Christmas Update: presentation & patch notes

Shodan/ Dicembre 19, 2019/ House Flipper

[h3]Flippers! 😍[/h3]
[h3]While we were having some fun with our last dev stream, our developers and testers managed to get through some insane critical bugs, and fortunatelly we could deliver the Christmas Update on time![/h3]

[h3]Check out this video to see what’s in there: Christmas Update on YouTube

Also, take a look at the patch notes:[/h3]

[h3]House Flipper[/h3]
New Content:
– A brand new order.
– Arms inclusiveness continued: “ho ho ho” option now available!
– New holiday-themed items.
– New not-holiday-themed items including tables, chairs, beds and many others.

– Order requirements are now displayed in the tablet.
– Shop bookmarks overhaul. New categories for indoor items and Apocalypse DLC items.
– Books can now be rotated around vertical axis.

– We’ve removed self-awareness of lamps. As a consequence, they won’t choose their variants on their own.
– The Illuminati sigil was removed from “Man Cave”.
– Item rotation will no longer reset when buying multiple items.
– Wall building is now more responsive.
– Bathtub mounting tips are back.
– Custom photos can now be added (concerns macOS).

[h3]Garden Flipper[/h3]
New Content:
– 18 new plants are waiting to inhabit your garden.

– We’ve removed a fence painter who disliked some of the available fencing options.
– Halloween is now long gone, and so are the ghost plants.
– Grass will now grow at the same pace regardless of its surroundings.
– Plants will no longer blink, even when they’re being photographed.
– The amount of cut grass is now properly measured (concerns the non OpenGL version on macOS).

[h3]🎄Enjoy the update, as well as the Christmas time!🎄

Happy Flipping[/h3]