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Black Ops 4 Gets Two New Map Variations

According to popular YouTuber NecrosCinema, there will be two different map variations available for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The two variants are called: Firing Range Night and Seaside Sunset. Of course, this is actually not new to the franchise as different map variants had also been available before like in Modern Warfare Remastered. What makes this information believable is that NecrosCinema has footage about it. No dates were given as to when all these will be available.

Complete Season and 5th Episode of The Council Out Next Month

Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive are releasing the final episode of The Council. The game has 5 episodes releasing every 2 months starting in March for the first episode, Episode 2: Hide and Seek, Episode 3: Ripples, Episode 4: Burning Bridges and the 5th Episode is Checkmate. With the release of Episode 5 is the release of the game’s Complete Season or the Season Pass that has all five episodes. Season Pass holders can get the final episode on December 4 and two days later for everybody else.

Warborn to Launch in 2019

Turn-based strategy game Warborn has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will be launching on the said platforms sometime on 2019. In Warborn, players command a mecha strike force and then deploy them in tense tactical battles in a war set in the solar system. The game features a full single-player campaign as well as a 1 versus 1 online multiplayer mode. Players can choose from a wide range of units that each have different skills and combat roles.

Dakar 18’s Desafio Ruta 40 DLC to Release Soon

Dakar 18 is also getting the Desafío Ruta 40 Rally DLC which is a part of the well-known Dakar Series. This event comes with multiple cross-country rallies that took place on August 27 up until the 30th in Argentina. Bigmoon Entertainment made sure that they simulate the whole challenge to make it as realistic as it can be. The existing world will be enhanced as well as adding 12,000 square kilometers and five new stages. Brand new road books will also be given out which is based on the original road books in the event.

Bigben Interactive Picks Up Rights for Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Bigben Interactive has acquired the rights to publish and distribute Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood, after signing an agreement with Focus Home Interactive. This is also good news since Cyanide Studio, the studio working on developing the game and recently joined the Bigben Group, is still in charge of adapting the title from the World of Darkness universe. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood does not have a specific release date at this time, but it is planned for release in 2020 for PC and Xbox One.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows Open Beta Launches Next Week

Steel Shadows, the new complete standalone expansion to Ancient Frontiers, is heading to PC on December 11th, and Fair Weather Studios have announced an open beta which will be available on Steam starting November 24th. The beta will let players try out Steel Shadows, although Fair Weather Studios did not mention which of the expansion’s features will specifically be available during the beta. Steel Shadows features a full campaign with over 20 story missions, 50+ procedurally-generated side missions, and more.

Strange Brigade DLCs, Photo Mode, and Extreme Mode Announced

Strange Brigade is getting a Photo Mode as well as an Extreme Mode arriving on the 26th of November which is a Monday. Players can now get the perfect shot of Ancient Egypt as well as having a variety of features like focal distance, aperture, field of view and a dozen handy filters and photo frames. The Extreme Mode, on the other hand, is a new difficulty level in the game that will let players think hard and get tactical all whilst staying alive. Both are a part of the free update arriving on the 26th.

Sunset Overdrive Gets First Beta Patch

Sunset Overdrive has recently released on Steam, and players have been reporting some issues especially with mouse controls. Blind Squirrel Games addressed these issues, and have since issued a fix on mouse acceleration problems players have been experiencing while in-game. Blind Squirrel said players may need to adjust their in-game mouse sensitivity after their game updates, and will then see a noticeable change from there.

NieR Automata Gets GOTY Edition

An ESRB rating has revealed that NieR Automata will be getting a Game of the Year Edition, and is called NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition. Other than that, no other details have been revealed, but this edition will more likely include all previously DLCs aside from the base game. The game is also still suffering from control issues on PC, but have not been addressed even at this time.

Jurassic World Evolution Gets New Patch

Jurassic World Evolution has a brand new update called patch 1.05. It comes with a variety of fixes, including screen space reflection improvements. Starting or loading a career will now clean up template missions. Other changes include: dinosaur group and sleep behavior, day and night cycle options, dinosaurs can now be seen as visibly hungry before eating a prey, and stability and balance fixes and optimizations. The full patch notes can be seen on the game’s website.

Hack-and-Slash Game Helheim Announced

Hack-and-slash game Helheim has been announced for PC, and is scheduled to be released February 1st. The game is still in development. Helheim features the protagonist Hella, the goddess of death, as she tries to re-conquer her reign by fighting off armies armed with her sword. Players can create powerful combos by equipping Hella with ancient runes that contain her lost powers.

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Fortnite Datamine Suggests Winter Makeover

It looks like snow will soon be coming to the Fortnite map, just in time for the holiday season. Last week a storm cloud appeared in-game which started speculations that the game will have a winter makeover. Now, FNBRLeaks has posted screenshots and extracted samples of new sound files datamined from the game files that suggest that players will be enjoying a white Christmas in-game. The sound files are those of footsteps in the snow and are different from the snow sounds at Viking Village.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC Coming Next Week

Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be launching its next DLC next week. Dubbed as “Beyond The Baltic Sea”, the expansion is set to expand the game to Estonia, Latvia, Luthuania, western parts of Russia and southern Finland. This includes twenty-four new major cities and lots of small towns with several notable landmarks and regional companies recreated in-game. That makes for over thirteen thousand kilometers of new in-game roads. Beyond the Baltic Sea launces on November 29th.

8-Year-Old’s Tender Defender Pitch Officially Makes it to Fortnite

A boy named Connor now has a permanent grin on his face according to his dad after Epic Games made his doodle into a Fortnite Skin. Connor’s dad posted his son’s doodle and a picture of the boy holding a note asking Fortnite to add his “Chicken Trooper” skin to the game on Reddit. Artist Etsyturtle2 redrew the character with more detail and renamed it as Tender Defender. Epic Games granted the request and the skin is now available in the game’s Item Store. The artist and Connor’s family were compensated by Epic.

Ring of Elysium’s European Servers are Now Live

Players in Europe can finally play Ring of Elysium as European servers have finally gone live! This comes two months after North American servers launched. Players in EU were able to play in NA servers while they wait for EU servers to go live, however Tencent said they will be experiencing latency issues. This won’t be a problem anymore, and another good news is that any progress made in NA servers can be carried over to EU servers, too.

Shenmue 3 Crowdfundinng Closes at Over 7 Million Dollars

Shenmue 3’s crowdfunding run is done, raising over seven million dollars through 81,087 backers. The original Kickstarted campaign raised over 6.3 million dollars but was re-opened via Paypal by series creator Yu Suzuki in what was dubbed as a “Slacker Backer period”. These figures are well above and beyond the original goal of two million dollars and has made the game the most funded game on Kickstarter.

Colony Building Game Maia Leaves Early Access

After five years in Steam Early Access, colony building game Maia has now fully launched. The game first launched as one of the first Early Access games on Steam way back on December 3rd, 2013 after raising over one hundred and forty thousand pounds on Kickstarter. Developer Simon Roth says the game includes a full narrative campaign with voiceover, and small patches and free content, as well as new expansions, will be released in the future.

Fallout 76 Bug Makes Player Invincible

One exasperated Fallout 76 player just wants to play the game like a normal player, but one weird bug won’t let his character die in the game no matter what he does. Redditor Brogadyn took to the Fallout 76 subreddit and said his character went into god mode when he reached level 40. He tried every possible way to kill his character – from entering the instant-death fissure, drowning, and even a nuke. Brogadyn has reached the level cap and said he has nothing else to do in the game, so he reached out to Bethesda and opened a support ticket.

Anno 1800 Technical Test Coming Soon

Ubisoft has announced that a technical test for Anno 1800 will be happening before the month ends. The test will be severely limited as players will only get access to Citizen Tiers 1 to 3 and the campaign won’t be playable. Participants will also need to agree to a non-disclosure agreement. Those wanting to join the technical test can head over to to sign up. A Uplay account is required. Anno 1800 is set to launch on February 26th.

Battle Royale Game Rapture Rejects Heads to Steam Early Access

The Cyanide and Happiness spin-off game called Rapture Rejects will be hitting Steam Early Access next week. Rapture Rejects is a 2D battle royale game where players were left behind after The Rapture. Fortunately, there’s one spot left. Unfortunately, you’ll have to fight 49 others to get it. That’s where the battle royale part kicks in. The devs plan to keep the game for over a year and intend the full launch to take place in early 2020. Early Access launch happens on November 29th.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Lets Players Have Kids In-Game

TaleWorlds confirmed at this year’s Gamescom that Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has a feature called dynasty system. This means players can start a family in the game apart from castle sieges and village pillaging. Players can start relationships with NPCs and eventually produce an offspring. The baby will take facial features from both its parents, and will eventually grow up and will inherit everything from its parents and carry on the line. When players die in the game, they will continue as their heir.

Mad Machines Now on Discord’s Early Access

Mad Machines has launched in early access on Discord. Think Rocket League but replace the harmless cars with angry robots out to get each other and you get Mad Machines. The devs say the game is not meant for casuals but for hardcore players. At the moment, there are three robots players can choose from in three-on-three matches. The game also takes advantage of Discord’s social features, providing players a spectator mode and an easy way to join matches through the chat client.

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