Merc Report – Shock and Firewall

Shodan/ Agosto 21, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

Hello Mercs,

The lab coats have been at it again so we are happy to share some information about new Horzine Research Group (HRG) experiments we feel you’ll enjoy bringing into the field.

First up, the HRG Scorcher. The team has modified this baby to shoot flares out downrange with significant impact and a lingering burn. Other pros? Your target (or that wall you hit because you missed your target…) will keep everything around it lit up for easy target acquisition by you and your team!

Now for those looking for something a little more indirect you can try out the alt-fire which will have the flare break up in flight leaving a line of ground fire between you and the target. So get out there Firebugs, and blaze a trail!

The last thing the team has been working on comes from observing your fights with the Matriarch in the field and the weapons she has brought to bear against you. The lab coats weren’t about to let some “upstart” upstage them on weaponry, so enter the HRG Arc Generator for you Survivalists.

This baby packs an EMP punch that will chain between targets with a few fire mode options on how to get it there. A shorter range primary that will jump between targets close to you “at the speed of electricity”, or the alternative slower-moving charged blast to take that charge further downrange. Don’t worry, this ball of fun will also shock nearby Zeds until it makes contact with your target (have we mentioned it will help to stop aiming at those walls?)

Stay tuned as there are some brand new weapons heading to the field as well and we’ll be bringing you news on those in the coming days. And trust us, these aren’t miniature.