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AKS Gaming News 01/10/2019
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Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 Arrives West

Free-to-play game Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 has been announced and it will be arriving on October 1st. The game focuses on a six-versus-six team battle. Players will be using mobile suits when in battle but they also have the option to exit their suits and fight on foot as well. The game comes with a good selection of suits like the Zaku 1, Blue Destiny Unit-1, Gundam Pixie, Guncannon Mass Production Type, Gundam RX-78-2, Gundam Ground Type, Full Armor Gundam, Dwadge and many more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Won’t Get Single-Player DLC

Red Dead Redemption 2 won’t be getting a single-player DLC just like GTA 5. In an interview with VG247, lead online producer Katie Pica said Rockstar Games is fully committed in working on Red Dead Online. “We’re 100% focused on online right now, because… there’s just so much to do, and we’re just hoping to bring everything that a player can love about single-player into the online world, and fleshed out,” Pica said. Rockstar also previously said they did not feel single-player expansions were necessary, but may “well do them for future projects.”

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Server Start Times Revealed

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is all set for launch on October 4th, and we’ve got here the game’s server start times, early access info, and more. First of all, those who pre-ordered the game, or purchased the Gold Edition get Early Access starting October 1st. Pre-loading is also available now across all platforms. Online servers are live starting September 30th at 11AM UTC. The game will be playable starting October 4th at 12:00 AM CEST.

Cuphead Sells 5 Million Copies, Celebrates Second Anniversary

Cuphead is celebrating its second anniversary, as well as another milestone! Studio MDHR has revealed that the game has sold 5 million copies. The studio has also announced that the game will be available at 20% off across all platforms for a full week. They will also be having “5 days of fun and giveaways” to celebrate the milestone.

FIFA 20 Update 1.03 Won’t Include Career Mode Fix

The first post-launch update for FIFA 20 is on the way, but won’t include fixes to the game’s Career Mode, according to EA. “We are currently investigating a fix that will allow for better accuracy when determining match importance and how it relates to the AI line-up algorithm. We need to also ensure that any changes in this area do not have a negative impact in other Career Mode systems,” says community engagement specialist Gabriel Zaro.

Auto Chess Coming to PS4 and Switch

Auto Chess is coming to consoles, Dragonest CEO Loring Lee announced. The game will be available in 2020 on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s currently unclear at this time whether it will be available for English language markets. Auto Chess is currently available in mobile devices, and it is also slated to launch via the Epic Games Store later this year.

Minecraft Nether Update Announced

Minecraft’s upcoming Nether Update has been announced during the recent MINECON Live. Nether Update will add “new biomes, mobs, structures, blocks and visual effects to the Nether to enhance its unique and scary atmosphere.” The new Target block is one of the notable additions from the update, as it serves as a projectile hit-detector. Also coming are the new Soulsand Valley and Netherwart Forest biomes as well as the Piglin Beasts and Piglin mobs which will bring a brand new civilization to the Minecraft universe.

Shock Wins 4-0 in Overwatch League Final

The San Francisco Shock took over the Overwatch League Final held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia over the weekend. The team emerged victorious over the Vancouver Titans with a 4-0 win. They also went home with 1.1 million dollars prize money. The Titans, on the other hand, took home 600,000 Dollars as second-place winners. The League also named Choi “ChoiHyoBin” Hyo-bin as the Grand Finals MVP.

Role-Playing Game Death Trash Coming to Early Access

Developer Crafting Legends has announced that his upcoming role-playing game Death Trash is heading to Steam Early Access next year. The game brings players to Nexus, an ancient planet where machines and humankind are at war. The Early Access version features the first chapter of the game’s story. It will be in Early Access for around a year, and the developer promised to add more content such as story bits, bug fixes, and more during its run.

Apex Legends’ Meltdown Map Showcased in Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends’ Season 3 is going to bring the first new map, Meltdown, where players will be able to experience both fire and ice. Respawn Entertainment has finally revealed the map through a gameplay trailer. The trailer showcases the different environments the map features, including areas with lava, snow-covered landscapes, and more. The trailer also implies that there could be environmental effects that will affect gameplay in some areas in the map. Meltdown rolls out October 1st, the same day Season 3 kicks off.

Gears 5’s Iron Price Increased in Some Regions

The Coalition has revealed that prices of Iron in Gears 5 have increased in some regions. The increase was due to a previous pricing error, and will mainly affect those playing outside the United States. The Coalition, however, did not know this firsthand so they failed to inform players ahead of time. “We don’t actually control the MS Store conversion rates of Iron and it appears this was done due to some conversion rates being off,” OctusTC from The Coalition explained in the God of War sureddit.

Dauntless Steps Out of Early Access

The free-to-play monster-hunter-like game Dauntless is finally out of Early Access and launched into a full game. The launch came with a huge update called Aether Unbound. This comes with a new weapon which are called the aether strikers and they are like boxing gloves since they are big fists to put on top of your own fists. The update also comes with a new quest as well as a host of additions as well as fixes. You can check out the complete list in their official site. Dauntless is available on the EGS.

Call of Duty Mobile can be played on the PC

Call of Duty Mobile can now be played on PC using a keyboard and mouse via an emulator. The mobile version of the game is free-to-play and will come with two currencies, a battle pass as well as a battle royale mode. The game is supposed to be played on a phone or tablet but thanks to GameLoop and android emulator, you can play this on a PC which will have a mouse-and-keyboard support because of its “exclusive key mapping”. If the game servers can detect emulator users for matchmaking, that is yet to be seen.

No Man’s Sky Update is for Ultra Wide Monitors

No Man’s Sky is getting an update for people playing the game on ultrawide monitors. The update is now being tested in the opt-in branch and it correctly scales the HUD as well as “other visual elements” for screens that are 21:9 and has 4K. The update also offers players the change to customize their HUD scale as well as adds support for custom resolution scaling in the borderless mode. This also comes with other fixes for bugs. No announcement yet as to when all of these will be rolled out.

Daemon X Machina Content Update Announced

Daemon X Machina will be getting content updates as seen on their site. The schedule for the content update has been posted. For October, a 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 battle mode and ranking for bounties will be available. By November, there will be three collaborations and special Reclaimers for co-op, new weapons and armor, and bosses. By December there will be new Reclaimers for co-op, new weapons and new armor and many more. A soundtrack had also been announced both available on physical cd or digitally.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to get 10 Years Support

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be getting 10 years support as announced by the game’s head Jorg Neumann. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that “if we’re doing this, we’re in it for the long run. You’re in it for the long run”. With that said, Xbox Game Studios and Asobo Studio promised that this version of the game will have 10 years of support. Microsoft Flight Simulator offers “highly detailed and stunning aircrafts”, an “incredibly realistic world”, and so much more. The game will launch by 2020.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire DLC Revealed

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is getting an update called the Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire DLC. This DLC will be bringing to the game Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius. They are known as the Marvel Knights and are part of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order DLC Pack 1 – Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire. This is part of the paid Expansion Pass of the game which also comes with a new mode. A free update is also arriving which will come with new outfits.

Rocket League Twitch Prime Content Packs Detailed

The Twitch Prime content pack for Rocket League is now available and prime members are able to get four Content Packs that are exclusive to them. Members would only need to link their Twitch accounts to their Rocket League platform to get it. Once this is done, the very first Content Pack which has the new Nemesis Battle-Car will unlock immediately. There are four available Twitch Prime packs all in all and each one will unlock on specific days of the player’s journey.

PUBG Lite Coming to Europe Later This Year

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a free-to-play version called PUBG Lite which had debuted in Thailand. The game has been popular in South Asia and plans for it to come to Europe has been announced. The open beta for the game is announced to be launching on October 10th, and it will be available for most European countries including the UK, Russia and even the Vatican City. PUBG Lite is already available in South America, the Middle East, North Africa, and many other locations since January this year.

New Guilty Gear Welcomes Back Axl Low

Axl Low, the punk rocker time-traveling fighter, will be making a comeback in New Guilty Gear, Arc System Works confirmed. His abilities include anti-air attacks as well as sickles that destroy projectiles. The New Guilty Gear will also feature sailor girl May who’s also making a comeback armed with her anchor and accompanied by her sea friends: a dolphin, sea lion, and a whale. She also comes with a revamped look as she’s now sporting a baggy hoodie, and a cap.

Warface Titan Update Revealed

Free-to-play online shooter Warface is set to receive its biggest update. The update is titled Warface: Titan, and it is scheduled to roll out this month on PC. The update adds a new character class, SED — a humanoid robot with unique features such as heavy armor, the ability to climb walls, can be repaired and resurrected by Engineers, and cannot be knocked down by other players and enemy NPCs. Titan also brings unique weapons and achievements, available for SED class only.

Pre-Loading on Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Available Now

Players who purchased a digital copy of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint can start pre-loading the game in preparation for its launch on October 4th. Pre-loading can be done through Uplay, or the Epic Games Store. The pre-load size is at 41.36GB for PC, and includes a Day One patch. Players who pre-ordered the game, or purchased the Gold Edition can get on the action as early as October 1st. The game’s online servers have gone live as of September 30th on all platforms.


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