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AKS Gaming News 17/06/2019

Ys 9 Gets First Full-Length Trailer

Nihon Falcom has released the first full-length trailer for Ys 9 Monstrum Nox. In it, we see bits of gameplay that showcase just how big the game’s environments are. We also see the Monstrum characters and their special abilities. A red-haired Monstrum was shown but there is no confirmation of whether this is series protagonist Adol or not. In previously released screenshots, Adol is seen sporting blue hair to hide his identity. Ys 9 releases in Japan on September 26th for the PS4. No western release date has been announced.

Alien Isolation is Coming to Switch

Horror adventure Alien Isolation is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Feral Interactive is porting the game to the hybrid console and will be releasing it later this year. Alien Isolation first launched back in 2015 and was praised for its intense atmosphere and the antagonist’s AI. The Witcher 3 is also coming to Switch and will only be able to run at 720p while the system is docked. Alien Isolation isn’t as graphically-intensive as The Witcher 3, so it’ll be interesting to see how it will look and play on the Switch.

A Plague Tale Innocence to Get Photo Mode Before Month Ends

Asobo Studio will be adding a Photo Mode to their gripping puzzle adventure, A Plague Tale Innocence, by the end of the month. This should be exciting for fans as the game’s environments are gorgeous and should make for some very captivating photos. Just be wary of rats photo-bombing your selfies. The game also recently added support for Japanese subtitles with Korean subtitles on their way soon. A Plague Tale Innocence launched back in May and is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Auto Chess Getting Stand-Alone Game and It’s an Epic Games Store Exclusive

Hit mobile game Auto Chess will be getting a PC version and it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Ironically, the game started out as a custom mode for Valve’s DOTA 2. DOTA 2 Auto Chess became such a big deal when it came out that Valve eventually wanted to make a stand-alone game out of it. Unfortunately, developer Drodo and Valve couldn’t reach an agreement and Drodo ended up looking elsewhere. Meanwhile, Riot Games has also implemented their own version of Auto Chess in League of Legends called Teamfight Tactics.

Iron Harvest Backers Concerned with Shenmue 3 EGS Exclusivity Deal

After Deep Silver announced that Shenmue 3 had become an Epic Games Store exclusive, Kickstarter backers of another Deep Silver game, Iron Harvest, have expressed concerns about the game’s release. KingArt Games community manager Sheep_wielder has responded by saying that their team is still committed to everything they promised to backers, including the game’s availability on both Steam and GOG. However, he added that no decision has been made about Epic Games Store exclusivity so they cannot say anything else right now.

Standalone Mod Doom Remake 4 Development Ceased

A standalone mod for the original Doom called Doom Remake 4 has stopped development. Mod creator vasyan777 says that he got a Cease and Desist letter from Zenimax. The mod would have brought high resolution textures, 3D models for all objects and enemies, a new HUD, support for the Vulkan API, and mods that upped the brutality even more. vasyan777 went as far as changing the mod so it required a copy of Doom to play, but Zenimax still rejected the project. As such, Doom Remake 4’s ModDB page has been taken down.

Wasteland 3 to Launch in Spring 2020

inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver have revealed that Wasteland 3 is set to launch for PC in Spring of next year. In August of this year, backers of the game who pledged in First Access as well as in the highest tiers will be able to join the closed alpha. In Autumn 2019, all backer tiers, except the Correspondent tier, will be able to join the Early Access beta. Wasteland 3 is a post-apocalyptic game set in Colorado.

WRC 8 Gets Nod From Professional Drivers

Bigben and Kylotonn released a video for WRC 8 for E3 2018 featuring e-sports player and US rally driver Sean Johnston and his co-driver Alex Kihurani. The video shows both drivers trying out WRC 8. Both drivers also shared their professional opinion about the game. The drivers cited the game’s physics as well as how different the game feels as compared to previous releases as impressive features of the game. A nod from pro racers means this is one racing simulation game to watch out for.

New Ring of Elysium Game Mode Teased

Aurora Studio teased some details on Ring of Elysium’s upcoming game mode. The new game mode is scheduled to drop later this month. Aurora said the new mode will be different from the existing battle royale mode and was inspired by Night Mode which the studio previously released. The new mode’s area won’t be shrinking, so players can expect more intense battles. There won’t be blood packs, and players can’t just hide in order to win.

Joker From Persona Will Come to Catherine: Full Body

Joker from the Persona franchise will be coming to Catherine: Full Body as a DLC. The DLC is part of the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition. As Joker, players will be climbing the tower while Phantom Thieves cheer them on. This DLC will also allow players to play as Joker in Catherine: Full Body’s multiplayer mode. After the game is officially released on September 3rd, the DLC will be available for purchase as a standalone item.

Planet Zoo Release Date Announced

The release date for Planet Zoo has been revealed. The game will be launching exclusively for PC on November 5, 2019. Planet Zoo is a game created by the team behind Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution. Players who pre-order the game will be able to get access to its beta later this year, as well as “add the Komodo Dragon, Pygmy Hippopotamus, and Thomson’s Gazelle to their zoos at launch.”

Insurgency Sandstorm Roadmap Revealed

Developer New World Interactive revealed its roadmap for Insurgency Sandstorm for the next six months. The game will be getting two new maps, one of which is set in a snowy environment. Also on the way are fan-requested night versions of the game’s existing maps, as well as nighttime equipment. The developers are also working on more attachments. Frontline will also be added to PvP, while Outpost will be included in PvE. Mod tools are also in the works.

FF7 Remake Playable on the PS5

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 will be playable on the PlayStation 5, according to Square Enix. “I believe that our teams have made it so that the game will support both the next generation and the current generation of consoles,” says Square Enix president and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda. Matsuda did not confirm though whether the game will be playable as a backwards compatibility title, or will be a part of the new consoles, or will be released on the consoles itself.

Monster Hunter World: iceborn to Launch in September

Monster Hunter: World is set for Winter. Its upcoming major expansion, Iceborne, is set to arrive September 6th on Steam. The expansion promises to bring players to a whole new world that’s full of powerful monsters and more challenging master rank quests. It also features a new story that “continues on from the ending of Monster Hunter: World.” Iceborne also features new hunting actions, new headquarters, and many more!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Won’t Be an Xbox Exclusive in the West

Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to the West, Microsoft announced back at E3. During the reveal, it was said that the game will be available via PC and Xbox One, however, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that the game won’t be an Xbox One exclusive. According to Spencer, it was Sega who “was primarily… responsible for it.” Spencer said that the game will eventually be available to other platforms when it launches in the West next Spring.

Mortal Kombat 11 Update Uncensor’s Kabal’s Screamer Brutality

There’s no doubt that Kabal’s screaming brutality is very shocking. It involves Kabal taking off his mask and showing a harrowing image of what’s underneath it as he scream at his foe’s face. This initially prompted NetherRealm to censor his screaming face, but it has since changed. The latest update for Mortal Kombat 11 has actually uncensored Kabal’s screamer brutality face, removing the pixelated censor that once covered it. Also with the update are other new mystery brutalities.

Valve Reveals Auto Chess-Inspired Game Dota Underlords

Valve has unveiled its next game — the Dota Auto Chess-inspired Dota Underlords. Underlords was previously a workshop mod for Dota 2, but Valve has since developed it into a full game. There’s currently a closed beta for players who own a Dota Battle Pass. It is not clear when the closed beta will end, but soon all players will get to try the game through an open beta that will be running soon.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Gadgets for Season 3 Leaked

Operator gadgets for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4, Season 3 have leaked. The leak came from one ResetEra member and known leaker Kormora. The leaks suggest that the attacker will get a grappling hook that will allow him to go through windows, and grapple up top hatches. The defender, on the other hand, gets a deployable shield that has a canister that spreads fire around when it is destroyed. Ubisoft is yet to confirm or deny these leaks.

New Overcooked 2 DLC Out Now

Overcooked 2’s new DLC is out now! The Night of the Hangry Horde DLC features eight new horde levels as well as new recipes and new characters. The most important part of this DLC is the new horde mode which features eight new horde wave levels. Also included is the ability for players to repair their castles and unlock shortcut gates using the coins they earn. Night of the Hangry Horde is available as part of the game’s season pass, or as a separate purchase.

Rumors Say Blizzard is Reducing World of Warcraft’s Max Level

One user in Reddit posted screen captures of what looks like a survey for World of Warcraft. The questions specifically point to reducing the game’s level cap, and the way the questions are worded suggest that it has already been settled on. The question goes Are you aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future (ie Level Squish)? Another question said the level cap will dramatically be lowered and asked players how much they like or dislike it. Blizzard is yet to comment on this.

XCOM Creator’s New Game Revealed

Julian Gollop, the father of XCOM, has a new game called Phoenix Point. Phoenix Point is a turn-based and world-based strategy game where players will face an alien force. The aliens have the ability to take away DNA from different species which they can use to alter themselves and use these to counter tactics players will use against them. Phoenix Point will also feature a procedurally-generated system that will bring surprises in the battlefield. The game will be launching in September for PC and Xbox One.

Hollow Knight: Silksong Features 150 New Enemies

Nintendo has revealed during one of its recent Nintendo Treehouse streams that Hollow Knight: Silksong will be featuring over 150 new enemies. The gameplay revealed during the Treehouse stream showed some of the enemies like cute caterpillars and some are flies. Another enemy shown is a flea, and another one looks goofy with a bell on his head. Hollow Knight: Silksong is yet to receive a release date, but it is confirmed to be coming for PC and Nintendo Switch.


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