Luxury DLC – release date window!

Shodan/ Giugno 2, 2021/ House Flipper

Hey Flippers!

For the past couple of weeks, you’ve been asking us when exactly will the Luxury DLC available and why it’s no longer coming in May.
We decided not to release any statements until we’re able to give you some more details about the whole thing – the time is NOW.

House Flipper: Luxury is coming in Q4 of 2021 – you might ask, “why is that so late?” and I’m glad we can finally give you an answer:
Luxury is nearly as big as the base game, which makes it the biggest DLC we’ve ever worked on. It wasn’t supposed to be that huge at first, but then we thought to ourselves that we want to give you something extraordinary with this one.
Additional houses, jobs, mechanics, new NPCs, and stuff like that takes a lot of time to finish, but I can assure you – you won’t be disappointed.

Sorry to keep you waiting,
Roumyan – Social Media Manager at Frozen District