What We Are Up To – Something Old & Something New

Shodan/ Aprile 30, 2019/ Killing Floor 2


Hello everyone!

The team in the lab have been at it again! This time they have mixed it up with something they found gathering dust and rust in a closet and one of their new “inspired” ideas. We can only hope they cleaned those things before testing it and rushing it out to the trader pod system, but we make no promises.

First up, we have something new for the Demolitionist in all of you. The Seal Squeal is an explosive semi-automatic harpoon launcher that fires explosive laden harpoons. Each one of these lovely rounds are wrapped with a timed explosive that can pin zeds to another surface. Think of it as gore-geous wall art! They attach themselves to anything you may want to go boom.This baby has two detonation modes to let you control exactly when the explosions happen. The default mode self detonates after 4 seconds. If that’s not your style and you prefer to play with your prey, the alt-fire let’s you control the explosion much like C-4. We know what mercs are wondering next. All this for the low, low price of 1100 Dosh as a Tier 3 weapon at a trader pod near you.

Have you ever wanted to smack around your fellow mercs to make them all better (and perhaps to make your own experience a tad more cathartic)? For the overworked and underpaid Medics out there, we introduce the Hemoclobber. This beauty is a medical melee weapon that combines the technology of the medical syringe with the fun of beating things to a pulp. It heals players and poisons Zeds on Light Attacks. The Heavy Attack uses ammunition for an extra punch. If you strike a Zed or player with it, it will cause an explosion of medical gas that damages all Zeds in the explosion radius while healing players nearby. We feel confident that both Medics and Berserkers will find this multi use Tier 3 weapon a bargain at 1100 Dosh.

We will have more intel to share soon mercs so stay tuned!