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AKS Gaming News 27/04/2019

Persona 5 Sold 300,000 Units In Just Four Months

The PlayStation exclusive game Persona 5 by Japanese developer Altus has reportedly sold 2.7 million units around the world. The game first launched on September 15, 2016 in Japan and in the West a few months later on April 4, 2017. As of January this year the game sold about 2.4 million copies. What this means is that 300,000 more copies had been sold from then until now. This news came via the Japan listing for Persona 5 Royal. The Royale version is the enhanced version of the game.

Project Winter Is Set To Leave Early Access This Month

The game that is all about lies and betrayal called Project Winter is leaving Early Access on May 23. There will be eight players and two of which will be the traitors. The two traitors will know about each other and they must prevent the whole group from escaping, the other six must find out who the traitors are before they get stabbed in the back. For right now, the game’s early access reviews are mixed and most of the complaints are about there are not enough players in the game.

Bioware Future Content Delayed

Bioware made the announcement that their previously published outline of future content for their game Anthem will be delayed. The game launched back in February and it had been riddled with issues. Bioware said that they would want to fix those issues first before making the upcoming additions like leaderboards, guilds and free to play events. The devs doesn’t have a specific date available for when these additional features would launch, but they promised to share something this May.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 New Trailer Introduces The Thinbloods

Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs shared a new trailer introducing a new faction for their game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2. The faction is called Thinbloods. They are newly bitten vampires and are generally treated as “second-class citizens” of the vampire society. There will be three Thinblood disciplines, two “active powers”, as well as some passive abilities. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is set to launch by the first quarter of 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Gets A New Update

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission gets a new update and it will come with the Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission deck which includes four new Super Rare ranked cards, a new Extra Mission mode, four new stages, a new Card Gacha mode, an array of new designs and card customizations options which has 16 new characters, 8 new Super Attacks and 13 new abilities. The theme songs and background music can be customized as well. For those who would want to try the game first a demo is also available.

New Action RPG Game Oninaki Shares Trailer Introducing Characters

A new action- RPG game called Oninaki will be launching this summer for PC, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. Here, you will be playing as a young Watcher named Kagachi who’s duty is to usher Lost Souls to the next world. He meets a mysterious girl with no memory of her past named Linne and their paths become intertwined. Other characters that he will meet in his journey are other Watchers like Kushi and Mayura plus the malicious swordsman named the Night Devil who is hunting Linne.

The Crew 2 Gets Free Weekend Play And A Free Hot Shots Update

The Crew 2 is getting a free Hot Shots update which will be introducing a weekly PvE competition called Live Summit. Here, players will take on nine activities among the wide range of locations and disciplines like Street Racing and Hypercar. Along with this, is the debut of the Bugatti Divo for the PC and consoles. Season Pass owners will also get a seven-day early access to two new vehicles. Also, for the weekend, The Crew 2 is available for free where players will have access to the full game.

Persona 5 Royal Announced To Launch By 2020

Persona 5 Royal has been announced and it will be arriving in the west in 2020 for the PlayStation 4. The game will be expanding the world of Persona 5 which will include new characters, new gameplay features as well as getting to know the personal lives of each and everyone in the ever-so-stylish Phantom Thieves. Players will be brought back to an enhanced version of the third semester of Shujin Academy and have a brand new experience like no other. Persona 5 originally launched in the West last 2017.

Cooperative Multiplayer Sim Out of Space Now Available On Steam Early Access

A game about living together in outer space has launched on Steam Early Access called Out of Space. This is a cooperative multiplayer sim where you will have to work together with your roommates to have a cozy home in outer space while trying not to die. The game supports up to 4 players locally or online. You must create systems where you can survive the day to day hassles of life, decorate your house, and avoid the alien dirt. Out of Space is set to launch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and Linus this fall.

Dark Devotion By Hibernian Workshop Out Now

Hybernian Workshop and The Arcade Crew’s 2D side-scrolling action RPG called Dark Devotion is out now and it is available for £17.49. Your faith will be tested and will be given the chance to atone for it with different game mechanics. There will be intricate systems of blessings, curses as well as illnesses. There will be more than 250 weapons, spells, armors and items, more than 180 blessings, runes, and curses, 18 unique bosses and so much replayability. Dark Devotion is available to be played on the PC.

Black Desert Online Roadmap Shared By Pearl Abyss

The online roadmap for Black Desert Online has been revealed by Pearl Abyss. The road map shares a host of new content as well as activities that are planned for the game by the 2nd quarter of 2019. There will be additional areas to explore, some new mounts that players are able to ride, new weapons as well as brand new PvE experience. The exact dates are not yet available but Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games are really pushing that the content will be available by the end of this quarter.

Respawn Delays Its Plans for Titanfall 3

Respawn revealed through a blog post that they have delayed all plans relating to Titanfall so they can focus on Apex Legends. This means Titanfall 3 won’t be happening anytime soon. Apex Legends still enjoys quite a huge player base, and Respawn is tackling exploits, bugs, cheaters, and more frequently than when the game first launched. This means a lot of work for its developers, so it’s quite understandable why they want to focus on Apex Legends this time.

PS5 Won’t Be Releasing Until Next Year

Sony confirmed the PS5 earlier this month, and now we have a rough idea on when it will officially release. During Sony’s recent earnings call, the company stated that there would be “no next-gen PlayStation launch over [the] next 12 months.” So this could mean the PlayStation 5 will be released in May 2020 at the earliest.

Next Fallout 76 Patch Rolls Out May 7th

The next update for Fallout 76 is rolling out on May 7th. Patch 9 brings with it a new faction as well as an increase in players’ backpacks so they can carry more weight. The new faction is the Pioneer Scouts which will be introduced through the Ever Upwards Wild Appalachia update. Players can also take on tougher challenges to earn badges and achieve the Mighty Possum rank to unlock their backpack.

Madden NFL 20 Release Date and Cover Star Revealed

EA Sports announced that Madden NFL 20 is launching this year! The game will be available starting August 2, 2019 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. EA also announced the cover star for this year, and it’s none other than Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and 2018 NFL MVP and offensive player of the year Patrick Mahomes. Madden NFL 20 will be featuring a new personalized campaign called QB1, inspired by Mahomes.

A Hat in Time’s Next DLC Brings 50-Player Support and More

Developer Gears for Breakfast will be launching an expansion for A Hat in Time. The expansion is called Nyakuza Metro + Online Party, and it is set to launch for PC on May 10th. Nyakuza Metro is actually the new world in the game. In store for players are 10 new time pieces, as well as various new features. The Online Part Mode, on the other hand, will enable up to 50 players to play together in one world.

Mercy and Lucio Get Overwatch League All-Stars Skins

Blizzard is offering two new Legendary skins for Overwatch players as the Overwatch League All-Star Arcade game modes will soon go live. Players who have enough Overwatch League Tokens will be able to acquire Legendary skins for Mercy and Lucio starting May 7th. You will need 200 Tokens to get these skins. If you don’t have enough Tokens, you will be able to purchase them in-game, or earn them by watching Overwatch League matches over on Twitch.

Layers of Fear 2 Launches in May

Bloober Team has announced the release date for its much-awaited follow-up to its 2016 horror game, Layers of Fear 2. It is set for release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 28th. Layers of Fear 2 will let players take on the role of a Hollywood actor who was summoned to an ocean liner by an enigmatic director. The game will feature the series’ signature shifting geography as well as narration from the Candyman guy himself, Tony Todd.

BlizzCon 2019 Dates Revealed

Blizzard has announced the schedule for this year’s BlizzCon. The event will take place from November 1-2, 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The event will showcase developer panels, as well as eSports competitions including the Overwatch World Cup, the Hearthstone Global Finals, the StarCraft II World Championship Series Finals, the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship Finals, and the World of Warcraft Mythic Dungeon International inaugural finals.

Days Gone is Getting Weekly Challenges and Survival Mode

The post-launch content for the PS4 game Days Gone has been announced, and players of the game will definitely have a lot in store for them. This Summer, players will be able to take on the game’s Survival Mode where Fast Travel and Survival Vision are not enabled. The game will also be getting weekly updates. Players will also get to test their skills with new Bike, Horde or Combat challenge that will roll out weekly.

Askiisoft Reveals Katana Zero DLC and Speedrun Mode in the Works

Developer Askiisoft announced that Katana Xero will be getting a speed run mode as well as a free DLC. The developer said that these two features are currently being worked on. Askiisoft has not provided a release date for the said mode and DLC at this time, but it’s good to know they are currently working on adding new stuff to the game.

Bungie Will Nerf Destiny 2 Weapons Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten

Bungie will be nerfing a couple of weapons in Destiny 2. According to its latest update, they will be making significant changes to Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten, specifically its most unique perk, Magnificent Howl. Both guns’ firing speed was also decreased to 150 from 180 RPM. Bungie explained that the guns’ Magnificent Howl was too effective so they had to nerf it, but players who took time and effort to acquire these guns are not happy with this decision.


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