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AKS Gaming News 16/04/2019
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced

Bioware has announced a new expansion coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic and it is called Onslaught. This is free to all subscribers of the game and it will come with new abilities, one of which is a gear slot called tactical items; a new Flashpoint; a new Operation; two new planets one of which is Onderon; a new story which is between the Galactic Republic and The Sith Empire. A new playable species will also be available called the Nautolans and this will also raise the level cap to 75.

Telltale Games Had Crunches Of 80-Hour Work Weeks

Former employees of Telltale Games said that they sometimes would have to work 80- hour weeks. The studio closed last year and some of the employees had spoken about how the work was in the studio. They said that when games would need last-minute changes, mandatory crunches were made for a huge percent of the studio. Kevin Bruner, the former CEO of Telltale said that the crunches were necessary so that the studio could stay afloat for as long as possible but was “really hard to manage”.

Vader Immortal Episode 1 To Launch By Spring

ILMxLAB, the immersive entertainment division of Lucasfilms has announced their newest three-part cinematic virtual reality game called Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. The game features the events between the Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You will be playing as a captain of a smuggling ship that had been captured by Lord Vader. You, along with Zoey who is your droid companion had been taken to the Fortress Vader where you will have to escape. The first episode is available by Spring.

Path Of Exile Expansion Synthesis To Launch In June

Grinding Gear Games has announced a new expansion for Path of Exile and it is called Synthesis. This new expansion will launch in June and it will address the “clunky” feel of the game. The main focus is the improvement of the game’s animations as well as adjusting its melee skills by changing the accuracy for hits and misses, splash damage, leech, fortify, base types, movement, and damage to different items. Some changes to the different Ascendancy classes are also being worked on by the devs.

Ashly Burch Is Making A Comeback In Borderlands 3 As Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina is making a comeback in Borderlands 3 and she will have quite a big role to play in the game. Voice actress Ashly Burch will also be voicing her once again as confirmed by Gear Box CEO Randy Pitchford. He did this by answering a fan’s query on Twitter. Ashly Burch as Tiny Tina first appeared in Borderlands 2 and had been a fan-favorite ever since. Burch’s voice acting is excellent for the role as it brings out Tiny Tina’s explosive personality. This is surely amazing news for a lot of her fans.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Will Launch In November

During the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has been revealed. The game is set after the events of Order 66 and you will be playing as a Padawan who is on the run from the Empire. The main theme is to trust no one as you will need to identify who your enemies really are and exploit their weaknesses. You will have a lightsaber as well as Force powers to use. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be launching on November 15th and is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Amsterdam 1666 To Still Push Through Announced Patrice Desilets

Amsterdam 1666 will still be happening as announced by Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets. The game originally started under THQ Montreal. However, THQ became inoperative and Ubisoft stepped in. Desilet fought for the IP rights of the game and won in 2016. He now runs his own studio called Panache who is currently creating a game called Ancestors. He still plans to push through with Amsterdam 1666 which is about the devil in Amsterdam circa 1666 but will be starting from scratch.

God Of War Turn’s 1, Celebrates With Thank You Video And Free Stuff

It is God of War’s first anniversary! To celebrate, Sony Santa Monica shared a “thank you” video for all the game’s fans, paying homage to the God of War community by using fan artwork, content and even touching stories. Thank you gifts are available for PlayStation 4 owners, one of which is the dynamic theme that can be downloaded right now featuring Kratos and Atreus in the Lake of Nine and the other thank you gift is the God Of War Anniversary Character avatar set available on April 17.

Letters – A Written Adventure To Launch Trailer Revealed

5 AM Games has a new wordplay puzzle game called Letters – A Written Adventure. You will play as Sarah as she learns about the power of words through communicating with her pen pal across Europe. The game offers a nifty puzzle system that will have you thinking about the different interactions words could do, putting in wordplay in the forefront. From sending letters to using the internet, the game offers a different kind of adventure. Letters – A Written Adventure is set to launch in 2020.

Mortal Kombat 11 Will Have Microtransactions To ‘Save Time’

Mortal Kombat is getting microtransactions but developer NetherRealm said that it will only be for saving time. Players are able to purchase ‘time crystals’ using real-world money. The time crystals can then be used to purchase character skins, emotes, gear as well as easy fatalities. Game producer Shaun Himmerick does emphasize that the things that you can buy in the store will not give you the upper hand in fights. Also, everything that you can buy with the crystals can also be earned in the game.

A Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Mod Pack Allows You To Play As A Giant Lizard And Many More

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has a lot of mods available in the Nexus Mods page, and the most popular of all is the costume pack mod from ZullieTheWitch. This mod includes 25 reskins for Sekiro transforming him to Lady Emma, a Gecko or giant lizard, a monkey with a hat, a samurai, a man with a basket on his head and so much more. The models are actually all taken from the NPCs as well as the objects that are available in the game. The modder said that they might add new costumes or change others in the pack.

Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Gets ESRB Rating

Fans of classic real-time strategy title Age of Empires 2 may not need to wait too long for the game’s remaster. Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition has been rated by the ESRB, confirming that the game is in development and may be launching soon. The game received a “T” for Teen rating. Unfortunately, the rating did not reveal any of the improvements or new features that will be added in the remaster. We’ll need to wait for the official announcement to learn more.

Blood and Truth Has Gone Gold

Blood & Truth, the Playstation VR action thriller from Sony’s London Studio, has gone gold, which is the industry lingo for “ready to ship”. This means that development on the title has been completed and that we can expect the game to launch on May 28th as scheduled. Blood & Truth will have players taking on the role of Special Forces soldier Ryan Marks in an adventure inspired by summer blockbuster action flicks set in iconic locations throughout modern London.

Days Gone’s Install Size is 67 GB

Gamers anticipating the PlayStation 4 exclusive open-world adventure, Days Gone, will want to free up some space on their consoles to get ready for the game’s release. Sony Bend Studios has revealed that their new IP will take up 67 gigabytes of storage space. The size is pretty standard for most triple-A offerings nowadays, so fans shouldn’t be too surprised. The game joins the PS4’s impressive library of exclusives come April 26th.

Sin Slayers Demo Available on Steam

Upcoming isometric RPG Sin Slayers currently has a demo, and if you’re interested, you can get it on Steam. The game features roguelike elements, where players’ choices will determine how challenging the enemies and their fights will be. The demo contains 2 to 3 hours of gameplay, and all major game elements, first story act, and 1 procedurally generated map are available. The game features a turn-based combat system. Sin Slayers will let players create, equip, and lead a team of heroes that each have their own abilities and weaknesses.

Farmlife Sim Staxel Has Exited Early Access

Staxel, the voxel-based farming sim, is now out of Early Access. With its full launch comes a number of new features, which developer Plukit enumerated in a lengthy post on Steam. A new Magic Crafting system has been added, as well as new NPCs, new areas, new Festivals, and a collection of minigames. The Recipe Book has been overhauled and several other quality of life improvements have been implemented. Staxel is available now on PC via Steam and Humble Bundle.

God Eater 3’s Switch Version Will Be the Same as Other Platforms

God Eater 3 on the Nintendo Switch will have the same content as the game’s Steam and PS4 versions. This is according to Producer Yuya Tomiyama who discussed the recent announcement of the game heading to Switch. Additionally, Tomiyama’s team will bring special features that are unique to the game’s Switch version, one of which is local co-op multiplayer.

God of War Director Confirms Again the Game Won’t Get DLC

If you’re still hoping that God of War will be receiving future expansions or DLC, you should stop hoping. Game director Cory Barlog took to Twitter to re-confirm that “there is no DLC coming for the game.” His tweet came as a clarification to his earlier tweet where he seemed to be teasing something new for God of War. Apparently, he was only referring to the game’s anniversary celebration. Barlog tweeted earlier in January that he had an idea for a DLC but it was too ambitious and thus was never developed.

Conan Unconquered Gets a New Official Gameplay Video

Funcom and Petroglyph released a new official gameplay video for Conan Unconquered. The new video features key developers as they explain how the game is played. Conan Unconquered is a fast-paced strategy game, where players will face waves of enemies in increasing difficulty and hordes. In order to withstand these, players must build a stronghold, and put up walls and other defensive measures. Conan Unconquered can be played in single-player, or in online co-op. The game is set for launch on May 30th.

Sea of Thieves Gets Discounted Ahead of Anniversary Update Launch

Sea of Thieves is set to receive its Anniversary Update on April 30th, and in case you don’t have a copy of the game yet, this might be the perfect time to get it! The game is currently available at 50% off, and it will be discounted for the rest of the week. You can get this discounted copy at the Microsoft Store. The game’s Anniversary Update will roll out on April 30th, and it will bring a host of new content such as fishing.

The Division 2’s 2.1 Patch to Address a Lot of Issues

Patch 2.1 has been announced for The Division 2 and players will be happy to know that the update will bring some much-needed fixes to the looter-shooter. Issues to be targeted by the update include the crafting bench not upgrading to World Tier 5, characters getting stuck in the revive animation, and the two piece gear set bonus for True Patriot not working. Ubisoft has not announced when the update will go live, but we should get the complete patch notes once it drops.

Twitch’s Free Karaoke Game, Twitch Sings, Available Now

Twitch has released its free karaoke game, Twitch Sings! If you’re up for some karaoke, whether to relieve your stress, or just to serenade your Twitch audience, Twitch Sings is your new companion! The game was announced back at TwitchCon 6 months ago. It features a selection of songs with hits from Lady Gaga, Aha, and many more. The game will also let the audience interact by giving players challenges, or request songs. The game is available for download at the Twitch Sings website.


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