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AKS Gaming News 01/05/2019

Medieval Game Mordhau Launched With A Few Server Problems

The multiplayer melee medieval game called Mordhau is now available. It feels like a mix of Mount & Blade: Warband, For Honor and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The game launched with a few server problems so the developers had no choice but to cut down the matches to 48 players until it gets fixed. Aside from the multiplayer mode, the game also has a co-op horde mode which allows players to play with friends or bots online for practice. Mordhau is available on Steam for £21.49, €22.49, $26.99.

A Dark Room Pulled From Nintendo Switch Because Of Hidden Code

A Dark Room which is a text-based, RPG, was removed from the Nintendo Switch eshop after its developer, Amir Rajan posted that he left a code editor in the game that can create apps. Rajan said in his post that all players would need to do is connect a USB keyboard and press the tilde key which will bring them to the Ruby programming language making every consumer bought Switch into a Ruby machine. He even asked the people to share the information. Rajan “deeply regrets” how everything is blown up.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Can Now Be Played Via First Person View

Thanks to a new update for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, players can now enjoy the game in a first-person view. The game’s VR mode had been previously made available so that players are able to enjoy the magnificent views of the game and will then revert back to the normal third-person view. It had only been just a matter of time that someone was able to take the first person functionality to a whole new different level. This new mod will come with three modes.

Stardew Valley Will Be Getting A Multiplayer Update

Stardew Valley will be getting an update 1.4. This will be a multiplayer update which will come with some quality of life features. One of which is getting to keep your own cash instead of having your currency being pooled together between each player in the multiplayer mode. Also, if you died in the game, and dropped the items on your inventory, you can now ask the guy who runs the Adventurer’s Guild to retrieve them and just pay his fee. No announcement yet as to when this update will launch.

Forth Fortnite Rune Activates Volcano

Its seems like Fortnite’s Season 9 is getting closer as some new world events could be connected to this. One world event that is connected to the mysterious runes is the activation of the volcano when the fourth rune had been placed in its slot in the vault underneath Loot Lake. The volcano started to emit smoke which was actually confused as a tornado. As with the past seasons of the game, all these are surely signaling the coming of the game’s 9th season. We will know more soon.

Overwatch League Hosted In The Allen Event Center Proves Power Of Geolocation

Overwatch League had been hosted outside the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California for the first time ever. The event happened at the Allen Event Center thanks to the Dallas Fuel. The event had been a hit having all 4,500 tickets sold out each day with a lot of sponsorship activations. The tickets ranged from 35 dollars to 145 dollars. This new step actually displays the power of the game’s geolocation and would probably have more “home” matches available at a sooner date.

Dota Auto Chess Gets Final Patch For The Season

Dota Auto Chess gets its final patch for the season. The game had been steadily increasing over the past few months gaining more than 8 million subscribers in on the Steam Workshop. The new patch adds two familiar faces to the game. The first one is the Troll Priest called Dazzle who had the Priest bonus. The other familiar face is Io, which is a Legendary unit, meaning, Io doesn’t have any class and acts like a wild card. The complete patch notes can be seen in the game’s official site.

Slightly Mad Studios Was Not Able To Secure Mad Box Trademark

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer of Project Cars, were not able to secure the trademark for ‘Mad Box’. Mad Box, they claim would be the “most powerful console ever built” having 4K capabilities and is VR-compatible. Slightly Mad Studios filed for the ‘Mad Box’ trademark on January 3 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office or EUIPO. However, they were stopped by a French Studio of the same name, Madbox. The French studio said that there could be a confusion between the two.

The 12 Teams Of The Clash Royale League Announced

The Clash Royale League in New West Region has been announced! The Teams include Immortals, compLexity Gaming, Tribe Gaming, and NRG Esports coming from last season’s North American region. And back from the last year’s European region are Team Queso, SK Gaming, Team Liquid, Dignitas, Fnatic, Misfits. The last two comes from the Latin American region Cream Esports, and paiN Gaming. These 12 teams will fight for the 1 million dollar prize pool which will be held on the Spring and Fall seasons.

Possible New Item To Launch In Fornite Before Season 8 Ends

Fortnite still has one more update coming before Season 8 finally wraps up. The developers were not able to make any announcements as of yet but we are able to get an early look at a possible item to be launched. An image had been posted in Fortnite’s in-game News feed showing an item called the Shadow Bomb. This has been listed as ‘coming soon’ which we assume to be arriving as a part of the week’s update. The item description reads as “stealth and utility make for a surprise.

Minecraft Studio Mojang To Donate 100,000 Dollars To Charity

Minecraft studio, Mojang promised to donate 100,000 dollars if their newest map called The Travelling Trader has been downloaded 100,000 times. And lo and behold, the downloads were able to reach that in just one day! The 100,000 dollar donation will go to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that works hard to make drinking water safe and accessible to developing countries. Mojang shared that the 100,000 dollar donation will be able to help and estimate of 3,300 people!

Black Ops 4’s Spectre Rising Update Floods Blackout’s Map

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s third major DLC update, Spectre Rising, is now available on the PlayStation 4. It will be available for PC and Xbox One at a later date. The update brings some changes to the game’s Blackout mode. The new Specialist Spectre blew up the Hydro Dam, flooding the areas in the map. This means that players will have opportunities to fight underwater, like in Turbine and Rivertown. This also means players can ride speed boats that can be found all over the map.

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Necromancer Class Featured in Trailer

The new Necromancer class will be joining The Elder Scrolls Online once its Elsweyr expansion launches on June 4th. The new trailer featuring the Necromancer shows its abilities and lore. Necromancers have the power to “cast spells, bind souls into service, and use lesser Daedric spirits to reanimate corpses.” Their powers will put them in interesting situations in the game, as Necromancy is not accepted in Tamrielic society. Bringing the dead back will scare NPCs and even guards so it could pose as an advantage, too.

Fortnite Adds Star-Lord Skin

Marvel fans rejoice as there’s a new Marvel skin in Fortnite. The new Star-Lord Outfit now available in the game. This skin is based on Chris Pratt’s appearance as the superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy. The outfit, as well as other related Back Bling, are sold together as a bundle and costs 1,500 V-Bucks. Also available are the Dance Off emote that costs 500 V-Bucks, the Guardian Axe for 500 V-Bucks, and Milano glider for 1,200 V-Bucks.

New Achievements Hit Sea of Thieves

Rare has 43 new Achievements for players on Sea of Thieves. These are part of the game’s Anniversary Update that rolled out April 30th. These Achievements are grouped according to activity type which are: The Hunter’s Call, Tall Tales – Shores of Gold, and The Arena. Achievements include cooking food in a campfire at night, eating at least a piece of every kind of fruit, completing Tall Tales, and forming crews and playing instruments in The Arena. Completing all Achievements will grant gamerscores.

New Specialist Joins Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Operation Spectre Rising has officially launched, and it comes with a new Specialist called Spectre. Spectre is actually a returnee, and brandishes a sword. His agility makes him one of the Specialists to look out to – he can roll and get up-close to his opponents and slash them. Spectre Rising also brings the return of Prop Hunt, three new maps, a new LMG, and also a new melee weapon.

Stardew Valley Gets New Four Corners Map and Separate Money Option

Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced on Twitter that he is working on the game’s next update, update 1.4. According to ConcernedApe, this update is “a big one,” and it includes a new farm map called Four Corners, as well as separate bank accounts for players in multiplayer. Update 1.4 will head first on PC, and will also come to consoles at a later date. ConcernedApe has not mentioned a release date at this time for PC, though.

Dota 2 Characters Io and Dazzle Join Dota Auto Chess

A new patch for Dota Auto Chess dropped on Monday and it brought two familiar Dota characters to the game: Io and Dazzle. Io comes to Dota Auto Chess as a Legendary unit with no class. It has one of the most powerful abilities in the game and acts as a Wild Card. Dazzle, on the other hand, is a Troll Priest. He comes with Priest bonus which is exclusive to him and shields Courier for 20% damage when on the field. He also has an ability called Shallow Grave that prevents an ally chess piece from dying for 4 seconds.

Anno 1800 Now the Fastest-Selling Entry in the Series

Anno 1800 is now the fastest-selling entry in the Anno series. According to Ubisoft, Anno 1800 reached this milestone despite it being an Epic Games Store exclusive. The game has sold four times as many copies as Anno 2205 in just its first week. Ubisoft also shared other stats from the game, like almost 7 billion citizens have been reached by players, more than 10 million ships built, over one billion grainfields built, and much more.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Public Testing Delayed

The first public test for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been delayed. Halo community director Brian Jarrard has confirmed the news. He said that they know how much players are anticipating it, however, it is “a really complicated project and [they] all agree that quality trumps everything else and [they] need to bring MCC to PC at the bar Halo fans and PC players expect and demand.” As of this report, a new date for the public test has not been announced.

30-Player FPS Pandemic Express to Launch on Early Access on May 2

A new zombie shooter is coming to town! Heading to Steam Early Access on May 2nd, the game is called Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape. The game can support up to 30 players who will make their way to a waiting train to escape the zombies. One of those players have already been infected, and that player’s goal is to also infect other players. The humans will have to look for gear and work with other humans to eradicate the zombies.

New Arma 3 Campaign Now Available

The first paid, third-party DLC for Arma 3 is now available. This DLC is called Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany, and it features a 10-mission single-player campaign, 17 multiplayer scenarios, and over 40 new vehicles. It is also set in Germany in the 1980s. The DLC’s campaign centers on the battle over the inner German border. It also features armies from East and West Germany as well as troops from Denmark.


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