Epic Online Services Beta

Shodan/ Giugno 30, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

New Additions and Highlights

  • Epic Online Services (EOS) integrated into dedicated server framework to enable future Cross-Play capability between Steam and EGS players on stock unmodded servers
  • New In-Game Invite UI system that will enable Steam users to link an associated EGS account you own so that they can send their EGS friends invites to parties and server lobbies.
  • Replaced VOIP services for in-game chat to Vivox in order to enable Steam-EGS cross-platform VOIP within multiplayer matches and lobbies.
    • Voice Settings have been changed to use an in-game UI solution in place of the Steam Overlay for Vivox in order to ensure functionality is platform agnostic.

Please see our previous post regarding these changes for our FAQ in terms of how these changes will affect the experience going forward:

Important Note for Server Admins hosting servers within EOS Beta:
Servers updated from current live 1096 to EOS Beta 1097 will update the Server INI files for their specific settings to point to new EOS sockets required for the CrossPlay functionality to operate correctly.

The process for updating to the Preview EOS Beta will be same as previous Preview Beta’s with the following command on Steam CMD:
app_update 232130 -beta preview

However due to technical constraints if you choose to opt-out of the 1098 Beta for your server during the beta using the standard update command on SteamCMD will not work correctly to return your previous settings and will require a fresh install of the 1096 server files.

If you intend to switch between Live 1096 and EOS Beta 1098 for your servers, we strongly recommend you backup your server INI files prior to updating to 1098 to ensure you don’t encounter any issues restoring your server back to prior versions.

Additionally, for Windows Server admins, there is a new redistributable dependency you’ll need to have installed for the new EOS server to run:

Many of you may already have this installed on your machines but in case you run into missing DLLs errors, this should resolve that. Linux admins should be unaffected by this change. We’re working on an automated solution as part of the final release version.

As always, thank you for your continued support!