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AKS Gaming News 09/01/2019

X4: Foundations Online Mode is Live, But Multiplayer is Not Available

A first-ever online mode will be available in X4: Foundations. The game is usually a single-player space sim, so an online mode is very welcome. The new mode will let you and your crew ships go into the universes of other players but you won’t be able to join them. It is an online mode but not a multiplayer mode. This new system is still in its beta stages but will eventually make its way to the live game. Each player would have a venture platform as well as a venture dock where missions can be selected.

Over 600,000 Accounts Banned in December After CS:GO Went Free to Play

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has recently gone free to play and because of that it has gotten one of its best months ever. The only consequence is that Valve has also given out so many VAC bans that it has set a record in itself. 600,000 VAC bans have been given out in December having Valve’s Anti-Cheat System working overtime. The system recognizes cheats and automatically bans the account. In 15 years, the number of bans never reached more than 200,000 until recently.

Anthem’s Latest Javelin Showcased in New Trailer

BioWare released a new trailer that showcases the new Anthem Javelin. The trailer displayed loads of distinctive environments full of Javelins and creatures viciously fighting each other. The trailer’s narrator urged players to head out into a chaotic and beautiful world where they fly across wondrous lands in their Javelin exo-suits. Anthem is due for release on February 22, 2019 but players who pre-ordered will get to play a demo on January 25-27. There will also be an open demo on February 1-3.

Hyper Jam Release Date Announced

Bit Dragon announced that Hyper Jam will be released on February 12, 2019. The announcement was deemed worth celebrating and Bit Dragon released a trailer as a result. The trailer consists of quite a few elements for which the fans are very much excited. The trailer provided a good look at the game’s vibrant environment and the different playable characters. There were also clips which showed the weapons available. Expect the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Double Cross to Launch This Week, New Trailer Released

Fans were anxiously counting the days until Double Cross’s release, then 13AM Games heightened the crave by presenting a new trailer. The trailer provided a very detailed look at how the game functions. Players can see all of the different universes or dimensions that they will be visiting throughout the span of the game. On display was The Rift Headquarters, Gootopia, The Funderdome, and Reptarria. You don’t have to wait much longer as the game is scheduled for release on January 10, 2019.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3’s Latest Trailer Features the Return of Lee

OVERKILL released a trailer ahead of The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3’s arrival. Upon viewing the content of the trailer many fans are excited for various reasons. The most prominent reason was the return of Lee. The game has not been without its development issues related to internal complications with the Dev team which hindered progress. However, the developers are pleased to announce that The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 3 will be released on January 15, 2019.

Next Alien Game Will Be a Massively Multiplayer Online Shooter

FoxNext and Cold Iron Studios released news that will excite all MMO and shooter game fanatics. In a press release Foxnet said “FoxNext Games’ studio, Cold Iron Studios, is also currently at work on a massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC.”. Before now there was not much information about the game but fans will be happy that now they have a working idea of the game’s format. A released date has not yet been shared.

Skorecery Heading to the PS4 Next Month

GrappleHook Games are ready and set to release their latest magical fighting platformer game onto the PlayStation 4 console. February 5th marks the day Skorecery graces the gaming world with it’s mystical presence. GrappleHook Games invites you to engage in the fast-paced platforming, arcade adventure you know and love. If you have not played games of this nature, the developers say you need not worry as the controls are very simple so basically anyone can enjoy playing the game.

Black Desert Launches March 4th on the Xbox One

Finally, console exclusive players can be a part of the action. Pearl Abyss has finally announced that Black Desert Online will be available to Xbox One players on March 4, 2019. Some will be a little skeptic as this is the first time that Black Desert is coming to consoles. As you may have guessed, previously the game’s other version was only available on PC. Black Desert Online currently has three versions available for purchase: the standard version, the Deluxe edition, and the Ultimate edition.

Fighting Game Event Kumite in Texas Takes Place Later This Year

The Fighting Game Event Kumite in Texas will take place later in 2019 at North America’s Largest eSports Arena. The excitement around fighting games appear to be everlasting as there are so many tournaments packed with their respective players ferociously competing for the top spot. The stadium is massive much like the event is proposed to be as it is 100,000 square feet. The games that will be played at the facility are yet to be confirmed but Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition are safe bets.

Hades’ First Major Update Rolls Out This Month

Supergiant Games has announced that the Epic Games Store exclusive game Hades is scheduled to receive its first major update. The developers shared this news in a tweet that reads: “It’s officially one month since we launched #HADES in Early Access!! Thanks everyone for the wonderful response and all your feedback thus far. Stay tuned for our first major update to the game, coming January 15! More details soon.” Players now look forward to welcoming the contents of the proposed update.

Resident Evil 2 Gives You 30 Minutes and One Chance to Try the Game

Capcom has announced a 1-Shot demo for Resident Evil 2 and it is set to begin this week. The Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo gives players one chance to try the game for 30 minutes. It’s available from January 11th until the 31st. This demo is similar to those showcased during E3 and other similar events: players get 30 minutes to try the game, when they die, they’ll still be able to continue playing until the 30 minutes is up. A new demo-exclusive trailer plays once the time is up. Resident Evil 2 launches on January 25th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy 14’s Huge 4.5 Patch is Now Live

The first of two parts of Final Fantasy 14’s huge 4.5 patch has rolled out on PC and PlayStation 4, and it brings a load of new content to the game. Some of the new content now available to the game include the third and final raid in the Return to Ivalice Alliance series, the new Blue Mage limited job class that goes live January 15th, and well as the new Ghimlyt Dark dungeon. It also brings new minions, hairstyles, emotes, and mounts. The full patch notes are available in the game’s official website.

Dead or Alive 6 Release Delayed Into March

Developer Team Ninja has announced that Dead or Alive 6 will be launching at a later date. The game had an original release date of February 15, but the devs said it will now be released on March 1st. Team Ninja explained they needed the two extra weeks to “further enhance and balance” the game. Game director and producer Yohei Shimbori expressed his apologies for the delay and said they “commit to bringing the best Dead or Alive gaming experience.”

Second Episode of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s The Legacy of the First Blade DLC Out Next Week

Ubisoft is set to release Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s second DLC episode on January 15th. The second episode of the Legend of the First Blade arc is titled Shadow Heritage. Ubisoft promises that the story will quicken its pace a bit as the story progresses. The first episode was well executed but reserved introduction to the second. Fans are indeed excited as they haven’t much longer to wait till the release. The developers also advise us to expect more exciting updates in the near future.

Alien Fans Were Unhappy About Alien Blackout

FoxNext announced that their new project Alien: Blackout is a mobile game and the internet is not pleased in the least. Disgruntled fans have been very vocal in expressing their disappointment all across cyberspace. The trailer which revealed the seemingly unfortunate news has received an alarming 78% dislikes on YouTube. Last year saw another major title suffer the same fate having gone the mobile gaming route and fans argue that FoxNet should have learned from their mistake.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Players Will Be Able to Pause the Game

In the February issue of Game Informer, From Software’s Yasuhiro Kitao said that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won’t have multiplayer features. Though it’s a bit disappointing for fans, there’s still some bit of good news as Kitao said that the game will include something Souls players have been asking for: a Pause button. He did not provide any other details about it, but it’s definitely a welcome addition to the game. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice releases March 22nd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Earn Ana’s Bastet Skin By Playing Ana’s Bastet Challenge in Overwatch

The Ana Bastet Challenge is available in Overwatch and it lets you earn a Bastet skin! This will only be available up until January 21, 2019, which is plenty of time. In order to get the Bastet skin, you must get nine wins in Quick Play, Arcade, and/or in Competitive. Other things that you can earn during the Ana Bastet Challenge are the Bastet Avatar for three wins, and the kneeling victory post for six wins. Some incentives are also up for grabs for watching Twitch streamers play Overwatch.

Tropico 6 Release Delayed to Late March

Tropico 6 will be launching at a much later date. The game was supposed to launch on January 25th, but Kalypso has announced that it will be released on March 29, 2019 instead. The game has been delayed because Kalypso wanted to polish the game even more and incorporate fans’ feedback after its closed beta session. Managing director Simon Hellwig wrote on Kalypso’s website that pathfinding, multiplayer, and the game’s economy are specifically what they’re working to improve in the two extra months leading to the game’s release.

Dirty Bomb Goes Free to Play

Developer Splash Damage has announced that its FPS multiplayer game Dirty Bomb will now be free to play. After an update that’s slated to roll out next week, all monetization will be “patched out of the game.” This follows an announcement the developers released last month that said they’re “winding down live support for the game.” This is also the developer’s form of appreciation to the game’s players for supporting the game through the years even though the team will no longer be making any new content.

GTA Online Adds New Weapons

GTA Online is adding two new weapons this week with Double GTA Money and RP in three Arena War Series modes. The two new weapons are Widowmaker and Unholy Hellbringer, while players can also get the Republican Space Ranger Edition weapons at Ammu-Nation. If you’re up for some more in-game cash and RP, you can get double the amount you earn in the Hasta La Vista, Vehicle Vendetta, and Vespucci Job Arena War Series modes. All Biker Business Sales are also paying double the monies until January 14th.

Paradox Interactive Takes Over Prison Architect

Prison Architect by Introversion Software will be taken over by Paradox Interactive. Paradox was able to acquire the rights to the game and CEO Ebba Ljungerud has said that the game is “a natural fit” for the company as they have a string of management and strategy games as well. Paradox is now responsible with updating Prison Architect on all the game’s available platforms namely PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and mobile. Introversion Software is eager to see where Paradox can take the game to next.

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