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AKS Gaming News 03/06/2019

Riot hanging Balance Criteria for League of Legends

It looks like Riot Games will finally be dropping their controversial stance on balance being determined by high-level play. This means that when League of Legends receives balance tweaks, Riot would have considered its entire audience rather than just those on the top ten per cent. Riot admitted that their balance efforts have fallen short over the past year when it comes to new and updated champions, and thus they’ve decided to put new systems in place to better accommodate their entire audience.

Classic D&D PC RPGs Coming to Consoles this Fall

Beamdog and Skybound Games have partnered up to bring several classic Dungeons & Dragons PC role-playing games to consoles. Dubbed as “D&D Classics Enhanced”, these ports will allow PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch players to experience the enhanced versions of 5 legendary titles. Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 all release on September 27th. Neverwinter Nights follows on December 6th. These games will be available both as digital downloads and physical copies.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Different Edition Inclusions Revealed

Activision has revealed the bonuses for all Call of Duty Modern Warfare editions. The Operator Edition will include the base game, a custom in-game tactical knife, a prestige token for Black Ops 4, and the Operator Pack which includes three themed operator packs. Each operator pack includes an operator skin, a cosmetic weapon variant, and other additional items. The Precision Edition is physical-only and will include a Steelbook, custom controller thumbsticks and skin, and everything that comes with the Operator Edition.

Destiny 2 Shader Bug Finally Getting Fixed in Season of Opulence

A really annoying Destiny 2 bug, that has definitely gone unfixed longer than it should have, will finally be remedied when the Season of Opulence update drops. The really common bug causes the ‘apply’ progress to cut out right before completion when trying to apply a shader. It’s not such a big deal when thought about in context, but the bug is so common and has been present for so long that it’s surprising Bungie took a long time to fix it. Season of Opulence will run from June to August.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot will Feature Support for DirectX Raytracing

Activision has revealed that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot will feature support for DirectX Raytracing or DXR on PC. Not only that, but the game will also feature some form of ray tracing for audio as well. Unfortunately, Activision did not reveal where raytracing will be used for graphics, whether it’ll be for global illumination, shadows or reflections, or maybe even all three. Support for DXR also means that Infinity Ward has upgraded the IW Engine to support DirectX 12 to fit DXR requirements.

Guillermo del Toro Lends Only His Likeness to Death Stranding

Guillermo del Toro previously said that his role in Death Stranding was that of a “puppet”. Now, we know just what he means after Hideo Kojima revealed more details about the game on Twitter. Del Toro’s head, body and facial expressions were 3D scanned to provide the likeness for Deadman, but someone else will be providing the voice and acting for the character. If you’re worried about Sam and Cliff, don’t be. Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen will provide not just their likenesses, but also their acting and voice talents to their characters.

First-Person Puzzler Lightmatter Alpha Playtest Live Now

Tunnel Vision Games is running an alpha playtest for their first-person puzzle game, Lightmatter. In the game, players will need to escape the laboratory of a mad inventor, played by David Bateson of Hitman-fame, by manipulating light sources and avoiding the deadly shadows. As the narrator in its trailer says, “Think ‘the floor is lava,’ just with shadows that kill you.” If that premise piques your interest, you can head to to try out the alpha. Lightmatter’s full release is planned for later this year.

Post-Launch Content for Call of Duty Modern Warfare will Still Come to PS4 Earlier

Bad news for COD fans on PC and Xbox One: Sony has revealed that this year’s entry, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reboot, will still be getting post-launch content earlier on PlayStation 4 compared to other platforms. It’ll take seven days, to be exact, for new content to land on PC and Xbox One. A lot of fans were surprised by the announcement seeing as how Activision has promised cross-platform play. Having different versions will surely make cross-play difficult, to say the least.

Kickstarter Campaign for New R-Type Game Kicking Off Next Week

Granzella has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for R-Type Final2 will go live on June 3rd at 5 PM BST or 6 PM CEST. The devs will only run the campaign for a week to get additional funds needed to make the new entry in the long-running side-scrolling shooter series. Final2 was first announced earlier this year, with the teaser trailer released on April Fool’s Day. This was definitely no prank though. R-Type Final2 will feature multiple customizable vessels and is planned to release on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

Killer Queen Black Set to Release in Q4 2019

Killer Queen, the competitive team-based action game from 2013, will be getting an updated version that’s set to release for PC, Xbox One and Switch later this year. Dubbed Killer Queen Black, the new version will sport updated visuals, new modes and soundtrack, and cross-play between all its platforms. Physical versions will also be available for both Xbox One and Switch, with the latter including custom Joy-Con skins. No solid release date has been announced, but it is planned to launch sometime in the Q4 2019.

Unofficial Doom Episode ‘Sigil’ from John Romero Out Now

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Sigil, the fifth unofficial episode for Doom from Doom co-creator John Romero, is finally out. The Megawad, which is what a robust Doom mod is called, was supposed to launch back in February but manufacturing delays for the physical version caused Romero to push the digital release back as well. Sigil picks the story up right where Episode 4 ends and adds 9 new levels packed with more details than those in the original. Sigil’s digital version is free and works with most versions of the original Doom.

Minecraft Story Mode will be Removed From the Stores Soon

The Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 and 2 are being delisted. The reason behind this is because of the closure of the publisher Telltale. Previously some Telltale games had been removed in the digital storefronts with an announcement that all of their games will be removed soon. Minecraft: Story Mode is part of the Telltale Games Series and it will no longer be supported by June 25, 2019. Those who have the game are adviced to download all remaining episodes before it gets removed from the stores.

Rainbow Six Siege to Handle Next Gen Consoles as High-end PCs

Ubisoft is planning to make the big leap to the next generation consoles with Rainbow Six Siege. But they would also want to preserve their existing player bases on all their platforms. The brand director of the game, Alexandre Remy said that they are not considering a sequel for the game instead they would want a Siege version that can run on the next gen consoles and work well with the current ones that are now available. Remy further said that they do not want to segregate the community.

Fallout 76 Anticipated Negative Reaction for Game

When Fallout 76 was launched it was not warmly accepted by gamers. Todd Howard the director of Bethesda said that they were ready for the negative reaction since they know that Fallout 76 is not like any other Fallout game that they released. He even added that a lot of the criticism that they received were actually well-deserved. One thing that they were able to learn from the experience is that they should’ve kept the game on an early access or a beta much longer than they did.

Overpowered League of Legends Champions can be Identified by New Method

Riot was able to devise a new method in which they are able to identify League of Legends champions that are overpowered. Design Manager of the game David Capurro shared the plans on how they would be tackling this with a systematic approach. There will be four distinct categories where if a champion is considered overpowered for any of the groups then they are considered overpowered. Do note that their approach is only to identify overpowered champions and not how they will be balanced.

Hideo Kojima Shared Milestones for Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima, the developer of the upcoming Death Stranding was able to share some key milestones that led him to have his own studio called Kojima Productions and his mysterious game. Kojima shared that the idea of Death Stranding started out in January of 2016. The whole list of the milestone can be seen via his Tweet which includes when his studio was established, when the first trailer went out, when he met Norman for the main role and so much more. Death Stranding will launch on November 8th.

Dota 2 Auto Chess Releases $1 Custom Pass

A $1 USD Custom Pass for Dota 2 Auto Chess is now available and it will last you 30 days. This will come with a lot of gold trim like a golden border for your avatar, gold paint for your chat message as well as a gold effect on your damage projectiles. This will also come with a Baby Roshan courier as your chess player and you will also be given the right to vote on the chess pieces that need to be rebalanced. The pass also includes a first win bonus which comes with 5 bonus candy.

Celeste DLC Called Chapter 9 Includes 100 Levels

Celeste is getting a huge DLC called Chapter 9 which will come with over 100 levels. The creator of the game Matt Thorson actually announced that the DLC in development last year, saying that it will be available early 2019. It had been pushed back and no release dates are given yet. The DLC will come with levels that are actually harder than the rest of the game. It will come with new strawberries, new items, and new mechanics. The DLC is absolutely free and is available on all platforms.

New Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer Suggests New Playable Characters as Ash and the Terminator

A new Mortal Kombat 11 trailer has been shared for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack and it features Shang Tsung as well as his ability to shapeshift. It also shows several characters that will be arriving with the DLC which are Sindel, Nightwolf, and Spawn plus two more guests. The two more characters are believed to be The Terminator and Ash from the Evil Dead. Both characters had been suggested by a dataminer but none were confirmed as of yet.

Hitman 2 June Roadmap Shared

IO Interactive has shared their June roadmap for Hitman 2. The theme is “Greed Kills” and it will come with a lot of new content like a Challenge Pack, Featured Contracts, Escalation Contracts as well as a new Double Elusive Target. A new sandbox location will also be available called The Bank and this will come on June 25th. The Bank’s new campaign mission is called the Golden Handshake which will bring Agent 47 to the United States specifically an investment bank.

Retro Arcade Game Alpine Ski Comes to Nintendo Switch

The classic 8-bit Alpine Ski is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The game first launched in 1981 in the arcades by developer Taito. It’s a simple skiing game that will have players guiding their character through three different events which are a downhill ski, a slalom course, as well as a ski jump. This can be played with two players both vying for the highest score. The game is available at $8 USD which is actually the same prize as with other more current games.

Slime Rancher Gets Free Update This June 18th

Slime Rancher is getting a free update on June 18 which is called Viktor’s Experimental Update. This will launch alongside a ‘style pack’ DLC. The new update will bring players to a simulated Far, Far Range that has new gadgets and slime. This will revolve around Viktor Humphries’ simulation that has bugs which are glitched slime codes. You have to catch and quarantine these slime and give bug reports to Viktor which you can exchange for new updated gadgets.


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