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AKS Gaming News 10/01/2019
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New Fortnite Patch Nerfs Stormwing Plane

A new Fortnite patch will be nerfing the Stormwing Plane as a lot of complaints have been received about it being overpowered. The changes include a knockback decreased by 70% when hit by a Stormwing, damage received by a Stromwing when colliding with structures are up by 50%, boosting through structures now have reduced impact damage from 50% to 25%, the Stormwing machine gun spread has been increased to 75%, and that the spawn chance has been decreased from 100% to now only 80%.

FIFA 19 Team of the Year Announced

EA revealed the 2018 Team Of The Year roster for FIFA 19 and it is packed with a lot of superstars! Here’s the complete line up: David De Gea (Manchester United), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), Raphael Varane (Real Madrid), Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City), Ngolo Kante (Chelsea), Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus), Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG). A 12th player will also be named via a fan vote.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen heading to Switch

Capcom’s popular fantasy RPG Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on April 23, 2019. The game was originally released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012, and was re-released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is a major expansion of the game that originally launched on 2013 giving it about 10 to 15 hours of new content for the post-game as well as adding some adjustments to the gameplay.

Cultist Simulator Gets a New Mode That Lets You Become a God

Cultist Simulator is getting a new mode which adds to your ambitions and not stop at having your own cult and achieving immortality but to push it further to become a god. This post-game mode can be unlocked when you finish the regular game where you will be playing as your own apostle and working on transforming your immortal character into a deity. The road to godship will not be easy though as powerful immortal enemies are there to hinder your plans. This free update will launch on January 22nd.

Second Chapter of Battlefield 5’s Tides of War to Kick Off January 17th

EA DICE is set to release Battlefield 5’s second Tides of War chapter on January 17 until some time in March 2019. The chapter called Lightning Strikes will include the launch of the Combined Arms co-op mode, the return of Rush in multiplayer, the new Squad Conquest game mode, and a special Grand Operation mission. However, the specific release dates for each respective component haven’t been announced as yet. DICE also said to expect a multi-page set of notes this time around.

PS4 Has Sold Over 91 Million Units

Sony is elated to announce that PS4 has sold over 91 million units with almost as many PSN active users. This astounding number was met after the consoles saw one of the best holiday seasons ever, selling over 5.6 million units. For games, the holiday season saw the sale of over 50.7 million PS4 games overall. The most prominent of the games sold was Spider-Man which dispensed over 9 million units. The high number of sales dictate that 2018 is set to be one of Sony’s best years.

New Black Ops 4 Update Out Now

The new Black Ops 4 Update is currently available. On January 8 Treyarch released a Reddit post that showed new updates for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The developers have added Endurance Chaos Moshpit to the Featured playlist. They have also put Mercenary Capture Moshpit, Mercenary Hardcore Moshpit, Deathmatch Moshpit, and Map Pack Moshpit into the Featured category. In addition, Treyarch has promised to return League Play to Black Ops 4 later in January of 2019.

Harvest Moon-Inspired RPG My Time at Portia Leaving Early Access Next Week

Pathea Games has announced that My Time at Portia will be leaving early access on January 15th. It is a good time for fans of the farm life simulation game as they don’t have to wait much longer to enjoy the game in its entirety. Your time at Portia will be consumed repairing your Pa’s depreciated workshop. Collect resources then employ his handbook and workbench to craft the best workshop imaginable. Become the best farmer in town and combat the struggles that come with the title.

2D Action Game Dark Devotion Shows Off Gameplay in Latest Trailer

Hibernian Workshop released a new trailer for their 2D action game Dark Devotion. The trailer showed some aggressive Castlevania-style combat and chilling message coated by an equally creepy soundtrack that reads “The holy order must be restored through the white blaze of Faith”. There has been no confirmed date of a release however, the developers promise that the game will be dropping early this year. Get ready to explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple.

Breach Arrives on Steam Early Access Next Week

QC Games has announced that Breach will be coming to Steam Early Access in the coming week. The game offers solo play as well as co-op and competitive online modes catering to players of all types. According to the developers, Breach will be free to play upon official release, which is expected to happen late 2019. To acquire a pass to the Early Access version, players must purchase a “preorder pack”. The pack can be purchased from the game’s official website at

Open World Game About Travelling Painter Eastshade Launching Next Month

Eastshade Studios is inviting you to play as a traveling painter in the rich and vibrant open world of Eastshade. In the game you may create amazing illustrations and trade them with NPC’s for in-game currency. Players don’t physically paint but use the in-game image capture system which is like taking a picture. You will never run out of images to capture as the game is filled with stunning scenery. February 13, 2019 is the scheduled date for the game’s release.

Spider-Man Will Be Getting “Something Fantastic” Soon

During a livestream on January 8, 2019 Marvel’s boss Ryan Penagos said “something ‘fantastic’ is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man! Any guesses?”. As you can imagine, fans began speculating and crafting theories as to what the “fantastic” thing may be. The developers understand the value of human curiously of the unknown and are brilliantly using it as a marketing tool. Thus far, the popular guess is that Insomniac is adding a new suit that’s related to the Fantastic Four to Spider-Man on PS4.

The Division 2 Drops Steam in Favor of Epic Games Store

In a surprising move, Ubisoft has announced that its upcoming shooter The Division 2 won’t be launching on Steam. Instead, the game’s PC version will be available solely through the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Ubisoft added that this won’t be the only Ubisoft game dropping Steam, and that they will announce these titles “during the coming year.” This is definitely a huge game changer, and it looks like Steam has finally met its match. The Division 2 launches on March 15th.

Pro PUBG Players and 30,000 More Banned for Cheating

A load of pro PUBG players have been found to have been using a hard-to-detect unauthorized program which allows them to view on a separate screen where their opponents’ locations are. The PUBG team has banned 30,000 players in December, and this number includes 4 pros and their teams. 10 more pro players were suspended this week. PUBG says this is a huge blow to the esports scene as this cheat “has been severely damaging the integrity of the game”.

Steam Flags Wandersong as Fake Game

Wandersong has been getting too much love from players that Steam’s systems tagged it as a fake game. Valve has been fighting against fake games in the past year, and it looks like its algorithm couldn’t believe Wandersong is just simply beloved by its player base that it mistakenly flagged it as fake. The game’s developer Greg Lobanov tweeted that Valve sent them an email saying it was a bug and they were permanently restricted by mistake along with other indie games. He added that Valve is fixing this issue as of this report.

Fallout Classic Collection Now Available for Free for Fallout 76 Players

If you played Fallout 76 in 2018, here’s one for you! Bethesda announced last year that all Fallout 76 players who played the game in 2018 will get the Fallout Classic Collection which consists of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel in “early January.” Now the time has actually come and the collection is now available for eligible players. Players will find and download the collection in the Bethesda launcher under the “Games” tab.

Sea of Thieves Double Gun Exploit Will Be Fixed

Sea of Thieves players have been using a “double gun” exploit which basically allows them to fire a shot with one gun and immediately switch to another gun, packing a deadly one-two punch. The game’s executive producer Joe Neate said that the use of this maneuver has grown more prevalent and that it was never their intended design, so they’re rolling out an update in the future which will address this issue. Some players have defended their use of this maneuver saying it requires skills to pull it off.

The Shrouded Isle’s Switch Launch Announced

Developer Kitfox Games has announced that its Lovecraftian game The Shrouded Isle is heading to the Nintendo Switch on January 17th. The game released on PC back in 2017. The Shrouded Isle lets players manage their own cult and keep them thriving over a three-year period. Players will face challenges such as preventing clans that form their cults from rebelling, keeping their advisors in check, and pleasing the deity.

The Division 2’s System Requirements Revealed

The system requirements for The Division 2 has been shared by Ubisoft. The minimum which will run at 1080p and 30 fps would need an AMD FX-6350 or an Intel Core I5-2500K processor, an AMD Radeon R9 270 or Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 graphics card, and 8 GB RAM. The game also features an uncapped framerate, uncapped display resolution, variable refresh rate, HD support, if your PC specs can run it. You can check out the complete list of the system requirements in the game’s official site.

PUBG and FIFA 19 are December’s Top Selling Games on the PS Store

The top-selling games for the PlayStation 4 have been revealed and it is different for the European and North American charts. For Europe, the top-selling game is FIFA 19 and in North America, it is PUBG. The 2nd place for the European chart goes to PUBG followed by Call of Duty Black Ops 4. While the North American chart has Call of Duty Black Ops in 2nd place and Grand Theft Auto 5 in 3rd. Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2 are in the Top 10 for both. Check out both lists in the EU PS Blog and the US PS Blog.

Project Winter Early Access Release Set for Q1 2019

Developer Other Ocean Group’s online-multiplayer game, Project Winter is set to launch on Steam Early Access in Q1 of this year. The developer also announced that an open beta will be held in a yet-to-be-announced date. Project Winter is a multiplayer game where 8 players are randomly assigned the role of Traitor or Survivor. The game will require players to gather resources, repair structures, and brave the harsh winter together while trying to figure out who the traitors are.

Switchblade Launches as Free to Play Title on PC and PS4

Lucid Games’ 5-versus-5 MOBA Switchblade is leaving Steam Early Access and is set to fully launch on January 22nd. The game will now also be free-to-play and players can get it as well on the PlayStation 4. Switchblade is set in the future where armed vehicles are armed with powerful and deadly weapons. Two teams with 5 players each will battle it out in a fight to take down enemy towers. The game is set to receive more content such as vehicles, weapons, and more in the coming months.

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