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AKS Gaming News 12/10/2019

Rajang and More Now Available in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s first free title update is out now. This free update includes the fearsome Rajang, the fan-favorite monster that turns into a golden ball of fury when he gets enraged. It unleashes lethal attacks with its powerful arms which deal an incredible amount of damage with a swoop. Defeating Rajang will yield equally incredible equipment, which includes the golden and black palette armor that have high offensive skills.

Resident Evil 5 and 6 Demos Now Available on Switch

Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on October 29th, and ahead of its release, Capcom has launched demos for both games for players on the Switch. The demos can be downloaded, and also pre-ordered on the Nintendo eShop. Resident Evil 5 is known for its single-player and co-op modes, while Resident Evil 6 features multiple playable characters.

Daemon X Machina Adds Competitive Multiplayer

Developer Marvelous has added a new competitive multiplayer mode to Daemon X Machina on Switch. The mode was added alongside the game’s latest update. The PvP mode features 1-versus-1 and 2-versus-2 skirmishes. It also features new leaderboards for bounties. Aside from this, the game is also set to receive more content in early and late November, as well as in December.

Vigor Update 1.1 Released

Bohemia Interactive has announced Update 1.1: Bridges for its online action game, Vigor. Bridges bring the new Brodalen Bridges map, as well as a new game event called Buried Ache. It also includes new weapons, stamina additives, team killer detection, and many tweaks and fixes including changes on camera movement. Vigor is free-to-play and is exclusively available on the Xbox One.

GTA Online Gets New King of the Hill Mode

GTA Online players will be able to take on a new King of the Hill mode this week. King of the Hill will have 16 players spread across two to four teams duke it out on seven maps. By playing King of the Hill this week, players will be able to receive double GTA$ and RP. Also coming this week is a new car, the Ocelot Jugular sports car which is now available from Legendary Motorsport. Players can also earn double GTA$ on Special Cargo Sell missions.

Horror Game Spirit Hunter: NG Out Now

Ghostlight’s follow-up to last year’s horror adventure Spirit Hunter: Death Mark is now available on Steam, PS4, Switch, and Vita. The game is called Spirit Hunter: NG, and it features a new cast of characters who will “battle terrors that lie in wait at every turn.” The game tells the story of a young man who’s looking for his lost little sister. He teams up with other characters as they search for clues and face-off with spirits.

Moons of Madness PC Release Date Announced

Funcom and Rock Pocket Games have announced the release date for their horror game Moons of Madness. The game will first be launching for PC on October 22nd. It will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2020. Moon of Madness stars the protagonist Shane Newehart who’s chief engineer on a research facility on Mars. The game combines Lovecraftian elements and Mars exploration. Players will find themselves battling against their inner demons while experiencing external threats.

Ark: Survival Evolved Update Out Now

Ark: Survival Evolved has received a new update on most of its platforms. The patch is at 13GB on PlayStation 4, and 4.7GB on the Xbox One. Studio Wildcard did not specify when the update will become available for the Switch. The update brings new content for Genesis Chronicles which is set to go live this December. Ark: Survival Evolved has received several DLC updates since its launch, including the Ark: Extinction expansion pack.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Coming to PC in November

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is set to head West this November, Blueside and Gameforge have announced. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a hybrid game composed of MMORPG and RTS elements. The game takes place 50 years after the events of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and will feature an immersive story campaign. Its campaign can also be played in online multiplayer. Kingdom Under Fire 2 will be available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Code Vein Received Third Update Patch

Bandai Namco will be rolling out the third patch for Code Vein sometime this month. Update 1.04 adds new creation accessories, color pallets, and Halloween face paints. it also adds a new function for hair parts that allows to use as left-right symmetry. It also adds a function that allows players to lock the direction of the map as well as a function to turn off conversations during exploration. It also changes the trigger conditions for “The Trial of Blood”.

League of Legends 10th Anniversary Events Revealed

The 10th anniversary of League of Legends is nearing and Riot Games has announced their plans for the big day. There will be some ‘digital events’, in-person activities at the regional offices of Riot as well as special livestreams. Riot is encouraging those who have nearby local Riot regional offices to check what is special happening in their region. The event will kick off on October 15th, you can go to the game’s official page in order to see the exact times for the activities available.

Unity of Command 2 Beta Application Announced

Strategy wargame, Unity of Command 2 is set to launch in November as developer 2×2 Games announced. The game is currently in the final stages of development. Since this is the case, a beta will be available soon and the developers are needing some beta testers especially for the scenario editor and support for hotseat multiplayer. The developer will have an application questionnaire for the testers and they will be randomly selected. It is also required that they have enough time to do the beta.

FIFA 20 Reaches 10 Million Players in a Month

FIFA 20 proves to be a very popular soccer game. This is evidenced by the 10 million players that were able to play since it launched a month ago. Since it was released, there had been more than 450 million matches, 1.2 billion goals scored as well as 5 million VOLTA avatars were made. Those are huge numbers. Although the game had some problems when it launched, that didn’t stop fans from playing the game, they just wanted fast action to fix the problems. FIFA 20 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Need for Speed Heat Has Gone Gold

Racing game Need for Speed Heat has gone gold as announced by Ben Walke, Global Community Engagement Manager at Electronic Arts. To celebrate he was able to share two gameplay clips on his Twitter account. The game will come with two playstyles one during the day which is legal and the other during the night which is illegal. The developers also announced that there won’t be lootboxes or microtransactions available in the game, but a time-saver pack will be made available.

Hell Let Loose Gets Update 3

WW2 shooter from Team 17 and Black Matter called Hell Let Loose has been announced to be free to play up until October 14th. In addition to this announcement, the team said that the game will be getting a new map. The new map is set in Omaha beach in Normandy, France. This will also come with a new game mode which is the Offensive Mode. The players will be dropped off in waves resulting in hundred-player battles in the beach terrain. There will also be some fixes available in the update.

Winter Ember Debut Trailer Revealed

A new isometric stealth game called Winter Ember has been announced. Here players will get to play as Arthur Artorias, a man who had everything taken away from him and is back for revenge after almost a decade in exile. His enemy is the tyrannical religious militant faction called Greater Heaven who has taken over his town in the city of Anargal. Set in a Victorian-esque world, the game offers Gothic sandboxes with mysteries to uncover and treasure to collect. No launch date had been announced.

Fallback from Endroad has Launched

2.5D rogue-like action platformer from Endroad called Fallback is now available. The game equips players with jetpacks and have them go through a dangerous underground complex that are riddled with crazy robot guardians who would want to return to the Earth’s surface. There are more than 50 unlockable skills, unique character creations and so much more. Enjoy the game’s Escher-inspired camera system that lets players shift perspectives easily, a deep skill tree and fast fluid combat.

MageQuit from Bowlcut Gets Launch Trailer for PC

MageQuit the top-down area wizard brawler from indie developer Bowlcut Studios has launched for the Xbox One and soon after the game will also launch as a full game, stepping out of Steam Early Access for PC. MageQuit offers a multiplayer arena brawler that can accommodate up to 10 players both local or online. There will be nine intense rounds of combat which are often times very funny. To celebrate Bowlcut has shared a Steam launch trailer for MageQuit.

We Were Here Together Out Now

Developer and publisher Total Mayhem Games announced that their game, We Were Here Together has launched on Steam for PC. The game is a co-op puzzle game that brings players to the expedition base camp of Antartica. The game offers a dark story that is very interesting to uncover. It also is puzzle packed, and you should work together to solve to be able to escape. There are mysterious locations to explore like the Antarctic valleys, Castle Rock and also the expedition base camp.

Brawlhalla Now Offers Cross-play

Developer Blue Mammoth Games was able to announce that the game now supports cross-play by saying “phase five of Single Brawlhalla is live!”. The developers further explain that “every single Brawlhalla player, regardless of platform, can now be matched against each other in all online queues as well as share custom lobbies. Official Brawlhalla esports competitions will now also see both console and PC players there.

Goat of Duty Launch Date Announced

The game Goat of Duty which is now available on Steam Early Access has shared a Roadmap Celebration Update. The update comes with the Markhor Tag which is a crazy version of the childhood tag. A new map will also be shared which is called Death Valley. Other updates include controller tweaks, improved CPU performance, improved AI and an expanded Goatpedia. There are other hotfixes and quality-of-life improvements. Goat of Duty is set to launch in January 2020 available for €14.99 euros.


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