10 Best Sports Games from 2018

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Madden NFL 19 is a game based on America’s favourite sport which is Football. America is a massive nation so by default, this game is well sought after. However, it is not without competition but none of its competitors threatens to knock it off its perch. Upon visiting its official website you are greeted with the text, “This season delivers a new level of realism as the most authentic NFL sim to date.” Based on the response from the fans, it is safe to conclude the quoted text to be factual.

9. FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is the latest instalment in the FIFA series and the most prominent football simulation game of 2018. The game features all the players from all the top leagues as playable characters. EA assesses the talent of each of these players and tailors the simulated versions of them accordingly. For the bulk of the football simulation community, FIFA offers the truest representation of their favourite teams and players. For all these reasons and much more FIFA is highly favoured.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is a brand of football sports game that appeals to a more niche market of players as opposed to its competitors. When it comes to an overall gamely package, there is a lot of things that PES does correctly. The most prominent of these things is acquiring the rights to featuring one of the biggest competitions in sports, UEFA Champions League. This, therefore, means that Pro Evolution Soccer offers a similar experience to that of its competitors and more.


In Fire Pro Wrestling World, Spike Chunsoft created an extremely fun and addictive wrestling game. It is refreshing in nature as it dares to be much different from traditional wrestling games. Also, the legislative freedom that it grants players is a major selling point. Players have unlimited customization options at their disposal, so much that they can even customize the very personality of their wrestler. The game is very much deserving of the gaming community’s embrace.


Football Manager 2019 is defined as “simulation gaming perfected”. With this issue, Sports Interactive has created a Utopia in which football enthusiasts and aspiring football managers can take a very realistic jab at being a football manager. The game offers everything from managing the supporting staff to the handling the press. This is easily one of the best sports game out now and an active player base of over 36,000 players can attest to that fact.


SIE San Diego Studio has knocked one out of the park with MLB The Show 18. As you may have guessed, this is a game about Major League Baseball, which is reason enough to generate much interest. The game’s performance since being released in March of 2018 validates it being labelled the best Baseball title of said year. According to quite a few critics, this PlayStation 4 exclusive baseball game is definitely “worth a catch”. Grab your copy and begin your ascension to the top of the Major League.

4. NHL 19

EA excels at developing amazing sports games and NHL 19 is no exception. In typical EA sports game fashion, with every new entry, the game is updated. This allows for a pure representation of the featured team’s rosters and player progression. Players enjoy the fact that they get to take charge of the affairs of any NHL team of their choosing. For these reasons among others, this game is a must-have for NHL fanatics. NHL 19 is currently available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Laser League is a captivating game developed by Roll7 that has addicted PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players alike. The game sports a new concept unlike anything ever perceived. Laser League is a light-speed futuristic sport, where you manipulate lasers into vaporizing the opposition. Fans have been having a blast with this title and have left very positive reviews on the game’s Steam page expressing just that. It was one of the best games of 2018 and continues to turn heads in 2019.


Survios has created a game based on the movie Creed named Creed: Rise to Glory. This critically acclaimed and award-winning movie has done very well consequently generating a lot of attention to the game. With this many scopes on the title, it becomes prone to much criticism, so had it been sub-par it would have definitely been reflected in the game’s reviews. However, the game that places you in the shoes of legendary boxer Adonis Creed has done very well, qualifying it as one of the top sports games of 2018.


Grab Games has hit one out of the park with Knockout League. This game is cheered for its polished graphics and addictive gameplay. In the gaming world, there is no more immersive feature than virtual reality and this game has that component integrated. This VR boxing game not only captivates you with its immersive nature but also with the health benefits associated. For many, Knockout League is a fun means by which they can burn calories as the game demands a high degree of physicality.


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