Wolfenstein Youngblood Game Length and Other Details Revealed

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Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood had a great E3 showing — Bethesda showed off a new trailer and attendees got some hands-on time with the game. VentureBeat also got to talk to Machine Games executive producer Jerk Gustafsson who revealed just how long the game is estimated to be, as well as other details.

Gustafsson said that despite Youngblood being their biggest game, it’s production time was pretty short. Given that, if a player tries to “play through everything”, they should get about 25 to 30 hours of gameplay. That’s almost double compared to previous games. The game itself is presented in a non-linear manner, so Machine Games was able to add several activities and missions for players to do.

In case you missed the E3 trailer, have a gander below:

Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Official E3 2019 Trailer


As for the co-op, Gustafsson said two players made sense for the project given the amount of time they had to develop it and the fact that Anya was pregnant with twins. There are stealth mechanics born out of Youngblood’s co-op setup, where you can see one of the girls getting all the attention while her sister stays in the shadows. There are enemies though that cannot be killed off with a stealth finisher, specifically the “heavily-armed” ones.

Also, it seems the sisters won’t have character-specific abilities. Gustafsson describes the co-op experience as “a lot more like Halo co-op than Destiny co-op”. Of course, this does not affect the personalities of both girls and you can expect quite a bit of banter between the two.

Wolfenstein Youngblood is set to launch on July 26th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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