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AKS Gaming News 24/07/2019

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Will Be Available One Day Early on PC

Good news for PC players! Bethesda has announced that Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be available one day earlier for players on PC. The company has announced via Twitter that the game will be launching globally on PC on July 25th, while the console version will launch July 26th. The game’s Steam store page as well as its Bethesda page still lists the game’s release as July 26th, though.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer to be Revealed in August

Activision and Infinity Ward will be revealing details on all of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes on August 1st. This was announced through Twitter using the official Call of Duty handle. The reveal will be taking place at Infinity Ward’s official Twitch channel, so mark your calendars. So far, only the 2-versus-2 Gunfight small arena mode has been revealed.

Andrey Arshavin Coming to eFootball PES 2020

Former Arsenal FC player Andrey Arshavin has been confirmed as the latest addition to eFootball PES 2020 Legends roster. The addition of Arshavin is thanks to long-term partnerships KONAMI has formed with Juventus FC, Manchester United FC and FC Bayern Munich. Arshavin’s legendary player status was confirmed through his Man of the Match history while he was still with Arsenal FC, where he was one of the players who scored four goals in a single game.

Mortal Kombat 11 Sub-Zero Skin Will Be Free for Players Next Month

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios revealed the new signature Sub-Zero-themed Legendary character skin which was inspired by international DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas. The “Dimitri Vegas as Sub-Zero”character skin will be available for players who own Mortal Kombat 11 as a free download starting August 22nd. This offer is available for players on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. Vegas has previously partnered with the Mortal Kombat 11 team in remixing the franchise’s iconic theme.

Bandai Namco Announces New Characters for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Bandai Namco has confirmed more characters for its upcoming game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Previously, the company has revealed Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan as playable characters, and now the company has also revealed that Krillin, Tien, Chiatotzu, and Yamcha will also be making an appearance in the game. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the work of Japanese developer CyberConnect2 which was also the studio behind the Naruto Shippuden games.

Sky: Children of the Light Announced for PC

Thatgamecompany, the team behind the game Journey, has announced that its latest game, Sky: Children of the Light, will also be coming to PC, although a release window has not been mentioned yet. The game is currently available in iOS, and players on Android devices have already started pre-registration. Thatgamecompany said in a blog post, “We will have more news on tvOS, macOS, PC and Console release soon.”

Overwatch Hero 31 Confirmed

The 31st playable hero in Overwatch has finally been revealed. The new hero is Sigma, and he is described as an “eccentric astrophysicist.” Apparently, he is also unaware that he has been “turning into a living weapon.” Blizzard has not revealed any of his details yet, including his abilities, or even his category, but the company has shared his back story in a short clip. Sigma is the fourth scientist hero, joining Mei, Winston, and Moira.

New Jump Force Updates Released

Jump Force has received updates 1.11 and 1.10. These updates contain tons of fixes and improvements for the game as well as some notable additions. This includes the addition of two playable characters: Kane and Galena, as well as the addition of the new Type D sword fighting style. The updates also added a new Raid Boss Battle online event, as well as Clan Boost. Players can also now purchase Event Tickets through the Shop Counter.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Details Gunsmith Feature

Activision has revealed details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith weapon customization system. Gunsmith allows players to modify their primary and secondary loadout weapons. They will be able to equip other things to their guns like muzzles and sights — doing so will alter the weapon’s stats. Players will be able to equip up to five custom parts at once per weapon, and they can choose from more than five slots. A full reveal of this feature will be taking place on August 1st.

GTA Online Diamond Program Perks Revealed

GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort has opened its doors, and players who are living in luxury in the game can enjoy the perks of living the lifestyle of the rich through the Diamond Program. Players who go all-in are given the Diamond Status, but this status comes with a price. Players must be a Platinum member, and those who complete all casino co-op missions will be rewarded with the Annis S80RR supercar. Players who also host all casino-related missions will get one “highly coveted brand-new vehicle.”

Tekken 7 Sells Four Million Copies

Tekken 7 has sold over four million copies, Bandai Namco has announced on Twitter. The tweet reads: “Over 4 Million players have stepped into the ring! Thank you for your continued support and keep those #TEKKEN7 fights going!” The game first launched in 2015 in Japan, and eventually became available to the west in 2017. The game will also be making its comeback to the esports scene through the EVO tournament next month.

Oninaki Demo Out Now

Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix Co.’s new action role-playing game called Oninaki has a demo available right now. The opening part of the story will be playable in the demo and what’s great about it is that your progress in this demo will be carried over to the full game when it launches on August 22nd. Also, if you pre-order the game digitally from the PlayStation Store, you will get an Emrys spear weapon as well as an exclusive Oninaki dynamic theme.

New Sea of Thieves Patch Notes Revealed

The newest Sea of Thieves patch is here and it is called Black Powder Stashes. The patch is quite long and you will be able to see the complete details on their site. There are a lot of balancing done as well as accessibility improvements. A lot of issues has been fixed and some known issues that have no fix yet has been listed as well. The update also comes with a new mission type called “Voyage”. Patches are will be available monthly for the game, so we can expect more in the following months.

Dragon Age 4 Next Setting Confirmed

An upcoming collection of short stories called Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights may have confirmed the location of the next game, Dragon Age 4. Speculation about this was first made when in the closing storyline of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Inquisitor stabs a knife on the map where the Tevinter Imperium is located. There is no confirmation about this, however, this seems to be the trend for all Dragon Age games. If you’re interested, the collection of short stories will be launched on March 10, 2020.

Sega and Interior Night Partner Up Will No Longer Happen for New Game

The previously announced team-up of Sega and Interior Night for a new game has been discontinued. Both sides did say that their separation is amicable. Interior Night is composed of previous Quantic Dream developers. Their separation with Sega Searchlight was due to strategic reason as explained by CEO Caroline Marchal. Interior Night’s upcoming game which is “an innovative narrative experience, aimed at a mature audience” is still in development and they are searching for a new partner.

NieR: Automata is Discounted on Steam Until August 5

The Game of the Year edition of NieR: Automata called the Game of the YoRHa Edition is at a discount on Steam from now up until August 5th. Right now the game is less 33% from its original price and is only $26.79 dollars. This edition comes with the original game as well as the only DLC that the game has plus more music, items and more boss fights. If you already have the game and is only interested in the DLC, a discount is also available for it, it is now 50% off and is selling for $4.99 dollars.

New Battle Royale Game Watchers to Launch this Year

A new battle royale game with a twist is coming out this year for PC and it is called Watchers. The game is set in suburban America in the 1960s. This will be a 24-player battle royale where the game is not over when you die. Dying in the game will let you become a Watcher and can influence what the final outcome of the game will be. As a Watcher you will first bet on who you think will win the game. You are also able to do a few things for those who are alive like granting speed boosts or even harming a character.

Role Queue to be Added to Overwatch

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan has announced that they will be adding Role Queue to the game’s Quickplay and Competitive modes. The Role Queue will let players choose a role when on the hero-select screen. The roles to choose from are support, damage, and tank. Additionally, this will give a limit to roles in a team. Each team can now only have two supports, two damage, and two tanks. A new player ranking system is also available because of this. The Role Queue will officially start on September 1.

Blacksad Adaptation Launch Delayed

Blacksad: Under The Skin is a game which is about an anthropomorphic detective cat in the 1950s noir will be delayed. Developer Microids previously announced that the game is set to launch on September but the team announced that the game will be pushed back a couple of months. The delay is due to some needed time to polish it further. Blacksad is based on the popular graphic novel of the same name. Blacksad: Under The Skin will now be launching on November 5 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Rainbow Six Siege Landowner Skin Still Available for Those who Failed Challenge

Players were unable to complete last week’s Rainbow Six Siege community challenge. This was the Sharpshooter Challenge where players were tasked to reach 6 million headshots in just one week. Nobody was able to complete it, with the best players only reaching half of the target goal. The developers said that it was their fault and it was a miscalculation at their end. The result then is that the supposed reward which is a Landowner weapon skin will be given to all who have joined regardless.

Football Manager 2019 Reaches 2 Million Mark

Football Manager 2019 reached a milestone as it has exceeded two million in sales across all its platforms. Game Director, Miles Jacobson made the announcement and said that this was the first time ever for the series. Also note that these numbers reflect the whole Football Manager 2019 family including Football Manager 2019, Football Manager Mobile 2019, and Football Manager Touch 2019. The game first launched in November of 2018 which means it took them about eight months to hit the goal.

Real-time Ray Tracing Not Supported in Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be launching next month and the game’s executive producer Jerk Gustafsson confirmed that the game will not be supporting real-time ray tracing at launch. However, MachineGames and Nvidia are currently working to implement this. Gustafsson said that the “engineers at Nvidia are still hard at work getting that solution to look as good as possible for the game”. No details were given as to what effects ray-tracing will be used at but we will know more soon.


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