The Holiday Update is Live!

Shodan/ Dicembre 17, 2019/ Astroneer

Welcome to the Holiday Update, featuring our first ever community goal where your progress gets collected with the entire player base to unlock exclusive rewards!

Steam, PS4, and Xbox “Play Anywhere” players should receive this update today, December 16th, 2019.


Exo Community Recovery Mission is live! The Holidays in the Sol system have arrived, and due to unforseen circumstances, EXO Dynamics needs you to participate in project CHEER to save them! Delivery crates from an LRCV have crash landed all over the system, and EXO needs you to locate and recover these top secret experiments. The Project CHEER Holiday Limited Time event begins on December 16th, 2019 until 12:00am PT on Jan 17th, 2020.

Rewards for participation include:

Frosty Visor – Rewarded after achieving 400 recovery points
Frosty Palette – Rewarded after achieving 2500 recovery points
Frosty Mask – Rewarded after achieving 2500 recovery points
Holiday Top Hat Reward – Rewarded to all players after the community goal of 100,000,000 recovery points is achieved

That is right! We have included some rewards for new types of customization that the community has asked us for for a while: Masks and Hats! Stay tuned for more cool iterations in these categories 😉

As an added holiday bonus, System Era is running an Extra Life campaign (supporting Seattle Children’s Hospital 🙂 ) based on the amount of recovery points the community as a whole achieves! At every 50,000,000 recovery points, SES will donate 5,000 USD to the campaign, up to a total of 20,000 dollars! You can join our team and/or donate to the cause here:

EXO Request Platform has been added to the game. Use this new module to send recovered project CHEER experiments back to EXO Dynamics. Check the module’s control panel for full mission parameters.

  • Recipe: 2 Resin
  • Prints from: Medium Printer

Festive light tethers have returned and will be available in the game till the end of the year!

A Happy Holidays photo frame has been added for a limited time. Snap holiday photos using the Camera item to send to your friends with your warmest season’s greetings.

  • Optimized texture compression settings to significantly reduce memory usage.
  • Fixed a bug in the research system which caused it to severely degrade performance if the research module was active in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed a bug involving tethers that caused performance to degrade for clients in multiplayer games.
  • Various stability fixes.

As we addressed in our most recent vlog, this is an ongoing process, but these bugfixes and optimizations should be a great start to ensure better performance in multiplayer sessions. Next months update will be focused solely on bugfixes, quality of life, and performance upgrades for multiplayer. You can watch the vlog where Brendan talks about this in more detail below:

Watch this video on YouTube.


The following bugs have been fixed as of version


  • [AS-8093] – Tutorial [FR]: The “Approach the {item} to interact with it” text string now appears correctly when playing in french.
  • [AS-9221] – Wanderer Photo widget now correctly shows PlayStation button on PS4.


  • [AS-9338] – Packager audio no longer gets cut off during repackaging event.
  • [AS-9410] – Oxygenator audio now correctly stops when the oxygenator is packaged, destroyed, or deleted.
  • [AS-9411] – RTG audio loop no longer continues to play after being packaged up.

Creative Mode

  • [AS-9193] – Controller now changes terrain painter settings after a player interacts with an attached mouse.
  • [AS-9207] – The correct creative mode options are now selected by default.


  • [AS-8319] – Resource deposits are now consistently visible to client and should no longer pop in in late.
  • [AS-8637] – Client can now see the Trade Platform’s rocket animating back into place when it is returning from a trade.
  • [AS-5501] – Tooltips now appear for client’s when interacting with the Odd Stone/teleporter control panel.
  • [AS-9260] – Atmospheric Condenser’s control panel no longer enters broken state for multiplayer client when they return to relevance.


  • [AS-8607] – Jetpack is now translated correctly in Russian in the tooltip, backpack printer, research catalog and creative catalog
  • [AS-8822] – Medium Buggy Horn is now translated correctly in Polish.
  • [AS-9242] – Text string for “PLAYER WILL NO LONGER TAKE DAMAGE” is now properly capitalized in creative mode tutorial in Italian.

Thanks so much for reading and for an amazing year! We can’t wait to tell you all about our plans for 2020 and we hope everyone has a great holiday! ❤️