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Shodan/ Ottobre 13, 2018/ 7 Days to Die

video 15 may 28th says looking to release in july if all goes well( has not gone well? fine ok) that is 31 possible days you dont need to have a hard stated date. in june say working on some more bugs but hoping to get it out soon as planned for experimental . jump all the way to aug 26th july long gone testing early experimental version again fine tuning bugs looking for something out soon . now into oct and still nothing just more looking to come out soon. all false hope lies whatever you want to call it all the same to me.

so they should stop saying things like closer than ever before done working on their part just minor bugs should be out soon. if minor bugs im sure everyone of us would be fine with do a hotfix later.
not hard on their part if its a certain hold up just say exactly what it is and goals to fix it. then avoid all this getting closer coming soon for 3 months