Merc Report – More Explosions, More Bullets

Shodan/ Maggio 7, 2020/ Killing Floor 2

Hello Mercs,

Last week we gave you intel on an old outpost that may have information on the Patriarch’s whereabouts. We won’t be sending you empty-handed. Horzine research and design has a few new additions for you to consider adding to your arsenal.

For the Demolitionists out there that are always asking “What else can we blow up, and how?”, we have the new HRG Kaboomstick. Fans of the HX25 Pistol will appreciate the increased pellets, double the magazine size. It has an alt-fire for even more boom when firing both barrels at once. Perfect for clearing away those pesky Zeds that have come in a little too close for your liking… and arming distance!

For the Berzerkers, a new ranged weapon. The HRG Teslauncher fires microwave rounds and has an alt-fire guaranteed to give mercs a shockingly good time. This assault rifle can deliver EMP grenades wherever needed most, disrupting Zeds and allowing you time to execute your plans to charge forwards to finish the job a little more personally, or backward at your own discretion!

For the Gunslinger who either can’t find a weak point or stopped caring when that Fleshpound broke the line, the team at Horzine has heard you and has developed the new Glock 18c with an integrated silencer attachment design for you!! Usable as a single Glock with semi-automatic and full-automatic fire modes. Pick up a second one to commit to full auto only, showing you really know how to toss lead downrange and clear a path for that tactical backward push with the Demolitionist. Negotiations over, the sentence is death.

And finally, we have the Blunderbuss built for Demolitionists and Support specialists. A closer range firearm that utilizes a flintlock single action revolving drum magazine for 3 cannonballs of Jolly Roger Joy and cannonball shrapnel right where it will hurt the most, and that is anywhere you want it to be! The cannonballs do not explode until they make contact with a surface or a Zed, allowing some hallway clearing opportunities, without ever having to look down that hallway! To really shiver some zed’s timbers, hold down the trigger to save the explosion for the perfect moment, triggering the explosion once let off.

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while the Glock 18c and Blunderbuss are purchasable after the Summer Update Final Launch as Weapon Bundles packed with weapon skins for cosmetic customization. The Glock 18c is a different weapon from the previously released G18 and Riot Shield combination featuring a new model, textures, animations, VFX, SFX, and gameplay differences.

We hope to see you soon in the Steam beta! Keep eyes on this space for the release and a more detailed changelog.