Alpha 19.5 Stable is out!

Shodan/ Maggio 28, 2021/ 7 Days to Die

Hey Survivors,
Today we are releasing A19.5 to the public.
While the team is tirelessly working to bring you a high quality A20, we were able to port back an entire system, a handful of bug fixes and optimizations to Alpha 19.5, featuring Twitch Integration.

Forum Release Thread[]
Twitch Integration Guide[]

Official Alpha 19.5 Stable Release Notes


  • First version of Twitch Integration.
  • Voxel mesh pooling
  • Chunk decal and model dither fading
  • Distant terrain decreases mesh detail when farther
  • gfx dtmaxlod console command
  • Allow selection of steering mode on controllers by pressing DPad down


  • FindTagInChilds does not make garbage
  • Improved Show Stability colors
  • Distant POIs to use a shared material
  • Improved chunk LOD update
  • Optimized chunk object handling and frame timings
  • Optimized terrain mesh generation
  • Optimized terrain control textures to not update with every mesh update
  • Optimized distant terrain tile size
  • Optimized VoxelMesh AddMesh
  • Optimized distant terrain render order


  • Zfighting at barn_02 (window/loot container)
  • Dedi servers fail to update bedroll locations after pickup
  • Block previews have differences in shading at night
  • Block preview for normal blocks leaking a mesh on each update
  • ItemClassBlock CreateMesh having to destroy unneeded colliders
  • Empty voxel meshes were being created
  • Distant POI mesh and material leaks
  • Distant POIs could load and leak extra invisible objects
  • Chunk LOD update not using XZ center for distance