Bring your power level to over 9000 with House Flipper!

Shodan/ Aprile 1, 2021/ House Flipper

Hey Flippers!

The April Fools Update in House Flipper takes you on a trip down memory lane – discover a tropical island, filled with glistening treasures, which might bring some of you a sense of familiarity. Collect all of the mysterious balls, said to have ties with fantastical dragons and flip a house that once belonged to a turtle-shelled master of martial arts!

Here’s the changelog:

New Content:
  • Brand new “Turtle House” for all your training needs.
  • New items: sliding door, narrow options for bathroom and living room door, pouf and sofa Tortoise, hanging corner cabinet Glen, sunglasses and two easels. Isn’t that cool, huh?

  • Stairs’ sides can now be painted black. Or any other color. Or not painted at all, to get that “retro-House Flipper look”.
  • We’ve eliminated a space-time anomaly that caused the clocks to display wrong time. Einstein-senpai notice us. ๐Ÿ™
  • Items may now be hung from other ceiling-like structures, e.g. window recesses. Painting ceilings is still impossible tho, please dont hate us.
  • We’ve added more ads to TV so it would feel more like the real thing. Commercials are still in-progress.
  • V-sync and FPS limiter are now divorced. The word is that V-sync cheated on FPS L., definitely not cool.
  • Strafing stuttering should no longer be a problem. Yay us!
  • Glass shards are visible once again. A bit less yay, but still – yay us!
  • The paranormal activities in the Halloween house can now be disabled. Rejoice all the scaredy-cats out there.
  • We’ve removed Pickle Jar’s magical properties – it’s no longer levitating. ๐Ÿ™
  • Now you can check order progress on the note displayed on the map. There’s not much to add here, so we’re just gonna skip this one.

Also, the game is now discounted!

Let us know what you think,
Frozen District Team