PC Building Simulator is leaving Early Access on the 29th January!

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Hey PC Builders!

If you listen closely you can hear the sounds of the whole of The Irregular Corporation hard at work adding the finishing touches to version 1.0 of PC Building Simulator. Get ready to blow out the dust and boot up on January 29th, when PC Building Simulator leaves Early Access.

When we launched PC Building Simulator into Early Access back in March 2018 we had little idea if anyone would even want to play a game about building a PC, let alone love it in the way the community does right now. This ongoing support meant we needed more time to add further parts, bring on new partners and add all the obvious features we (and you) believed the game needed which is what we have been doing ever since.

These updates have included hundreds of new licensed parts from current and new partners alike, alongside big features such as overclocking and custom loop water cooling. In addition, we also took the time to improve the career mode based off plenty of feedback from our wonderful community.

We have now reached the point where the core feature set of the game is at a place where we feel we can shed our Early Access skin and bring the world of PC Building Simulator to an even larger community. This doesn’t mean development has ended, far from it. We have plenty of plans for more parts, partners and features in the future.

Version 1.0 of PC Building Simulator that launches on the 29th January will include lots of new parts from big names in the PC component world, Steam Achievements and as many bug fixes as we can possibly squeeze in! Plus some nice surprises as well.

A special thanks to all our Early Access testers, your feedback has been invaluable so far. Today we have released a new trailer that includes some of the amazing PC builds that were submitted when we asked for them last year, we had hundreds of submissions and had no way of including them all but thank you all for taking the time to share your creations with us.

Watch this video on YouTube.

We hope you will all join us on the 29th January to celebrate the next chapter of PC Building Simulator!

The PC Building Simulator Team


Q: So the game is dead now?
A: Not at all, development is going to continue as we still have lots of new parts we want to add and some exciting new features. This just marks the point at which our original core feature set is now complete.

Q: Will current Career save games work in v.1.0?
A: Yes, there are no plans to force players to restart their career saves.

Q: How often will updates occur after v.1.0?
A: As regularly as content creation allows, it is hard to provide exact timings but expect them to be slower than during Early Access so we can have bigger updates and allow for more testing before they go live.

Q: Mac version?
A: Hopefully. We have been running some internal tests on a Mac OS version and if we can get a version running properly we will look to release this when ready. No promises at this stage though!

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