PC Gaming Show will bring Over 30 Presenters to E3 2019

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PC Gaming Show 2019

PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show will return at E3 this year and it’s promising to bring over 30 presenters on stage for its press conference. This will be the fourth showing for the PC-focused sub-event since it first made its debut back in 2015.

So just who can we expect to take the stage during this year’s PC Gaming Show? We won’t list all of them here as that would be too lengthy, but here are some highlights straight from host PC Gamer themselves:

  • Rebellion Developments — Evil Genius 2, unannounced game
  • Donkey Crew — Last Oasis
  • Tripwire Interactive — Maneater, other projects
  • Gearbox Software — Borderlands 3
  • Paradox Interactive — Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, Age of Wonders Planetfall
  • Digital Extremes — Warframe Empyrean (expansion)
  • Frontier Developments — Planet Zoo
  • Chucklefish Limited — unannounced game

PC Gamer is also promising surprises from the following:

  • Fatshark
  • Funcom
  • Re-Logic
  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Raw Fury
  • Fellow Traveller
  • Coffee Stain Studios

And, to add up to the excitement, the organizers are teasing that two more studios that can’t be named yet will be showing up with “secret stuff”.

If all those names got you hyped up, you’ll want to remember these details so you don’t miss the show:

You can also bookmark this article for easy access to the links on June 10th. See you there!


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