WWAUT – Somebody Told Us You Would Need These Presents

Shodan/ Ottobre 14, 2018/ Killing Floor 2

Hello everyone!

With the Monster Masquerade underway, some… well the best way to put it is “Jolly old fellow” has been pestering us. No Nick, you can’t speak to them yet, wait your turn!

Ahem. Now for the information you’ve all been waiting for… Which weapon won the “Last Chance” Community Poll? As a reminder the options where the:

  • Fireaxe
  • Thompson SMG
  • And M32 GL

What is it Nick? Can’t you see we are trying to announce the winner here? They will need more than one gift for what’s coming? You’re putting a team together? No, you can’t talk to them yet! Fine, we’ll let them know about their gifts, just wait your turn.

So, your new friend in red says you are getting all of them! From the winning M32 GL to the coming in last Fireaxe, all three community chosen last chance finalists will be joining the game later this year!

Community Top Pick

And don’t forget, Hans’ MKB’ will be available to all players later this year as well, but to unlock it early and get a special weapon skin, don’t forget to complete your Halloween Seasonal Objectives! Happy Zed hunting until next week.