Merc Report – Merc Interfacing Improvements

Shodan/ Agosto 8, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

Hello Mercs!

As part of our efforts to continuously improve your in-field experience, the techs have lined up some enhancements across perk abilities, interface and more!

First up is a re-work of the Medic 25 perk Zedative to make it a more compelling choice for the healing mercs out there. Zedative now does the following:

  • During Zed time your perk weapons damage is increased 30%, and your kills generate a toxic explosion that damages Zeds and heal players.

For those not as familiar with the current live Zedative ability, this adds the healing ability to the toxic cloud generated on the ZED deaths. So those who like to live dangerously, life is about to get a little easier for your Medics who have been trying to keep you alive.

The Boss Stomp, a “high” risk and reward method of dealing massive amounts of damage. Currently this method of attack is usable due to the way some systems work together in unintended and exploitable ways. So this will be changing moving ahead:

  • We are not removing the ability to jump on a Zed’s head and knock it down, however, like many other systems a cooldown will be in play so that Zed’s can’t be infinitely knocked down and damaged by jumping on them once.
  • Our goal here is to keep the tactic a viable tool, but removes the exploitative nature, happy hunting mercs!

We get it, there are those who prefer weapons slung under your weapons so you can carry more damage into the field, and we’ve an improvement headed your way as well:

  • When reloading a weapon with an underslung (such as the M16 M203), it will first check to see if the primary ammo needs a fresh magazine. If that is full, it will now check to see if the underslung is in need of a new round to be loaded (previously this would only happen on attempting to fire it).

And for our mercs who prefer a controller, the switch weapon key will now skip the 9mm pistol unless long pressed to bring it up as needed.

We also have several out of field interface improvements as well. First up, a backend connection status indicator. This will let players know if their clients are unable to establish an initial connection.

(Connection Error Shown In The Upper Right)​

Lastly, the Store UI is also being adjusted to better help players find what they are looking for. With new types of items now available in the store compared to its launch, mercs can have a hard time finding the items they want. To make this better, we are adjusting some of the existing search/filter categories and adding new ones. All platforms will now have the following categories:

  • Featured
  • All
  • Weapon Bundles (NEW)
  • Characters Bundles (NEW)
  • Outfit Bundles (NEW)
  • Ticket / Crate / USB Bundles (NEW)
  • Cosmetic Bundles (NEW)
  • Weapon Skin Bundles (NEW)
  • Headshot FX Bundles (NEW)

And Steam will include the following additional ones:

  • Select Weapon Skins (RENAMED)
  • Select Cosmetics (RENAMED)
  • Select Emotes (RENAMED)
  • Select Keys & Tickets (RENAMED)
  • Market Weapon Skins
  • Market Cosmetics
  • Market Emotes
  • Market Crates/ USB

(New Filter List Found At The Left and Item Server Connection Shown In The Upper Right)​

As always we look forward to your feedback on these changes and can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks. This train has yet to pull into the station.