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AKS Gaming News 23/05/2019

Cities: Skylines Launches New Campus Expansion

Colossal Order has finally released the Campus Expansion for their city-builder simulation game, Cities: Skylines. The expansion comes bearing all the necessary requisites for developing a reputable institution and managing all the variables therein. You can build universities, trade schools and liberal arts colleges. Hire staff and see students matriculate as you nurture them into sound members of society. The game and expansion are available in the Steam store.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons To Launch On Nintendo Switch

Starbreeze Studios is proud to announce that Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons will be available for the Nintendo Switch as of May 28, 2019. Currently, the 2013 story-driven adventure game is available on almost all platforms baring the mentioned console. Now Switch users can say finally, they too will have the pleasure of playing through the award-winning title. In addition, there will be a co-op mode exclusive to the Nintendo Switch that allows each player to control one brother with a Joy-Con.

Man Of Medan Release Date Announced

Supermassive Games has released a new trailer for its upcoming anthology series, The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan. The trailer shows the aftermath of a traumatic and fatal occurrence on a ship. The lights flicker as the camera slowly pans throughout the creepy scenery which is accented by soft yet chilling background music. The game encourages players-choice but warns there are major consequences to each one. The game release on August 30, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Grid Reboot to Launch in September

Codemasters pleasantly surprised the fans when it announced its plans to reboot the Grid series later this year. In doing so, the developers aim to replicate all the variables that made the first instalment so highly celebrated by the players. You will get to race on four different continents on some of the world’s most popular cities and race circuits. The best part is, you will do so in vehicles of the GT, Touring, Muscle, and Super-Modified classes. The game is due out on September 13, 2019.

Blizzard Talks About Diablo Immortal Reveal

J. Allen Brack recently did an interview with IGN where he stated that the studio learned “A huge number of lessons” from the Diablo Immortal reveal of last year. When the studio had revealed Diablo Immortal, it was met with a horrible reception from the fans, particularly because it was a mobile game. He outlined their inability to articulate that they are a PC gaming company and will remain as such as one of the chief lessons learned.

Judgment to Launch in Japanese Stores this July

Sega announced that Judgment will be returning to Japanese stores on July 18 of this year. Major drug allegations plagued the character of actor Pierre Taki which resulted in the game being pulled from shelves to be edited. Now the drop date announcement is accompanied by a new trailer in which a replaced actor is brandished. Thankfully, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios changed the character design for all releases and now it will not be long before Japanese gamers can buy the game again.

American Fugitive Launches New Trailer Revealed

Fallen Tree Games Ltd has officially announced that American Fugitive is out now. A gameplay trailer was also released for the title and critics have already likened it to Grand theft Auto as its story follows a similar plot and the gameplay concept are somewhat synonymous. Being compared to a juggernaut like Grand theft auto might not necessarily be a bad thing as long as the game is good. If you would like to indulge in the seemingly GTA inspired top-down action game, it is available Steam and Humble for PC.

Phantom: Covert Ops Announced

Oculus VR game Phantom: Covert Ops has been announced and it looks very cool and unique. It’s a tactical stealth-action game in which players are tasked with infiltrating an enemy base in an effort to prevent all-out war. This is a normal premise for a good game only, in Phantom: Covert Ops, the entire game is played inside of a kayak. Players will have to manually paddle the kayak throughout the flooded military bases as they complete assigned objectives. An official release date is yet to be announced.

Yoomurjak’s Ring Now Available On Steam

A Hungarian FMV game named Yoomurjak’s Ring has finally made its way to Steam, 15 years after its official release. Being well over a decade years old, it is safe to say the game has withstood the test of time. It is a tried definition of longevity as even now it continues to make forward strides. The news also came with a trailer bearing scenes and music reminiscent of the 1980s. Grab your copy from Steam and begin enjoying the interactive-storytelling for which the game has received numerous awards.

New Sims 4 Mod Adds World of Warcraft Warchief as a Career

There has been a new mod for Sims 4 that includes the World of Warcraft’s Warchief as a Career option. N.Blightcaller has created two versions of this career mod. The main one is more focused on roleplaying and requires the Get To Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat, and Spa Day expansions. There are many different mods for the game that are truly remarkable as they capture some of the most creative imaginations; The Warchief mod is no exception.

Saber Interactive Asks Valve if They Can Remake Half-Life

Saber Interactive aspires to remake Half-Life 2 and has asked for Valve’s blessing but the request was denied. Saber’s CEO Matthew Karch said he humbly reached out Gabe Newell personally and was told that if there was to ever be a Half-Life 2 remake, it would be developed internally. This did not say whether or not valve intended to ever remake the beloved Half-Life sequel but it would appear fans will not be receiving a remake until valve says otherwise.

Mario Kart Tour Beta Has Players Concerned About Loot Mechanics

Mario Kart Tour is currently in its closed beta and a few chosen testers who were able to pre-register were able to test the game. The early impressions of the beta testers are actually giving us some ideas on what to expect in the game. All in all, it looks like the best tracks and the best racers are there, the game mechanics look stripped down and simple and there could be microtransactions involved. Instead of unlockable racers, the game has a free-to-play loot mechanic for earning those.

Upcoming Dogfighter Spin-off Space Assault Delayed

34BigThings has announced that they will be delaying the spin-off of their anti-grav racer Redout. The new game is called Space Assault and it was previously planned to launch by the first quarter of 2019. The game had been first revealed during E3 2018 and a gameplay trailer had been launched by the end of that year. Now, the developers shared in a blog post that they will be delaying the game and are not sure yet when they will be releasing it as it has not yet reached its full potential.

Planet Coaster To Have Ghostbusters DLC

Planet Coaster has announced its upcoming DLC which will actually be a Ghostbusters DLC. It will come with an interactive Ghostbusters Experience ride, a Slimer-themed RollerGhoster, the Ghostbusters HQ, as well as the ECTO-1. Also, Planet Coaster was able to get Dan Akroyd to voice his original character Raymond Stantz, and William Atherton will play as Walter Peck. The rights to the original Ghostbuster’s theme by Ray Parker Jr has also been acquired. For now, no release date has been given.

Metro Exodus Recover All Investment Costs

In THQ Nordic’s latest financial report, they said that the game Metro Exodus was able to recover all investment costs made for it. Metro Exodus was able to sell so well that it was able to exceed the company’s expectations for it. Because of this great feat, THQ Nordic said that they were able to sign another deal to publish the next game from 4A Games. No news as of yet as to what the next game from 4A Games will be it’s just that THQ Nordic is sure to have the funds for it.

League of Legends Headed To Mobile

It looks like developer Riot Games will be bringing their popular MOBA, League of Legends to mobile. However, both Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Riot Games did not give any comments about this. According to Reuters, a source said that the developers had been working on the mobile version of League of Legends for over a year now and that it probably won’t release this year. This could be a move to further monetize the game since it was not doing as well as it previously had.

Gladiabots Steps Out of Early Access

Developer GFX47 has launched their robosport programming game from early access to a full game. The game is called Gladiabots which is a hands-off strategy game. Players will have a squad of 4 to 8 killbots which they have to program in order to fit the play-mode. It may sound intimidating but the game is actually friendly even to those who have never coded. There will be a flowchart as well as a lot of tutorials and solo challenges to hone your skills. Gladiabots is available on Steam and

Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Announced

Team Ninja shared a new trailer for their upcoming game Nioh 2. The trailer is a closed alpha trailer where we get to see some new characters, both a male and female samurai. We also get to see new weapons which include a nodachi-style blade, duel-wielded axes, a nigata and so much more. The game’s alpha test will start on Saturday, May 25 and will run up until June 2. Right now, there is no information as to how to join the alpha test, but some PlayStation 4 players would get an invite to play in the alpha.

The Division 2’s Dark Hours Raid to Remain the Same

The Division 2’s Dark Hours raid is hard and some players are complaining about it. The very first PC players to finish the raid took them 5 hours and on the consoles, it took them three days. Developers for the game said that they are open to changes in the game however when it comes to the raid specifically, they are not planning any balance changes for right now. The endgame challenge was supposed to be hard, in fact, it is designed to be the “toughest challenge in the history of the franchise”.

Fortnite Sports Jordans

We are seeing Jordans being sported in Fortnite as part of the game’s latest LTM event. The event is called Downtown Drop which offers new cosmetics in the Fortnite store including the famous shoes. You might expect the theme of the game to be on Basketball because of Micheal Jordan but the theme is mostly about skateboarding. With the character items come an exclusive set of free challenges that will offer rewards based on the Micheal Jordan promotion. This event will end on June 3rd.

Super Neptunia RPG Announces Limited Edition

Super Neptunia RPG from developers Artisan Studio is getting a limited collectors edition which will come with a lot of goodies. The collector’s edition will come with a steelbook casing as well as a set of playing cards that feature series classics like Nep, Vert, Noire and many more. There will also be a double-disc soundtrack, a hardcover art book, an adorable plushie of Puddingo and it is all encased in a fancy box. This will be available in North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28.

World War Z Sold 2 Million In A Month

According to publisher Focus Home Interactive, the co-op zombie shooter World War Z was able to sell almost 2 million copies in their first month of release. The game launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 16th. The PC version of the game had been an Epic Game Store exclusive. As of May 2, the game was able to sell 320,000 units in the Epic Game Store. Matthew Karch of Saber Interactive also announced that they once had 70,000 people playing the game across all platforms.


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