has currently sold 13.81 million copies worldwide. The game has dethroned Super Smash Bros Brawl, its predecessor. This is an impressive milestone, considering the game has only been out for just four months.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Gameplay Trailer Released

A Plague Tale: Innocence will be launching on May 14th, and we get to see a glimpse of the game with its gameplay trailer. The trailer showcases hordes of rats which appear to be afraid of light. We also get to see some gameplay which involves solving puzzles and survival elements. Players will also do some exploring and crafting as survival is the most important objective in the game. Players can also use the rats to take down opponents. The game will be launching for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Dying Light 2 Will Be at This Year’s E3

Techland’s Dying Light 2 will be gracing this year’s E3. This was confirmed by Techland themselves on Twitter saying, “We’re bringing Dying Light 2 to #E3. We can’t wait to show you the latest look at our most ambitious project to date.” The studio did not reveal what we will exactly see about the game during the event. E3 2019 will be held from June 12th until the 14th.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC Has Been Delayed

Owlcats has announced that Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s Beneath The Stolen Lands DLC will be delayed. According to Owlcats, the DLC will be delayed ” by around a month.” The studio further added that there are multiple factors that influenced this decision. “We don’t have much experience with procedurally generated dungeons, and the game’s engine wasn’t originally built to support such content,” Owlcat said. They added that they need more time “for testing and quality assurance.”

Katana Zero Sells 100,000 Units in Its First Week

Askiisoft is happy to announce that its stylish neo-noir, action-platformer Katana Zero has sold over 100,000 units in just its first week. Such an impressive feat! Askiisoft also added that they are currently working on the game’s first DLC as well as a speedrun mode. The release date of both features are yet to be announced. Katana Zero is currently available for PC on Steam.

Shovel Knight Is Actually A 3D Game!

The side-scrolling platformer Shovel Knight is actually a 3D game as pointed out by YouTuber Shesez. The game’s developers’ Yacht Club Games explains that the game had been actually made through a 3D engine but did not really know what they wanted to do with it when they started. They added that layering the game made it easier for them to port it to other platforms. You can see Shovel Knight as a 3D game with perspective bending which makes the game look like a pop-up book.

New DLC Called ReMind Will Be Arriving For Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting another DLC as announced by director Tetsuya Nomura during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres. The DLC will be called Re: Mind and will have a Limit Cut Episode and bosses, a Secret Episode and Boss, an optional English voice-over for the Japanese version of the game, a new form of the Keyblade available as a free download with more to be announced about this soon. For right now, we still don’t know how much this DLC will be as well as when it is set to launch.

Relaxing Game Himno Available Now For Free

Developer David Moralejo Sanchez launched a relaxing platformer where the protagonist cannot die and the game is called Himno which is free on Steam. The silent protagonist carries a sword on his back but never really uses it. He will go through procedurally generated levels by sliding, interacting with lifts as well as wall running. There wouldn’t be any enemies, plus mentioned earlier, you will not die, soothing mellow music is also playing in the background making everything so relaxing.

39 Days To Mars Will Have A Switch Port In May

The cute co-op adventure game, 39 Days to Mars will be getting a Switch port on May 16th. The game originally launched for PC last year and, players will get to experience the adventure on the Nintendo Switch. 39 Days to Mars is about two explorers in the 19th century who are attempting to pilot an unpredictable spaceship to get to their destination which is Mars. There will be a lot of mishaps along the way, like the engine running out of coal, and the ship’s cap creating a lot of other problems.

Arma 3’s First Paid DLC Is Called Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany

Arma 3 is getting its very first third-party DLC called Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany. This new DLC offers a new 10-mission singleplayer campaign, more than 40 new vehicles as well as vehicle variants from the 1980’s Cold War Germany map, 17 multiplayer scenarios, a new 419 square kilometers of terrain featuring different weather situations from summer to winter. There will also be 21 new weapon variants plus character assets. This is a paid DLC but the price for it is not announced yet.

Fortnite Removes Sipon And Materials Cap On Core Modes

Due to a lot of complaints, the Sipon and materials cap of Fortnite will only be available for the Arena mode of the game and not in the Core modes. Epic was able to explain that the settings for the Pop-up Cup has been removed from the core game modes because “it increased engagement for the highest-skilled 10% and left the remaining 90% more frustrated” which caused them to play less. Some of the top players like Ninja were not happy about Epic’s decision to remove the Siphon and material cap.

Overwatch Workshop Allows Zelda’s Navi In The Game

The Overwatch Workshop is amazing as two Redditors – andygmb and Lymbow was able to create a code to add Navi to Overwatch. For those who may not be aware, Navi is actually the blue fairy from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time who gives information about how to use the game’s controls and will chat you up every now and then and has a hard time shutting up. Well, all thanks to the two redditors, you can experience Navi in Overwatch as well, you will just have to input the code 6WXRW then press “F”.

Skyrim Together The Multiplayer Mod For Skyrim Doesn’t Have a Definitive Launch Date

The development team behind Skyrim Together which is a project by the game’s fans to add multiplayer to Skyrim has made an announcement in the mod’s subreddit. One of the development team named Pokanggg actually just reassured the fans that the development is still ongoing but the progress is quite slow because of some other commitments. Also, they are not able to give an exact release date as there are so many variables to be considered and are not really under their control.

New Minecraft Update Has Villagers Doing Some Weird Things

Minecraft’s newest and most massive update called the Village & Pillage update has caused a lot of oddities in the game. The update is supposed to make a lot of improvements in the game, so it’s normal that it would have a few issues here and there. Examples of these are that the AI of villagers had been stealing beds, breeding in strange places, as well as claiming some player-built lands as their own. Some villagers had also been seen doing crazy and irrational things around town.

Imperator: Rome Fan Creates Middle-earth Map With Game’s Map Editor

With Imperator: Rome just launching a few days ago, some talented fans were already able to make a J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle-earth map in the game. Imperator: Rome has a built-in map editor which allows players to create their own maps in the game. Redditor MattThe Legoman was able to upload an image of the map in the game’s subreddit where it shows the realms of Mordor, Gondor, and Eriador although it still lacks labels and towns. This is a great example of how handy the game’s map editor is.

Capcom Home Arcade Games Revealed

Capcom officially revealed the Capcom Home Arcade which offers a 2-player arcade stick that has 16 pre-loaded arcade games using HDMI. The games included are: 1944: The Loop Master, Alien vs. Predator, Armored Warriors, Capcom Sports Club, Captain Commando, Cyberbots, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Eco Fighters, Final Fight, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Giga Wing, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Progear, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Strider, and Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo.


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